Best Innerspring Mattress

Last updated | April 4, 2023

Innerspring mattresses have been on the market for a long. And why not! These traditional mattresses are one of the simplest go-to options if you have nothing specific in mind while looking for a new bed.

Innerspring mattresses come with at least one row of supportive spring coils at the bed’s core. A variety of coils are used at different places within the mattress to ensure distinctive comfort. The coil layers are topped with dense layers of latex, polyfoam, or memory foam to offer a cozy feeling of the bed. These mattresses have their own benefits. The coil layers allow increased airflow through the mattress, helping to sleep cool. If you are a hot sleeper, this would suit you quite well and enable you to sleep better by removing the excess heat. It performs much better than many  foam mattresses when it comes to providing support. These mattresses offer the right firmness and prevent your spine from sagging. It would be a nice option if you’re looking for good spinal alignment.

Added to all these benefits, innerspring mattresses are known to be the most durable and affordable. So, if you’re looking for something that would last for a long time at a reasonable price, then an innerspring mattress will be the best match for you.

Innerspring mattresses are recommended for

  • Those who sleep hot
  • Those who don’t prefer the hug-like feel of memory foam
  • Those seeking a balance of contouring and bounciness
  • Those who prefer long-lasting and budget-friendly mattress

Innerspring mattresses are not recommended for

  • Those seeking deep body-conforming
  • Those looking for good motion isolation
  • Those who do not prefer bounce in their beds

Below is a short review of the 10 best innerspring mattresses in the market. Read on to know more.

Top 10 list

Rating Scale: 1 = Average, 2 = Good, 3 = Very Good, 4 = Excellent, 5 = Winner


Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $1349 $1011 25%
Twin XL $1399 $1049 25%
Full $1699 $1274 25%
Queen $1999 $1499 25%
Cal King $2299 $1724 25%
King $2299 $1724 25%
  • By: Leesa
  • Rating: (4.5/5)
  • Highlights: Sapira Hybrid Mattress from Leesa is a luxury hybrid mattress that combines the benefits of ventilated body-conforming foams and 1000+ pocketed coils, offering a deep and rejuvenating sleeping experience. The mattress features a multi-layer construction, including layers of high-performance foam and a layer of pocketed coils. These layers work together to provide support and comfort while minimizing motion transfer. The topmost layer of the mattress is a quilted cover delicately knit with viscose and rayon. It wicks away moisture and feels comfortable to touch. The comfort layer comprises high airflow foam with air channels that allow good air circulation, thus preventing the accumulation of heat in the mattress besides contouring the body. Memory foam in the recovery layer contours the body curves and provides enhanced pressure relief in the hips, shoulders, and back. Premium foam in the transition layer also adds to pressure relief and comfort. The support layer has active pocket springs that reduce motion transfer, secure the edges, and allow more air to flow inside the mattress. High-density foam at the base makes the mattress supportive and durable. The mattress has a medium to medium-firm feel; hence is suitable for sleepers of all body types and sleeping positions.
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Puffy Royal Mattress-hybrid

