Best Mattress for Teenagers

Last updated | March 25, 2023

Teenage is an important stage of life. The rapid physical and mental changes leave teenagers confused. They are like baby adults, their bodies experience rapid growth, but their minds have a far way to go. To top it all, their hormones play havoc with sudden changes in body temperature correlating to their mood swing. Undoubtedly, it is a learning stage but at the same time, this age brings sudden outbursts, anger issues, anxiety et al. With so much going on inside their head, youngsters often feel uncomfortable in public places or while socializing. But there’s one time of the day when they should feel comfortable, i.e., while they’re asleep. They love staying in their own rooms where they can be themselves with zero filters.

Research called “Sleep in the Modern Family” conducted by the National Sleep Foundation found that an average adolescent gets up to nine hours of screen time. This is a serious issue in most households as being glued to phones or PCs constantly makes teenagers suffer from weak eyesight and tiredness. Added to it, they also get a lesser amount of sleep which eventually makes them inactive. Another research by the University of Chicago found that skimping on sleep leads to overeating, weight gain, and poor food choices. Those who sleep for four hours or less face specific health issues like raised blood pressure levels increased chances of obesity, and a greater chance of developing diabetes at a younger age.

Hence it is incumbent upon the parents to ensure that their teenage children get proper sleep to help them stay fit. The best mattress for teenagers is one that offers adequate support and comfort and aids in a night of restful sleep.

In the market of myriad mattress choices, we have shortlisted the ten best mattresses that might suit your teenagers’ preferences. The mattresses mentioned here are designed to provide ample support and comfort your teenager needs for a great night’s sleep.

Top 10 list

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