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Trial, Return & Exchange (Questions: 8)

  • Q.1) Why do mattress manufacture’s offer free trial period for online purchase of mattresses?
  • Whether you purchase a mattress in a store or online, you make a long-term decision that could impact your sleep health. When you buy a mattress in a store after lying on a few mattresses, listening to sales pitches, and getting some great deals, you ignore how you and your partner's body will react to the mattress. Any new mattress has a break-in period (adjustment period), and your body needs time to adjust to a better feel. Lying on a mattress for a short time in a store setting does not provide insight. Buying a mattress online further compounds the fact that you never got to touch or feel the mattress before you purchase. That's why mattress manufacturers offer an extended trial period to try the mattress in a comfortable home setting without any pressure and then make the call whether to retain or return.

  • Q.2) What is the duration of Dreamfoam Bedding’s risk-free trial period?
  • Dreamfoam bedding offers a trial period of 120 nights; the trial date begins when you receive your mattress and can only be used once per customer per calendar year.

  • Q.3) What is the minimum period you need to try Dreamfoam Bedding mattress before initiating a return?
  • Brooklyn bedding requires you to try your new mattress for at least 30 days from the date of delivery. It gives you ample time to adjust to the new materials properly.

  • Q.4) Do I need to keep any of the packaging or boxes?
  • You don't need to keep the packaging or boxes for larger items like mattresses; once you finish setting up the mattress, you can dispose of or recycle the packaging or boxes appropriately.

  • Q.5) Do I need to make my own arrangements for shipping product back to Dreamfoam Bedding?
  • Brooklyn bedding will arrange the pickup of your mattress from your place. You need to remove your bedding and prepare it for transportation to a donation center or recycling facility.

  • Q.6) What happens to returned or exchanged products?
  • Based on the condition of the used mattress, the brand will ask to either donate the mattress or arrange for recycling pick up.

  • Q.7) When can I expect a refund for my return?
  • You can call to expedite your refund after your product is donated or returned. Brooklyn bedding will credit the card you used at your purchase or process your refund via Affirm.com. Credit card refunds usually take 3 to 4 business days to show up in your account, depending on your banking institution. PayPal refunds are immediately transferred into your account. In some situations, Brooklyn bedding may need to issue refunds via paper check through U.S. mail, but this is typically due to a change in the account information or delayed processing.

  • Q.8) Can I exchange a Dreamfoam Bedding mattress?
  • Yes, you can exchange your Brooklyn bedding for a different mattress model that may work better. Standard shipping on all exchanges is free. Prices between mattress models may vary.

Shipping & Delivery (Questions: 7)

Warranty (Questions: 4)

  • Q.1) Does Dreamfoam Bedding offers warranty for mattresses?
  • Brooklyn Bedding offers ten years warranty period for its mattresses.

  • Q.2) What does Dreamfoam Bedding’s warranty covers in terms of defects?
    • Defects in the cell structure of the foam.
    • Defects causing in splitting or cracking of the material despite normal usage and proper handling
    • Comfort impressions greater than 1-inch.
    • Sagging in the mattress has been continuously supported by a foundation that provides minimal to no flex and features ample center support. It includes most platform, slat, box spring foundations, and adjustable bases.
  • Q.3) What defects are not covered under Dreamfoam Bedding’s warranty?
    • Average increase of softness after a reasonable break-in period.
    • An average decrease of recovery after a reasonable break-in period.
    • Normal wear and tear in mattress textile.
    • Any stain. Also, stains will void your warranty.
    • Bed height.
    • Sheet fit.
    • Comfort impressions are less than the minimum impressions specified in Warranty Coverage.
    • Mattress damage due to an improper foundation or support.
    • A mattress compressed for more than 60 days.
    • Mattress handles. Handles sewn into the side panels of select mattresses shouldn't be used to lift or transport the mattress. The handles are decorative and should only be used on rare occasions for very slight adjustments to the mattress alignment.
    • Loose threads. Occasionally, there may be loose threads from tie-off stitches in your mattress's quilting or side panels. This is normal and will not impact the longevity or performance of your mattress in any way.
  • Q.4) What is the remedy if a defect is found?
  • If a defect occurs during the warranty period, Dreamfoam will repair or replace the defective product reasonably.

Payment & Financing (Questions: 6)