Coolest Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Coolest Memory Foam Mattress Topper
Do you sweat in your sleep?

I’ve been there, too! It’s a common experience.

Getting a cozy mattress topper might help you. The materials into a memory foam mattress topper helps in reducing body temperature.

That’s why I put together all the information to inform you. It includes the benefits of a cooling mattress topper, how it really works, and who should use it. I will let you know about some of the cooling memory foam mattresses.

Curious to know more about cool gel memory foam mattresses? Read on!

Cooling mattress toppers work by using materials that absorb or disperse the heat. It keeps it from entering the mattress’s core and surface. This can improve the quality of your sleep.

Is this the only benefit? No. For more information continue reading!

Benefits of a Cooling Mattress Topper

The benefits of the coolest memory foam mattress toppers are as follows:

  • Better Sleep Quality: Cooling topper use can help you sleep cooler and more comfortably. This will result in a more restful night’s sleep by controlling body temperature and preventing night sweats.
  • Pressure Relief: Memory foam toppers relieve pressure on your joints and muscles by molding them to the shape of your body. This may lessen your pain and suffering and help you get a better night’s sleep.
  • Increased Mattress Life: By shielding your mattress from abrasions, a mattress topper can help your mattress last longer.
  • Energy Savings: You may save money on energy by using cooling toppers to help you better control your body’s temperature.

I’ve discovered that mattress toppers are made to serve particular functions. For instance, a support layer topper makes your mattress firmer, while a comfort layer topper provides softness.

A question remains: does it really work?

Let us explore!

Do Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Really Work?

Do Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Really Work?

Not all coolest memory foam mattress toppers are effective. There are some warning signs to be aware of. Let us see!

  • Less than 2 inches thick: Support and comfort won’t likely be considerably enhanced by toppers thinner than 2 inches.
  • More than 4 inches thick: Over 4 inches thick toppers may be overly soft, which can trap you as you switch positions.
  • Absence of straps for attachment: High-quality toppers come with anchor bands to fasten them to your mattress. Without these straps, toppers may slide around, making it uncomfortable to move.

Hence, a topper is a good, reasonably priced option to update your bed if it is 2 to 4 inches thick, has anchor straps, and is made to specifically address the problems with your mattress.

For example, buying a cooling bed topper rather than one of the best cooling mattresses is far more cost-effective if your mattress tends to sleep warm.

Though they don’t last long, I wouldn’t advise investing a lot of money on a memory foam topper because you’ll probably need to change it every 2 years.

So, why not get both value and durability?

Let us look into some of the prominent coolest memory foam toppers and mattresses:

Best Cooling Mattress Toppers & Mattresses

1. Layla Memory Foam Mattress and Topper

Key Features

  • Mattress Type: Foam
  • Firmness: Soft/Firm
  • Mattress Height:5-inch
  • Warranty Period: Lifetime
  • Trial Period: 120 Nights
  • Shipping: Free

Unique Features of The Mattress:

  • Flippable Design: With 2 firmness levels, this mattress is really two mattresses combined into one. For side sleepers who like pressure relief on their shoulders and hips, one side is soft (4 out of 10 on the firmness scale). The second side, firm (7 out of 10), is designed for back and stomach sleepers who require more back support.
  • Memory foam with copper infusion: Layla mattress contains copper gel infusion. It helps control body temperature while you sleep. Because copper has inherent antibacterial properties, it may help keep mold and germs from growing in mattresses, creating a healthier sleeping environment.

Unique Features of the Topper

  • Features the same copper gel-infused foam used in Layla’s mattresses.
  • Provides cooling and supportive comfort similar to Layla® mattresses.
  • 2-inch thickness for a cozy, cushioned feel.
  • Encased in the same material as Layla® mattress covers for enhanced cooling and cradling.
  • Copper-infused gel foam is naturally antimicrobial, blocking and killing bacteria for a cleaner sleeping environment.

2. Nest Bedding Sparrow Signature Hybrid Mattress and Cooling Topper

Nestbedding Mattress Topper

Key Features

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Plush/Medium/Lux Firm
  • Mattress Height: 13-inches
  • Warranty Period: Lifetime
  • Trial Period: 365-Nights
  • Shipping: Free

Unique Features of the Mattress:

  • Energex™ Foam: This foam combines the bounce and durability of latex with the pressure-relieving qualities of memory foam. Additionally, it regulates body temperature to help you stay cool.
  • Breathable Construction: The sides, bottom, and pillowtop of the mattress are made to release heat, keeping your cool all through the night.

