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Customer Help: Tuft and Needle

Trial, Return & Exchange (Questions: 8)

  • Q.1) Why do mattress manufacture’s offer free trial period for online purchase of mattresses?
  • Whether you purchase a mattress in a store or online, you are making a long-term decision that could impact your sleep health. When you buy a mattress in a store after lying on a few mattresses, listening to sales pitches and getting some great deals, you are basically ignoring the fact how you and your partners body will react to the mattress. Any new mattress has a break-in period (adjustment period) and your body needs time to adjust to the better feel. Lying on a mattress for a few minutes in a store setting does not provide such insight. Buying a mattress online further compounds the fact that your never got to touch or feel the mattress before you made the purchase decision. That’s why mattress manufacturer’s offer extended trial period so that you can try the mattress in a comfortable home setting without any pressure and then make the call whether to retain or return.

  • Q.2) What is the duration of Tuft & Needle’s risk-free trial period?
  • Tuft & Needle offers 100 night risk free trial for all mattresses. The trial period will begin on the day of delivery.

  • Q.3) What is the minimum period you need to try Tuft & Needle mattress before initiating a return?
  • You are required to try your mattress for at least 30 nights (which starts the day it’s delivered). This will allow your body ample time to adjust to the feel of a new mattress and for the mattress to settle into your new home and get to know you a bit better. If you’re still not happy after 30 nights, you can initiate a return.

  • Q.4) Do I need to keep any of the packaging or boxes?
  • No, Tuft & Needle mattresses are compressed and rolled using really strong industrial machines, so there’s no way that they’ll fit back in their original box once opened. You can recycle or reuse the packaging.

  • Q.5) Do I need to make my own arrangements for shipping product back to Tuft & Needle?
  • No need to do any arrangements for shipping the product back to Tuft & Needle. Just remove your bedding and the Tuft & Needle team will pick up your mattress for free.

  • Q.6) What happens to returned or exchanged products?
  • Instead of returned mattresses going to landfills, Tuft & Needle donate mattresses in good condition to those in need. In most cases, your returned mattress goes to a child or family.

  • Q.7) When can I expect a return for my refund?
  • You will receive a full refund back to your original form of payment within 10 business days.

  • Q.8) Can I exchange a Tuft & Needle mattress?
  • If you're still within your 100-Night Sleep Trial and purchased directly through Tuft & Needle, you do have the ability to exchange for a new product.
    You can call tuft&needle at 877-842-2586 to start the exchange process. Tuft & Needle will place your new order over the phone, charge the difference in cost between the two items (or refund the difference accordingly), and walk you through the steps for the removal of the original product.

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Warranty (Questions: 5)

  • Q.1) Does Tuft & Needle offers warranty for mattresses?
  • Tuft & Needle mattresses comes with a 10-year limited warranty, starting from the date of delivery. 

  • Q.2) Who this Mattress Warranty extends to?
  • This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser from the original purchase date of the original mattress purchased from Tuft & Needle Sleep, LLC and is non-transferable. If the original purchaser sells or otherwise relinquishes ownership of the mattress to another, the subsequent owner accepts the product “as is” and “with all faults.” 

  • Q.3) What does Tuft & Needle’s warranty covers in terms of defects?
  • Tuft & Needle Limited Warranty covers:

    • Body impressions or indentations in the T&N Adaptive Foam top layer and base layer deeper than 0.75″ (they must be obvious without any weight on the mattress)
    • Errors in the dimension of the mattress that are greater than 1” (ex: a queen size mattress that is 1” short of a standard queen size bed frame)
    • Sagging, as long as you’ve used a strong enough bed frame or foundation for the entire time you’ve owned the mattress
    • Splits or cracks in the foam layers that aren’t the result of improper storage or handling
    • Tears in the mattress cover fabric or unraveling of the stitching along the seams
  • Q.4) What defects are not covered under Tuft & Needle’s warranty?
  • This Limited Warranty does not cover T&N doesn’t cover a handful of damages to their mattresses. We rounded up a comprehensive list of what’s NOT covered by your T&N mattress warranty:

    • Any perceived changes in comfort, such as pressure relief, motion transfer, edge support, etc. (these kinds of defects are subjective and can’t be proven, so they aren’t covered)
    • Perceived changes in the effectiveness of the cooling gel beads or graphite in the comfort layers
    • Any damages caused by abuse, misuse, or neglect of the mattress, which basically means using the mattress for anything other than sleeping, lounging, and sex
    • Medical bills for back pain or other injuries you believe to be caused by your T&N mattress
    • Mattresses used for commercial use, such as hotels or rentals
    • Small imperfections or flaws in appearance that don’t alter the effectiveness of the mattress
    • Damages from wet or humid environments, including mold and mildew
    • Body impressions in the memory foam or Adaptive Foam layers that are shallower than 0.75”
    • Allergies or sensitivities to the mattress materials (ask a customer care rep before you buy if you’re not sure)
    • Natural odors from the mattress materials, including temporary off-gassing
    • Tears, liquid stains, or burns
  • Q.5) What is the remedy if a defect is found?
  • For 10 years after you purchase your new mattress, if a defect is found, Tuft & Needle will replace or repair it. This includes all parts of the mattress determined to have a defect, and there’s no deductible. 

Payment & Financing (Questions: 6)