Awesome Perks Of Online Mattress Shopping

Online Mattress Shopping

Selecting a mattress is an intimidating task. Your mattress is the mоѕt important piece of furniture in уоur home. Why? Simply bесаuѕе уоu spend a third of уоur life sleeping. You have searched various online stores. With thousands of mattresses, you are not sure which one to choose. How do you make the right choice in a few minutes?

It is not in the case of buying other products like clothes, shoes, grocery online. We visit the trusted site, search for the development and purchase it. What about the mattress? Well, today will give you some good reasons to buy mattresses online.

Let us know the pros and cons of online mattress shopping.

Some Advantages of Buying a Mattress Online:

  1. Easy and Convenient

Buying a mattress online is simple and direct. You can do it from the comfort of your own home. Moreover, there is no bargaining or sales pressure in a store. You get to visit the site, select and purchase when you are ready.

  1. Comparison of Mattresses

Mattress shopping can be awe-inspiring –with so many options! One great thing about searching online is getting to know the mattress features. You can continue to research for reviews and comfort levels. You have only a few choices in the shop, but there is Variety online.

  1. Lower Price

It is not to say that mattresses in physical stores are overpriced. The majority of mattress companies selling online are direct to the customer. This way, they can keep the cost under control as they avoid the cost of the middleman retailer.

  1. Variety of Mattresses and Companies

Most companies sell online. So you have various companies as well as varieties of mattresses. Memory foam, latex, hybrid mattresses.

  1. Knowledgeable Shopper

Browsing through the various mattress sites, you get all the information. Mattress ingredients, certifications, firmness feels. Moreover, companies also classify their mattresses for sleeping positions and pain relief. These are usually not available in physical stores. Neither all stores keep the mattress manuals. While searching, you gain knowledge about the mattress.

  1. Testing Mattress at Home Facility

All would love to test the mattress to check the adaptability and comfort levels. All the mattress companies have various trial periods at home facilities. Usually, this trial period varies from 3 months to a year. In the case of a physical purchase, you get only a few minutes to test the mattress.

  1. Free Shipping

Online mattress manufacturers offer the possibility of free delivery of their products. This usually takes 3 to 10 business days after the payment I processed. The mattress is at your doorstep in a box. It is easy to carry in your room. Take it out of the box, remove the packaging covers and open the rolled-up mattress. Most companies recommend allowing at least 24 hours for the mattress to inflate fully. It also eliminates the odor of the new mattress.

  1. Delivery Options

Companies also ship foundations and adjustable bases. Besides, some companies have unique white-glove services (payment applicable) for setting up the bed base, unpacking mattresses, removing the old mattress, and cleaning the debris. It is helpful for many customers preferring some professional assistance.

  1. Great Return Policies

If you are not satisfied with the purchased mattress, you can return the same quickly. Mattress companies have their specific return policies. Usually, they insist on a 30 days trial time before initiating the return procedure. Most companies need to contact their customer care and register the return of the mattress. Some companies ask to donate to the local charity.

  1. Comparison Shopping

Purchasing an online mattress allows having a better comparative analysis. The shopper can browse all the sites simultaneously, comparing the features. It is time-consuming, costly, and tedious when moving physically from one store to another.

  1. Avoiding Salesperson

Online purchase of mattresses helps avoid interaction with the salesperson. Shopper gets to see the price listed and has to pay that. Yes, there is provision for discounts on special occasions and coupons are also available. To take advantage of it, you need to check the sites from time to time.

Now let us also give you some points why some still prefer to purchase a mattress from stores.

The Disadvantages of Online Mattress Shopping:

  1. Zeal to Negotiate Prices

Some persons tend to negotiate before purchasing. This is not at all possible with online shopping. You have to pay the price listed.

  1. Want Sales Assistance

Some people feel uncomfortable asking and getting clarification over email or chatbots. If one prefers to have a conversation regarding the quality of the mattress, the salespersons at the stores are great.

  1. Not Comfortable with At-home Trial

Online mattress companies only allow risk-free trials at home after the purchase is complete. So the customer gets to test the mattress they purchased after careful selection amongst varieties. But if you want to try the types before purchasing, a store is a great choice. No doubt you invest a lot of time, but your wish is satisfied in the end.

  1. Personal Preference

Some people prefer to buy a mattress from the store. So these people may check mattresses online, but they will visit the store and get their mattress.


Buying a mattress is an excellent task. One needs to consider the financial aspect, lifestyle preferences, and health conditions. Now accepting online or from the store depends on the shopper. I have tried to list the benefits and drawbacks of online mattress shopping through this article. I hope this gives readers an understanding of the online mattress shopping process.