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $2599 $1249 52%
Twin XL $2799 $1449 48%
Full $3499 $2149 39%
Queen $3749 $2399 36%
King $4049 $2699 33%
Cal King $4049 $2699 33%
  • By: Puffy
  • Rating: (4.42/5)
  • Highlights: Puffy Royal Hybrid is a premier hybrid mattress offering a luxurious feel with enhanced pressure relief and support. It comprises 7 premium layers of memory foam with contour-adapt spring coils at the base. The mattress comes in a stain-resistant, hypoallergenic removable cover, which is easy to wash and thus can be kept clean always. The comfort layer comprises gel-infused cooling foam, and plush contouring foam exclusive to the mattress which prevents heat build-up so you can sleep comfortably all night. Next is another contouring foam layer (Reflexive Memory Foam) which is extremely responsive. It shifts according to body movements, and is designed to allow maximum recovery while sleeping. The layer beneath consists of proprietary foam (Climate Comfort Foam) which is moisture-resistant. It promotes airflow, and helps to maintain a neutral body temperature. It follows another foam layer with 5 segmented zones that cushions the body from head to toe offering targeted support in the areas you need the most. Contour-adapt coils in combination with high-density foam at the support core offer better stability and isolate motion to a great extent. The Grip Base Cover prevents the mattress from shifting and provides stability to the structure. All the layers of Puffy Royal Hybrid enhance pressure relief, strengthen the edges, and offer better motion isolation in all sleeping positions. The mattress has an ultra-plush (4-6 out of 10 on the firmness scale) feel, offering optimal comfort for those who suffer from aches and pains. It is suitable mostly for side and back sleepers.
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Brentwood Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $1142 $1028 10%
Twin XL $1349 $1214 10%
Full $1439 $1295 10%
Queen $1655 $1490 10%
King $2159 $1943 10%
Cal King $2159 $1943 10%
  • By: Brentwood Home
  • Rating: (4.21/5)
  • Highlights: Brentwood Oceano is a high-end mattress with a coil-on-coil design that provides comfort and support. It features premium materials, including gel-infused memory foam, organic cotton and wool, and individually wrapped coils that balance contouring support and pressure relief. The cover of the Oceano is made with Tencel, a plant-based fabric that is highly breathable and soft. The comfort system consists of five layers and the support core three. The top comfort layer is made of organic certified wool that helps you sleep cool and dry. Beneath the wool is a layer of poly-silk fiber that creates softness and regulates temperature. The next layer is gel-infused memory foam (BioFoam) that contours and offers significant pressure relief. The gel prevents the build-up of heat in the foam, helping to sleep cooler. Under the gel-infused layer is a thick micro-coil unit (up to 1722) that prevents the body from sinking too deep into the mattress and adds plenty of bounce. This coil unit sits on a polyfoam layer that adds stability to the coils and aids in added airflow. In the support core, the pocketed coils (up to 975) offer zoned support (i.e., more support across the heavier parts of the body where you need the most) with heavier coils at the center of the bed and firmer coils around the perimeter offering enhanced edge support too. The double coil layer construction provides great pressure relief, responsiveness, motion isolation, and firm support. Beneath the coil layers is a dense polyfoam layer and an organic cotton canvas that work together to form a stable base. The mattress has a medium-soft feel, thus suitable for all sleepers.
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Layla Hybrid Mattress

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $1299 $1099 15%
Twin XL $1399 $1199 14%
Full $1599 $1399 13%
Queen $1699 $1499 12%
King $1899 $1699 11%
Cal King $1899 $1699 11%
  • By: Layla
  • Rating: (4.21/5)
  • Highlights: Layla Hybrid is a dual-sided mattress with Soft and Firm sides. It is a combination of memory foam and pocketed coil springs. The cover is made of breathable soft fabric and includes a label showing each side's firmness. Handles are attached to the cover, making it easier to flip the mattress. The comfort system on the Soft side of the mattress includes copper-infused memory foam that helps sleep cool by drawing away heat from the body. Copper being antimicrobial, the bed never smells foul, even after prolonged use. Copper-infused memory foam layer responds to body weight, unlike traditional memory foam providing increased support at deep compression areas. The Soft side relieves pressure by closely conforming to the body's natural curves. Beneath the memory foam layer is a polyfoam layer with deep air channels to circulate air for more cooling. It includes surface modification technology (SMT) that provides better support. The Firm side of Layla Hybrid has thinner copper-infused memory foam above the polyfoam layer. The polyfoam is firm and offers less contouring but more support. This side provides ease of movement besides relieving pressure points. The support system comprises individually wrapped coils with thicker double coils at the perimeter and thinner coils at the center for superior edge support. The pocketed coil system with variable support from the memory foam layer helps significantly to isolate motion. In terms of firmness the Soft side scores 4 out of 10 on the firmness scale and feels soft and plush, while the Firm side scores 7 out of 10 and feels firm and supportive. The Soft side will be preferred by those who like a little hug from the mattress, and the Firm side with less sink and more support will be preferred by those who like firmer beds. Layla Hybrid is suitable to side, back, and stomach sleepers. Each mattress comes with two free pillows.
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Saatva Classic Mattress-firm-11.5

