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Last updated | April 4, 2023

Memory foam, referred to as viscoelastic polyurethane foam, is a widely utilized material in many mattresses owing to its durability, high density, and ability to offer excellent support and pressure relief. Memory foam’s primary component is a polymer, a substance with large molecules consisting of many small, similar subunits bonded together called polyurethane. NASA first designed it in 1960 to create comfortable seating arrangements for its astronauts in space. Later in 1990, memory foam was introduced as a mattress material.

The two qualities of memory foam that make it a popular mattress material are: viscosity and elasticity. Memory foam is viscous, as it takes a long time to change shape or transfer energy from one section to another when pressure is applied. This makes memory foam one of the best mattress materials for motion isolation. It is elastic as it can stretch or contour, adapt to the body’s shape, and return to its original shape when the stretching force is withdrawn.

Memory foam mattresses are recommended for

  • Those who like the hug of foam and want good pressure relief
  • Those who sleep on their sides or back or for couples
  • Those who prefer good motion isolation

Memory foam mattresses are not recommended for

  • Those who sleep very hot
  • Those who do not prefer sinking into their beds
  • Those who sleep strictly on their stomach and need firmer beds

Different mattress brands use different types of memory foam to manufacture mattresses; some also create their own memory foam to make them. For the selected mattresses below, we reviewed what most people like about memory foam, such as even contouring, pressure relief, and superior motion isolation. Read on to know more.

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