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Eight Sleep is an online mattress company that offers intelligent technology mattresses and incorporates sleep-tracking functionality in its products. The company has three mattresses: The Pod, The Pod Pro, and the Pod Pro Max. Eight sleep mattress coupons are very much in demand. Up to $100 off deal code is something not readily available on mattresses.

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Mattress

Eight Sleep Pod 3 Mattress
  • Mattress Type: Smart Sleep technology
  • Highlights:
    • Eight Sleep, a leading sleep technology company, has introduced two innovative products: Pod 4 and Pod 4 Ultra. These products aim to enhance sleep quality through advanced features. It particularly focuses on temperature regulation, comfort, back support, and pressure relief.
    • Pod 4 Ultra maintains these advanced cooling capabilities and incorporates an upgraded thermal engine for better airflow and efficiency. Both models do not alter the firmness of existing mattress. It ensures compatibility with various mattress types.
    • Pod 4 Ultra includes an adjustable base that offers custom head and foot elevations, enhancing back support and reducing pressure points. Safety and durability are ensured with the Pod 4 undergoing over 200 different tests. It provides clinical-grade health tracking with 99% accuracy.
    • The materials used are designed to be safe and durable, ensuring long-term use.
    • Available in various sizes, both Pod 4 and Pod 4 Ultra come with free shipping, a 30-night risk-free trial, and a 5-year warranty. This comprehensive package ensures a risk-free investment for users.
  • Rating: 4.46/5.0
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