We believe in being clear about our connection with the sleep mattress industry. We have a policy that follows the usual rules for disclosing this information. You can find these rules all over our website, as explained below:

 A Comprehensive Content

We provide helpful information through best mattress reviews about many different brands to help our readers when they’re shopping, whether it’s online or in actual stores. This service is completely free for our readers, and our goal is to earn their trust by helping them pick the best mattress.

Source Of Income

Making the site work, like gathering information and running it, costs a lot of money. We have a group of experts who check facts, review mattresses, and finally write and edit the content. Another group of tech experts helps by taking care of the website and making it better. To pay for all of this, we have the following avenues of earning money:

Referral Fees: We share links to buy things on websites and regular stores. If someone buys a mattress using the link, we get a referral fee in many cases.

Affiliate Links: We made agreements with different E-commerce platforms to use affiliate links. When we use these links and people buy things from those stores, we get money. We can also earn money by showing ads for these stores.

Discount Coupons/Promo Codes:  Lots of companies give us special coupons or codes that let buyers save money when they buy things. When we use these coupons, the seller can keep track of our website. This can help us make some money too.

Display Advertisements: We show ads for different companies as agreed in the contracts. But this doesn’t mean we are under pressure to favor those companies. Our goal is to help readers pick from many options. These ads are clearly marked and don’t affect our regular articles. These are very often under third-party management, which decides upon the content.

Paid Content: Some of the companies we looked at might want to give us money to include more specific details. But, this doesn’t change how we review products. We also say that these facts come from that particular company.

Customer Feedback

Getting opinions from customers who bought sleep mattresses is really useful for people who are thinking about buying one. We will assist companies in asking their customers to carry out surveys and putting the answers on their websites. However, just so you know, what customers say won’t change how we write our reviews about the products. Our best mattress reviews come from our own investigations and surveys done by our editorial team.

Readers First

We do not accept any payment in cash or kind from advertisers to influence the content. Our main goal is to show the real market to readers, and we won’t give that up for anything.