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Trial, Return & Exchange

  • Why do mattress manufacture’s offer free trial period for online purchase of mattresses?
  • Whether you purchase a mattress in a store or online, you make a long-term decision that could impact your sleep health. When you buy a bed in a store after lying on a few mattresses, listening to sales pitches, and getting some great deals, you ignore how you and your partner's body will react to the bed. Any new mattress has a break-in period (adjustment period), and your body needs time to adjust to a better feel. Lying down on a mattress for a few minutes in a store setting does not provide insight. Buying a mattress online further compounds that you never got to touch or feel the bed before you purchase. That's why mattress manufacturers offer an extended trial period to try the mattress in a comfortable home setting without any pressure and then make the call whether to retain or return.

  • What is the duration of Novosbed’s risk-free trial period?
  • Novosbed offers a 120 night risk-free trial for all mattresses. The trial period will begin on the day of delivery.

  • What is the minimum period you need to try Novosbed mattress before initiating a return?
  • Novosbed recommends a 60-days break-in period for trying out a new mattress. If you are not satisfied, you return the bed after the 30 days expire but before 120 days from the delivery date for a full refund.

  • Do I need to keep any of the packaging or boxes?
  • It would be best if you kept the packaging and boxes; you may need them when you return.

  • Do I need to make my own arrangements for shipping product back to Novosbed?
  • You don't have to get the mattress back in the box. For pickups, Novosbed asks you to wrap up the completely expanded bed with a protective plastic to prevent it from getting soiled in transit and have it on the ground floor on pickup day.

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Shipping & Delivery

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  • Does Novosbed offers warranty for mattresses?
  • Novosbed has a 15-year warranty with the first ten years non-prorated (total coverage) and the remaining five years pro-rated (declining coverage based on age)

  • What does Novosbed’s warranty covers in terms of defects?
  • Novosbed mattress warranty cover:

    • Any physical flaw in the mattress or the foam material.
    • Any manufacturing defect in the zipper assembly or fabrics of the mattress cover.
  • What defects are not covered under Novosbed’s warranty?
  • Novosbed mattress warranty doesn't cover:

    • Damage from use with an inadequate foundation or frame.
    • Damage caused to the cover, foam, zipper, or Comfort+ due to use with more than one Comfort+ layer.
    • Mold or mildew is caused by using the mattress on a non-breathable surface.
    • Mattress, Comfort+, or foundation damage due to misuse or unsanitary treatment beyond reasonable use. This includes but is not limited to burns, cuts, tears, stains, bodily fluids, or spills.
    • Washing any part of the cover other than the removable top portion.
    • Non-compliance with washing instructions and handling for the cover resulting in damage to the cover or zipper.
  • What is the remedy if a defect is found?
  • For 15 years after you purchase your new Novosbed mattress, when it has a defect covered under warranty, Novosbed will replace or repair it. This includes all parts of the bed. Your Novosbed mattress will be repaired or replaced at no additional cost within the first ten years of usage and the fee of 75% of the original purchase price between the eleventh and fifteenth years. For commercial and institutional orders, your Novosbed mattress will be repaired or replaced at the cost of 25% of the original purchase price within the first five years of usage; at the expense of 50% of the actual purchase price between the sixth and tenth year of use; and the cost of 75% of the original purchase price between the eleventh and fifteenth year of usage.

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Payment & Financing

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