Best Mattress for Combination Sleepers

Last updated | April 4, 2023

Combination sleepers are unique people who can take regular naps throughout the day. This type of sleeping pattern is more common than most people think. Combination sleepers can switch from one sleep stage to another and have the ability to nap for short bursts of time in between. Combination sleepers are the ones who prefer sleeping in various ways, be it on their back, side, or stomach. The sleepers must find a bed that gives them the proper support and comfort to get good sleep. A good mattress for combination sleepers should be able to provide support for all sleeping positions. In order to make sure that combination sleepers get the right level of support, it is crucial to choose a mattress appropriate for their body weight and sleeping position. The sleepers get confused while buying a mattress of their preference within a set budget. Some people prefer a firm mattress, some a soft one, and some a neutral firm or hard mattress. It is essential to consider factors like motion transfer, edge support, and weight distribution while buying a mattress if you are a combination sleeper.

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Avocado Green Mattress

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $1399 $1259 10%
Twin XL $1499 $1349 10%
Full $1699 $1529 10%
Queen $1999 $1799 10%
King $2599 $2339 10%
Cal King $2599 $2339 10%
  • By: Avocado Mattress
  • Rating: (4.38/5)
  • Highlights: Avocado Green Mattress is an eco-friendly mattress of natural latex, pocketed coil, and organic cotton. Its durability with extreme bounce makes it a suitable pick for combo sleepers who move around throughout the night. The heavier folks, back and side sleepers can choose this mattress. The sturdy coil and latex structure offer impressive durability and support. The combination sleepers mostly appreciate excellent mobility. The bed is appropriate for such sleepers, with adequate firmness and bounce. Avocado Green Mattress is constructed with all-natural materials, including certified organic latex, wool, and cotton, and is free of chemical flame retardants, synthetic foams, dyes, and adhesives. Its hybrid construction has two layers of latex, a pocketed innerspring coil system, and two layers of natural wool and cotton support. This combination of materials ensures that combination sleepers receive the right amount of support and comfort no matter what position they sleep in.
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Avocado Mattress

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Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $1295 $1095 15%
Twin XL $1495 $1295 13%
Full $1995 $1695 15%
Queen $2195 $1895 14%
King $2595 $2245 13%
Cal King $2595 $2245 13%
  • By: Saatva
  • Rating: (4.25/5)
  • Highlights: Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress is a premium eco-friendly mattress that is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The responsive and ultra-breathable natural latex of the mattress offers unsurpassed pressure-point relief. The latex foam layer is heat-regulating, allowing combination sleepers to stay comfortable regardless of how they sleep. It is made with high-density foam designed to resist sagging and retain its shape for many years. It makes Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress ideal for combination sleepers who want a mattress that lasts for years to come. The combination sleepers love this firmer hybrid model if they want a touch of pressure relief and support. The Exclusive vented airflow channels make better circulation for proper breathability. The five ergonomic zones enhance support to the combination sleepers where they need the most per sleeping position. Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress offers more bounce which is suitable for combination sleepers.
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Layla Hybrid Mattress

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $1299 $1099 15%
Twin XL $1399 $1199 14%
Full $1599 $1399 13%
Queen $1699 $1499 12%
King $1899 $1699 11%
Cal King $1899 $1699 11%
  • By: Layla
  • Rating: (4.21/5)
  • Highlights: Layla Hybrid Mattress of queen size is the proper mattress for combination sleepers. Combination sleepers frequently change positions throughout the night like this mattress. Layla Hybrid Mattress has pocketed coils designed to make repositioning and movement easier. Average-weight back and stomach sleepers feel comfy and supported on the firm side of this mattress, while lightweight sleepers appreciate the soft side. The cushy foam of Layla Hybrid mattress provides impressive motion isolation. As a result of the inner core of the springs, the mattress quickly responds to your movements and offers slightly bouncy support. This feel is highly valued by the combination sleepers who move around at night across different sleeping positions. The high-density foam and coil of the mattress achieve the resilience required by front and back sleepers. The mattress is more suitable for combination sleepers weighing above 130 pounds. The copper gel in the mattress keeps the sleeping fresh by transferring heat and resisting odor-causing bacteria.
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Nolah Evolution 15-firm

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $1499 $974 35%
Twin XL $1599 $1039 35%
Full $2299 $1494 35%
Queen $2499 $1624 35%
King $2699 $1754 35%
Cal King $2699 $1754 35%
  • By: Nolah Mattress
  • Rating: (4.17/5)
  • Highlights: Nolah Evolution 15-inch mattress is the ultimate choice for the average-weight, lightweight, and some heavy-weight combination sleepers. Combination sleepers enjoy the bounciness of the coils, making it easier to move around in the bed. The mattress's responsiveness helps it quickly respond to your changes in sleeping position. It has a high ease of movement score, making it a good choice for combination sleepers. Nolah Evolution 15-inch mattress is a robust hybrid mattress that promotes adequate spinal alignment. The three firm levels of the mattress offer a versatile firmness that can work for various sleepers, depending on their weight. It has a medium firmness level and the versatility of firmness work for different sleeping positions. The mattress is exceptionally cool and packed with advanced cooling features from the graphite-infused foam. The mixture of hug and support of the mattress helps to cushion the low back and shoulders of the combination sleepers who change their sleeping position overnight.
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Nolah Mattress