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $1395 $1145 18%
Twin XL $1495 $1245 17%
Full $1995 $1745 13%
Queen $2095 $1745 17%
Cal King $2595 $2245 13%
King $2595 $2245 13%
  • By: Saatva
  • Rating: (4.17/5)
  • Highlights: Saatva Classic Mattress is a luxury hybrid innerspring mattress that promises restorative sleep built in every layer. It features multiple layers of coils, foam, and cushioning materials designed to provide a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. The mattress's cover is made of organic cotton, promoting cooler sleep. It undergoes an antimicrobial treatment that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and dew. The mattress has three firmness levels: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. The Plush Soft variant offers deep hugging and is ideal for lightweight side sleepers who like extra contouring. The Luxury Firm variant is luxurious and provides support and cushion for all types of sleepers. The Firm variant feels like you are lying on the top of the mattress rather than sinking in and is good for back and stomach sleepers and heavier people. The comfort systems of the three firmness levels are alike, featuring a Euro-top with embedded cushioning that provides a plush, luxurious feel. The Patented Lumbar Zone spiral wire beneath helps keep the spinal alignment healthy. This layer offers enhanced pressure relief and lower back support on the mid-section of the mattress where you need it the most. Next is the pocketed coil (884) layer, made of recycled steel. It contours the body curves and responds to the body's movements reducing motion transfer significantly. This layer makes the mattress stronger and firmer in the center-third, where most of the body weight is concentrated. The coils allow more airflow and help in promoting cool sleep. This dual-coil design of Saatva Classic makes it unique among innerspring mattresses. Thus, Saatva Classic Mattress is a high-quality option for those looking for a hybrid innerspring mattress with adequate support and comfort.
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Nolah Evolution 15-firm

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $1499 $974 35%
Twin XL $1599 $1039 35%
Twin $1499 $1049 30%
Twin XL $1599 $1099 31%
Full $2299 $1494 35%
Full $2299 $1599 30%
Queen $2499 $1624 35%
Queen $2499 $1749 30%
King $2699 $1754 35%
Cal King $2699 $1754 35%
King $2699 $1899 30%
Cal King $2699 $1899 30%
  • By: Nolah Mattress
  • Rating: (4.17/5)
  • Highlights: Nolah Evolution 15 is a seven-layered luxury hybrid mattress with a Euro-top and organic cotton cover made of a fiber of high thermal conductivity that draws heat away from the body. Graphite-infused polyfoam in the comfort layer regulates body temperature, besides cradling the body to relieve pressure from the joints. Dense polyfoam in the transition layers prevents the body from sinking deep, thus distributing the body weight evenly throughout the mattress. The support core of pocketed coils offers zoned support and reinforces the edges, thus making it safe for lying near the end of the bed. The coils are placed on a recycled plant fiber foundation that offers stability to the mattress. The individually wrapped coils respond to body weight and significantly minimize motion transfer, providing spinal support for side, back, and stomach sleepers. Nolah Evolution 15 has three variants: Plush, Luxury Firm, and Firm giving options to all types of sleepers. The Plush variant is suitable for side sleepers, while the Luxury Firm is ideal for combo sleepers and couples, and the Firm variant is best for back and stomach sleepers. All three variants perform well in motion isolation, ease of movement, temperature regulation, and good edge support.
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Molecule Hybrid Mattress

