Most Recommended Pillows for Cervical Spondylosis

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Cervical spondylosis is a common term for neck pain.  The neck is the small and most flexible part of the spinal column. Healthcare professionals term this section as the cervical spine. It is very important to rest your neck during sleep because whether you are sitting for long hours or carrying a heavy bag to work or your schedule entails non-stop traveling. A pillow that is most suitable for your daily routine is a must because when you sleep, the way your body needs a perfect mattress; similarly, your neck requires an appropriate pillow.

A specialist cervical pillow provides extra support for the neck when you sleep or lie down. Smart Mattress Buy team has compiled a list of the five most recommended pillows for cervical spondylosis or neck pain help to solve the problems of unhappy sleepers. These pillows give a relaxed, comfortable sleep and allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and geared up to tackle your day. Pick a pillow that reciprocates your sleep need and avoid feeling sore, cranky, and worn out in the morning.

How to choose a cervical spondylosis pillow?

Before buying a cervical spondylosis pillow, it is recommended to keep the following point in mind:

  1. Firmness: Some sleepers opt for a firm pillow to get that extra support in their head and neck, whereas there are some who want a pillow with a plusher feel.
  2. Fill: Different kinds of cervical pillows contain different types of fillings, such as memory foam, down, or down alternative, and latex. It is recommended to buy a pillow with a filling that gives maximum support and comfort.
  3. Size: Please do keep in mind the size of a pillow while purchasing it. If you are using a pillow to sleep on, then make sure it is large enough to support the head and neck fully.
  4. Height: Many sleepers find a flatter pillow over a higher one and vice versa. Some pillows provide an adjustable filling. You can use it to raise or lower the height of the pillow.

Best Overall Pain Pillow for Cervical Spondylosis – TEMPUR-Neck

Material Used: Tempur foam | Firmness Level: Firm | Contoured: Yes

Tempur-Pedic is one of the most renowned and trusted brands in the sleep world. This bestselling pillow gently contours and cradles your head as you sleep. The company is all about quality and comfort, and its products are a huge name in the industry. This ergonomic pillow comes in a wavy shape. It very easily adjusts to the natural curve of your neck and head. The Tempur material of the pillow doesn’t allow it to lose its shape. It is designed to help relieve pressure and provide sufficient support while you sleep. Pick your choice of pillow from three different sizes—small, medium, and large. Go for the one most suitable for your neck.


  • Great support
  • Three different sizes
  • Feels firm


  • It may be too firm for some sleepers
  • Not everyone prefers an ergonomic shape

Best Cervical Spondylosis Pillow for Neck Pain – ELVIROS

Material Used: Memory foam, polyester viscose | Firmness Level: Firm | Contoured: Yes

Elviros cervical memory foam pillow is an ergonomic wonder which comes with built-in armrests. This is a perfect option for those who want a more traditional cervical pillow to tackle their neck pain. The Elviros Memory Foam Pillow for cervical spondylosis has a butterfly-shaped contour that offers excellent support to your neck while you sleep. And at the same time, this pillow allows your head to align with your entire body and spine. There is also a slope in the center which prevents your head from shifting position while you sleep. On the sides, there are special cut-outs that allow an easy spot for your arms to rest.


  • Armrests
  • Prevents head from drifting out of position


  • Not high enough for all sleepers
  • Takes some time to adjust

Memory Foam Pillow For Neck Pain – EPABO

Material Used: Memory foam | Firmness Level: Firm | Contoured: Yes

A perfectly shaped pillow for Epabo to keep your neck in place. This pillow contours your body, especially the neck area. Verily, this contouring feature makes a world of difference for anyone with chronic pain. Epabo pillows feature a strategic ergonomic design that supports and cradles your head, neck, and shoulders. Now, you can drift off to an uninterrupted sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated and light. Breathable memory foam helps keep the pillow’s shape intact and helps you stay cool and sweat-free while you sleep.


  • Extremely supportive
  • Made from breathable materials


  • Not suitable for stomach sleepers
  • It carries a chemical smell that goes away later on

Best Cooling Pillow – The Purple Pillow

Material Used: Polyurethane foam, polyester | Firmness Level: Soft | Contoured: No

The Purple Pillow is a wonderful option that keeps night sweats at bay and doesn’t lose its shape with longer use. It is made from hyper-elastic polymers aligned in a smart-comfort grid. One of the best cervical spondylosis pillows for head and neck support. The temperature-neutral gel grid offers passive airflow. Also, the moisture-wicking breeze mesh cover lets you stay cool while sleeping. The pillow is prepared with a futuristic fill material that allows it never to lose shape and delivers consistent comfort and relief to the neck. The pillow comes with adjustable height boosters and perfectly adapts to your height needs.


  • Adjustable
  • Cooling


  • Too soft for some
  • Heavy

Best Firm Pillow For Chronic Neck Pain – NEST BEDDING

Material Used: Shredded memory foam, polyester fiber, and latex | Firmness Level: Firm (also adjustable) | Contoured: No

Easy Breather pillow by Nest Bedding is a flexible option for those who don’t know which firmness level is most suitable for them. It is a fully adjustable pillow which means you can find the firmness of your preference. This pillow also comes with a nice perk – it is overstuffed. In case you prefer extra-firm pillows, you are all set. And the pillow also offers a firm but soft support to make you feel you are using a down pillow. It gently cradles your neck while you sleep. Another version of this pillow is contoured, specifically designed for side sleepers.


  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable


  • Not suitable for people who have latex allergies
  • Heavy