Unique Features of the Topper

  • Enjoy the Sparrow Signature Hybrid mattress’s best cooling features and pressure relief properties with this Nest Bedding Cooling Topper.
  • 2″ in total height, made with Energex™ Temperature Responsive Foam.
  • Covered in the same luxury cooling fabric found on Sparrow Mattresses.
  • Attaches with straps at all four corners to hold it in place.
  • Features Energex™ Temperature Responsive Foam

3. TEMPUR-Cloud® Mattress and Topper

Key Features

  • Mattress Type: Foam /Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium/Medium Hybrid
  • Mattress Height: 10-inches
  • Warranty Period: 10-Year Warranty
  • Trial Period: 90-Night Trial
  • Shipping: Free

Unique Features of the Mattress:

  • Dual-layer TEMPUR® Material: There are 2 layers of TEMPUR® material in the TEMPUR Cloud® Mattress. While the bottom layer is stronger and offers support, the upper layer is supple and accommodating. Your body will receive support and pressure reduction from this dual-layer system.
  • Reduction of motion transfer: TEMPUR-PEDIC is well-known for its ability to isolate motion, and TEMPUR Cloud® Mattress is no different. At night, you won’t feel your companion tossing and turning since the TEMPUR® material absorbs motion.
  • 360° Stretch Cover: The TEMPUR Cloud® mattress’s cover is composed of a unique 360° stretch material that conforms to your body as you sleep. Additionally, it wicks away moisture, which keeps you cozy and cool at night.

Unique Features of the Topper

  • TEMPUR Cloud® is dust-mite and allergen-resistant. It keeps your sleep environment clean and free from common allergens.
  • The 2-inches thick removable and washable topper ensures long-lasting freshness.
  • Proprietary TEMPUR-Material™ adapts to your body, providing personalized support and pressure relief.
  • The cover is both removable and washable, making it simple to keep the topper in top condition.

4. TEMPUR-Adapt® Mattress and Topper

Key Features

  • Mattress Type: Foam/Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium/Medium Hybrid
  • Mattress Height: 11-inches
  • Warranty Period: 10-Year Warranty
  • Trial Period: 90-Night Trial
  • Shipping: Free

Unique Features of the Mattress:

  • Advanced TEMPUR-Material™: TEMPUR-Material™, a proprietary material created initially by NASA, is what sets TEMPUR-Adapt® apart from ordinary memory foam. It offers pressure relief and cradling support by adjusting to the weight, shape, and temperature of your body.
  • Good Pressure Relief: This substance works to ease pressure points all throughout the body, easing aches and pains and encouraging deeper sleep.
  • Motion Absorption: If you share a bed with a partner, the mattress will minimize disturbances to your sleep.
  • Cool-to-touch Comfort: The cool design of the cover may help you better control your body temperature at night.

Unique Features of the Topper

  • TEMPUR-Adapt® Topper is dust-mite and allergen-resistant. It keeps your sleeping environment clean and healthy.
  • A removable and washable cover makes it easy to maintain and keep fresh.
  • This 3-inch topper acts as a significant layer of comfort to your mattress.
  • Staytight™ Corner Straps securely attach the topper to your mattress, preventing shifting.
  • 50% additional TEMPUR-Material™ provides more personalized comfort and support.
  • TEMPUR-Adapt® Topper ensures the topper adapts to your body for superior comfort.

Who Should Consider Buying A Cooling Mattress Topper?

  • Budget-conscious Sleepers: A cooling mattress topper is a suitable middle ground if you’re trying to find something to replace your old mattress at a lower cost.
  • Those with a Well-Maintained Mattress: Adding a mattress topper can improve the comfort and support of your present mattress if it is still in good shape and doesn’t dip or sag.
  • People Looking for Adjustable Comfort: There are toppers that come in different materials and depths, so you may choose from alternatives that provide varying degrees of pressure relief and cooling.

Unsure about spending a lot of money on a new mattress? A topper lets you explore and personalize your comfort level. This will happen without having to buy an expensive one.

In total, the coolest memory foam mattress topper will change your entire sleeping experience.

So why hold off? Discover the suitable memory foam mattress topper. This will help you feel renewed and revitalized every morning.

Get into a world of cool, comfortable bliss!