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin XL $1299 $1299 0%
Twin $1299 $1299 0%
Full $1699 $1699 0%
Queen $1899 $1899 0%
King $2299 $2299 0%
Cal King $2299 $2299 0%
  • By: Molecule
  • Rating: (4.17/5)
  • Highlights: Molecule Hybrid Mattress is the only hybrid offering in the Molecule line-up. This mattress provides exceptional cooling comfort and support with open-cell memory foam and adaptive innerspring coils. It is designed to improve sleep and recovery with targeted zone support that relieves pressure from critical points and much-needed areas. The mattress has a quilted top cover that gives a plush sensation and keeps away odor and bacteria, thus ensuring a cleaner sleeping surface. Beneath the cover are the brand's proprietary memory foam layers (MOLECULARFLOTM+ & AIRTECTM) that allow more airflow providing greater comfort than traditional memory foam. Polyfoam in the transition layer (RECOVERYFLOTM) offers targeted support with a firmer feel near the lumbar area and a softer feel near the head and feet. This layer helps relieve pressure from the head, neck, legs, and lower back. Coils (MOLECULEEDGE) in the support system are individually wrapped, adapting to the body movements, minimizing motion transfer, and offering personalized comfort and enhanced edge support. Beneath the coil layer is the firm polyfoam (ContourFLOTM) base that helps keep the spine properly aligned. This layer lays the mattress's foundation, making it suitable for sleeping in all positions. Regarding firmness, the mattress is rated as medium-firm, which feels soft at the top and firm in the middle. You get two free pillows with the purchase of a Molecule Hybrid Mattress.
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Puffy Lux Mattress-hybrid

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $2249 $899 60%
Twin XL $2399 $1049 56%
Full $2649 $1299 51%
Queen $2849 $1499 47%
Cal King $3049 $1699 44%
King $3049 $1699 44%
  • By: Puffy
  • Rating: (4.04/5)
  • Highlights: Puffy Lux Hybrid is a premium hybrid mattress with foam layers and innerspring coils that provide extreme comfort and support. The mattress is designed to contour the body curves, relieve pressure points, and promote healthy spinal alignment. It features 6 layers of premium foam and coils. It has a top cover made of stain-resistant polyester that is removable and easy to wash. The comfort layer comprises gel-infused cooling foam (Cooling Cloud Foam) that cradles all the body curves offering optimal comfort in all sleeping positions. Next is a layer of proprietary Dual Cloud foam, which provides further contouring of the spine and lower back with maximum pressure relief. The final layer in the comfort system consists of humidity-resistant foam (Climate Comfort Foam) designed to promote airflow and helps to maintain a neutral temperature all night. Individually-pocketed coils with high-density foam at the support layer stabilize the mattress and isolate motion well. The base layer is made of foam and is designed to eliminate mattress movement, providing overall stability and support to the mattress. Thus, the combination of foam and coils allow the mattress to contour to the body and provide pressure relief while providing a supportive base that helps promote healthy spinal alignment. The mattress has a medium-plush feel (5-7 out of 10 on the firmness scale), hence is suitable for all types of sleepers.
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Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $1699 $1199 29%
Twin XL $1749 $1249 29%
Full $1899 $1399 26%
Queen $1949 $1449 26%
King $2149 $1649 23%
Cal King $2149 $1649 23%
  • By: Amerisleep
  • Rating: (4.04/5)
  • Highlights: AS3 Hybrid is a medium-firm offering from Amerisleep, which is a popular bed-in-a-box brand. The mattress combines pocketed coils and memory foam to offer a balance of pressure relief and support with cooling features, making it a good choice for a variety of sleepers. The mattresss cover is made of a soft and ultra-breathable material that gives cooling comfort, ensuring you sleep your best every night. Proprietary memory foam (Bio-Pur) in the comfort layer has an open cell design that helps to sleep cooler than traditional memory foam. This layer contours the body curves to relieve pressure points and is responsive; thus, does not give a stuck feeling when you lie on the mattress. The zoned support layer beneath made of individually wrapped coils, offers more support in the areas you need the most. It reduces pressure points, helps keep the body alignment proper, and reduces motion transfer resulting in a deeper sleep. The pocketed coil system offers bounce and supports the whole body keeping it aligned and lifted. Double-density feature of the pocketed coils around the sides of the mattress improves the edges, thus preventing you from falling off while lying near the end of the bed. Next is the transition foam layer, which helps to distribute body weight and prevents your bed from sagging. The final layer is high-density foam, providing a sturdy base for the mattress.
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