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Eight Sleep is an online mattress company that offers intelligent technology mattresses and incorporates sleep-tracking functionality in its products. The company has three mattresses: The Pod, The Pod Pro, and the Pod Pro Max. Eight sleep mattress coupons are very much in demand. Up to $100 off deal code is something not readily available on mattresses.

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Max Mattress

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Max Mattress
  • Mattress Type: Hybrid / Innerspring
  • Highlights:
    • Eight Sleep Pod mattress is the new model. It is an all-foam mattress with adaptive comfort layers and a high-density support system. It is of medium firmness with a layer of sensors called an Active Grid. It assists in tracking heart rate, sleep patterns, breathing, and other sleep data. The Pod 3 mattress possesses unparalleled temperature-regulating and sleep-tracking technology, which makes the bed an excellent choice.
  • Rating: 4.58/5.0
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