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Ghostbed Classic Mattress

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $1295 $648 50%
Twin XL $1395 $698 50%
Full $1495 $748 50%
Queen $1695 $848 50%
King $2015 $1008 50%
Cal King $2025 $1013 50%
  • By: GhostBed
  • Rating: (4.08/5)
  • Highlights: Ghostbed Classic Mattress is ideal for combination sleepers. The mattress lies in the center of the firmness scale, thus providing immense pressure relief and support to the stomach, side, back, and combination sleepers. Ghostbed Classic Mattress is constructed with three layers of high-quality foam. The first layer is a 1.5" top layer of aerated latex foam. This material is designed to provide a soft and comfortable sleep surface while providing ample body support. This layer is designed to be very responsive, which means it adjusts quickly to changes in sleeping positions. The second layer of Ghostbed Classic Mattress is a 2" layer of gel memory foam. This material contours to the body and helps to reduce pressure points. It keeps the spine aligned and the body properly supported. The gel memory foam helps to regulate body temperature, providing a cool and comfortable sleep surface. The third layer of Ghostbed Classic Mattress is a 7" base layer of high-density foam. This layer offers a solid foundation for the mattress and helps to keep it durable and supportive.
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Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $1699 $1249 26%
Twin XL $1749 $1299 26%
Full $1899 $1449 24%
Queen $1949 $1499 23%
King $2149 $1699 21%
Cal King $2149 $1699 21%
  • By: Amerisleep
  • Rating: (4.04/5)
  • Highlights: Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid Mattress is the right mattress for combination sleepers. The mattress is tailored to adapt to most body types as well as sleep styles. It is a medium-firm mattress that involves a combination of support and comfort to relieve the pain. The mattress is covered by a refreshed cover that draws heat from your skin for a delightfully cool-to-the-touch feel. Amerisleep AS3 hybrid mattress is a 12-inch thick mattress. It contains 3 inches of Bio-Pur, 2 inches of Affinity with HIVE technology, and 7 inches of Bio-Core. The mattress's top layer is made from Amerisleeps proprietary Bio-Pur memory foam, designed to relieve pressure points and keep you cool. This layer is followed by a layer of Affinity Foam, a combination of gel memory foam and latex foam for additional support. Underneath this layer is a pocketed coil system that provides contouring support and helps to reduce motion transfer. The bottom layer of the mattress is a high-density foam base that helps to provide a sturdy foundation. The pocketed coil system helps to minimize motion transfer, which is ideal for those who share a bed. The mattress provides a healthy spinal alignment supported in all positions.
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Puffy Lux Mattress-hybrid

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $2249 $899 60%
Twin XL $2399 $1049 56%
Full $2649 $1299 51%
Queen $2849 $1499 47%
Cal King $3049 $1699 44%
King $3049 $1699 44%
  • By: Puffy
  • Rating: (4.04/5)
  • Highlights: Puffy Luxe Hybrid mattress has a layer of cooling foam, a layer of pressure-relieving memory foam, and a layer of pocketed coils, which all work together to provide comfort and support for every type of sleeper. As a result of the soft feel, Puffy Luxe Hybrid mattress is suitable for both back and side sleepers. The mattress's comfort layers help alleviate pain on pressure points, thus creating ample support. Puffy Luxe Hybrid mattress has a cooling foam layer designed to help keep the mattress from getting too hot during the night. This layer is made from a particular type of foam designed to dissipate heat from the body and keep the mattress from getting too hot. This layer helps to provide additional support for the body, so combination sleepers don't have to worry about their mattress becoming too soft or too firm. Puffy Luxe Hybrid mattress has a layer of pressure-relieving memory foam. This layer is designed to contour to the body's shape and provide pressure relief to areas prone to tension. This layer helps to reduce tossing and turning during the night so that combination sleepers can get a better night's sleep. They are designed to reduce motion transfer so that combination sleepers won't feel their partner's movement during the night. Puffy Luxe Hybrid mattress is an excellent choice for combination sleepers.
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Leesa Original Mattress

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $849 $594 30%
Twin XL $899 $629 30%
Full $1099 $769 30%
Queen $1299 $909 30%
King $1599 $1119 30%
Cal King $1599 $1119 30%
  • By: Leesa
  • Rating: (3.92/5)
  • Highlights: Leesa Original Hybrid Mattress, with its medium firmness, is a good fit for combination sleepers, especially lightweight ones. The sleepers who weigh less than 130 lb feel the support they need while sleeping on their stomach or back. With advanced foam layers and pocketed coils, Leesa Original Hybrid Mattress provides support and comfort no matter your sleeping position. Leesa Original Hybrid Mattress starts with a breathable top layer of cooling foam. This foam is designed to provide a cooling sensation to the sleeper and a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. Underneath this layer is a layer of memory foam designed to contour the body and offer extra pressure relief. The memory foam layer helps promote spinal alignment and prevents tossing and turning by providing the sleeper with a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. The mattress is excellent for combination sleepers as it follows the body's natural curvature in all sleeping positions. The bed has enough bounce, which makes the repositioning simple.
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Bedinabox Original Mattress

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $749 $524 30%
Twin XL $799 $559 30%
Full $899 $629 30%
Queen $999 $699 30%
Cal King $1199 $839 30%
King $1199 $839 30%
  • By: BedInABox
  • Rating: (3.75/5)
  • Highlights: Casper Original Mattress is suitable for combination sleepers because it offers the ideal pressure relief and support blend. It provides an outstanding balance between firmness and comfort. Casper Original Mattress is composed of three layers. The top layer is made of a breathable foam designed to provide comfort and support. It is infused with a unique cooling technology that helps keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. The second layer is a transition layer of supportive memory foam designed to balance firmness and support. The third layer is a high-density base foam that provides durability and structure. Casper Original Mattress is designed to provide a medium-firm feel, making it ideal for combination sleepers. The memory foam layer is supportive yet soft enough to relieve pressure. The high-density base foam layer helps to provide a stable and supportive foundation. These layers provide the appropriate balance of support and comfort for combination sleepers. The medium firmness of the mattress accommodates all sleeping positions. For side sleepers, it is soft, while for back and stomach sleepers, it is supportive.
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