Mattress Brands

When it comes to purchasing a new mattress, there is a wide variety of types to choose from. There are literally hundreds of online mattress brands offering a bevy of features across mattress design, sleeping style, price points, warranty and more. We regularly review these brands whether well known or emerging and identify the pros and cons of such brands, so that you can make informed decision.

Mattress Materials and Feel

Broadly, speaking there are 4 types of mattresses in the market which provides different kinds of feel.

Innerspring Mattresses use different steel coil support systems covered with different kinds of upholstery or padding materials to provide a better sleeping experience. These mattresses give a feel of bounciness.

Memory Foam Mattresses are made special types of foams, which adapt to your body shape, so it feels like your pressure points are being cradled. It flexes and shifts according to your sleeping position. This provides the sensation of being enveloped ‘in’ the bed.

Latex Mattresses,are made from layers of latex foam, which is a natural material, Theyare extremely resilient and durable, sleep cooler, and are comfortable, yet supportive enough to provide sleepers with a proper spinal alignment.

Hybrid Mattresses combine two or more different kinds of support systems such as an advanced innerspring system with sophisticated memory or latex foams and are designed to offer sleepers the best features of other mattress types while minimizing their negatives.

Mattress Sizes

Choosing a mattress size may seem like an easy decision. But, the choice may get little complicated, based on your height and size, whether you are sharing bed, if you need extra space to spread out, your sleeping style, if you or your partner move a lot or the size of the room and more.

Cal King
Twin XL

Sleeping Style

Most mattress types come in a range of comfort levels; the right one for you depends on the way you sleep: on your back, side, stomach, or some combination and body size. Heavier people tend to favor firmer mattress, and lighter people might be more comfortable on a softer surface.

Side Sleepers
Back Sleepers
Stomach Sleepers
Combination Sleepers


Mattress prices are all over the map, from as little as a few hundred dollars into the tens of thousands. Smaller mattress sizes cost less money than larger ones. For example, a full size mattress is typically 10-15% less expensive than a queen size bed. In general, an innerspring mattress costs less than a memory foam mattress or latex mattress, but each mattress type has its advantages.