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  • Q.1) Does Molecule offers warranty for mattresses?
  • A limited lifetime warranty covers molecule mattresses.

  • Q.2) What does Molecule’s warranty covers in terms of defects?
  • Molecule limited warranty cover:

    • Applicable indention or sag of the foam mattress greater than one (1) inch is not an outcome of improper use, an improper bed, bed base, or foundation.
    • A manufacturing flaw with the zipper in the cover. It does not include zipper breakage resulting from improper or overuse of zipper.
    • A physical flaw in the cover's construction, such as fabric tearing or stitch unraveling that does not result from improper use.
  • Q.3) What defects are not covered under Molecule’s warranty?
  • Molecule limited warranty doesn’t cover:

    • Normal wear and tear.
    • Any improper use of the mattress.
    • Minor imperfections such as slight cosmetic flaws.
    • Stains, tears, burns, soiling, liquid damage, and/or discoloration occur over time and/or are caused by you.
    • Indents, sagging, or body indentations less than one (1) inch deep.
    • Individual opinions or preferences regarding the softness, firmness, or attributes of a mattress, including the average increase in softness of the mattress over time.
    • External damage to the foam mattress caused by you.
    • Allergies or sensitivities to fabrics or materials.
    • Damage caused by animals, rodents, or children.
    • They are naturally occurring odors from foam, cotton, or other materials.
  • Q.4) What is the remedy if a defect is found?
  • If Molecule determines that your claimed defect is covered under this Limited Warranty, your exclusive remedy, instead of all incidental, special, or consequential damages, including for negligence, is limited to repair or replacement of your Molecule Mattress or the component deemed to be defective under the terms and conditions stated in this Limited Warranty. Your mattress with being replaced with a comparable size and model mattress. If your size and/or model is discontinued, we will provide the most comparable Molecule Mattress product available as a replacement at the brand's sole discretion.

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