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  • Does Nolah offers warranty for mattresses?
  • All nolah mattresses come with a lifetime limited warranty.

  • What does Nolah’s warranty covers in terms of defects?
  • Nolah's lifetime limited warranty cover:

    • Sagging and body impressions in the surface that measure 1 inch or deeper.
    • Other defects covered under warranty include manufacturing flaws that cause mattress materials to split or crack prematurely
    • Manufacturing flaws associated with the cover seams or zipper.
  • What defects are not covered under Nolah’s warranty?
  • Nolah's lifetime limited warranty doesn't cover:

    • Damage caused by a failure to use a proper bed frame, including, but not limited to, damage caused by an improper foundation. Using a standard frame, the foundation must be supported by a 5 or 6 leg bed frame on a queen or larger size. Slats must not be more than 4 inches apart for any slatted bases.
    • An average increase in the softness of the foam is normal. It should not affect the pressure-relieving qualities of the mattress.
    • Indentions in the foam which are less than one inch (1.0")
    • Comfort preference over time
    • Individual or personalized allergies and sensitivities
    • Physical abuse or damage caused to the Nolah mattress or the cover material. This includes tears, odors, stains, unsanitary conditions,  footprints, folds, burns, cuts,  rodents, insect damage, signs of jumping on the bed, or other infestation, damage from fluids, or damage from weather/sun exposure.
    • Repair or replacement of the seams, zipper assembly, or mattress cover
    • Faults in a cosmetic appearance on the cover include wrinkles, loose threads, normal wear and tear, and naturally occurring blemishes. Such minor imperfections do not prevent everyday use and enjoyment of the product and do not qualify for a warranty.
    • Improper storage or cleaning of the product
    • When using the Nolah products for commercial use such as rental properties, schools, hotels,  Bed & Breakfast, AirBnb, etc.
    • Damage due to environmental issues such as humid climates or areas where the mattress is exploded to excessive water or humidity
  • What is the remedy if a defect is found?
  • Suppose a Nolah Mattress cover is deemed defective due to faults in material or craftsmanship within one (1) year from the original purchase. In that case, Nolah may choose to repair or replace the cover and not the entire mattress. If the cover is replaced, it shall be done with the current design and may use a different color, material, or style than the original cover purchased.

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Payment & Financing

  • What forms of payment Nolah accepts?
  • Nolah accepts major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and PayPal. We also offer financing through Affirm.

  • Does Nolah offer financing?
  • Yes, nolah offer a financing option through Affirm.

  • How does Affirm work?
  • Affirm allows you to pay for your Nolah products over time in monthly installments. They offer their customers flexible options, with as low as 0 percent APR financing. Depending upon the amount financed, you may spread payments across three, six, 12, 18, and 24 months. You can pay any outstanding balance in total during this period.

  • How do you apply for financing from Affirm?
  • Add the selected Nolah products to your shopping cart and choose Affirm as the payment option during checkout. Select Apply and Affirm will instantly determine your credit options.

  • Does financing from Affirm will affect my credit scores?
  • Affirm shall perform a soft credit check that does not affect your credit score or show up on your credit score.

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