Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Last updated | April 4, 2023

Stomach sleeping is the sleeping position where people lie flat on their stomachs. Stomach sleeping comes with a lot of benefits. It helps relieve snoring by opening up the airway in the nostrils. However, this position causes significant stress around your spine. You may sometimes experience pain after waking up. Stomach sleepers need to choose a firm mattress to keep their spine aligned and provide the necessary support for a good night’s sleep. So, it is essential for stomach sleepers to choose the right mattress that offers adequate support and relieves pressure. A firm mattress is vital for stomach sleepers because it keeps their hips from sinking too far into the bed, causing misalignment. Stomach sleepers require a supportive and firm mattress that is not too hard or soft. It should be able to contour to the body, providing pressure relief to the hips and shoulders. Are you a stomach sleeper looking for a suitable mattress to support your sleep style? Find the top 10 mattresses for stomach sleepers below.

Top 10 list

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Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin XL $2499 $2199 12%
Full $2699 $2399 11%
Queen $2999 $2699 10%
King $3599 $3299 8%
Cal King $3599 $3299 8%
  • By: Purple
  • Rating: (4.54/5)
  • Highlights: Purple Hybrid Premier 3 mattress is an excellent option for stomach sleepers seeking a comfortable, supportive sleep surface. This mattress features a unique combination of three layers of foam and a Purple Grid, a patented comfort layer made with Hyper-Elastic Polymer . The top layer of foam, known as the Comfort Foam, provides a soft, plush feel, while the middle layer of Polyfoam adds support and gives the mattress a medium-firm feel. The bottom layer of high-density foam gives the mattress a solid foundation and long-lasting durability. It is suitable for stomach sleepers who crave even more of that dreamy floating effect. The mattress can instantly adapt to your body for support and comfort throughout the night. The high-density cushioning foam provides optimal comfort by helping the transition between layers. The thicker cushioning grid cradles the points like shoulders and hips. Stomach sleepers appreciate the extra support provided by the Purple Grid. The grid's flexible nature helps to keep the spine in a neutral position, allowing stomach sleepers to relax and get a good night's rest.
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Leesa Legend Mattress

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin XL $1899 $1599 16%
Full $2199 $1899 14%
Queen $2399 $1999 17%
Cal King $2699 $2199 19%
King $2699 $2199 19%
  • By: Leesa
  • Rating: (4.38/5)
  • Highlights: Leesa Legend Hybrid Mattress is a unique combination of pocket springs and memory foam that provide targeted support to the hips and shoulders. The mattress is a soft hybrid mattress providing zoned support. It offers pressure-relieving cushioning that stomach sleepers need. The mattress has more than 1750 pocket springs over two layers for deeply sustainable sleep. The dual spring comfort of the mattress helps to get rid of tossing, motion disturbances, and turning. Leesa Legend Hybrid Mattress is designed to keep the spine in proper alignment, which helps reduce back pain and improve overall posture. The mattress offers medium plush comfort, which is ideal for stomach sleepers providing the cushioning to keep the pressure off the hips and shoulders. Leesa Legend Hybrid Mattress features a unique edge support system. It helps to create a consistent sleeping surface and reduce motion transfer which is a major issue for stomach sleepers who share the bed.
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Avocado Green Mattress

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $1399 $1259 10%
Twin XL $1499 $1349 10%
Full $1699 $1529 10%
Queen $1999 $1799 10%
King $2599 $2339 10%
Cal King $2599 $2339 10%
  • By: Avocado Mattress
  • Rating: (4.38/5)
  • Highlights: Avocado Green mattress is a great option for stomach sleepers. The mattress is made up of organic latex that offers pressure relief points cushioning. The mattress's top layer is made of wool and organic cotton, adding bounce and gentle support. Along with latex, Avocado Green Mattress features 1414 individually tuned tempered steel coils making it more durable and supportive. As the most sustainable brand, the mattress features a quilted top panel to provide extra comfort and cushion. The individually-wrapped coils are designed to reduce motion transfer and provide targeted support for the hips and shoulders. It helps to reduce the amount of pressure on the stomach. Avocado Green Mattress possesses 3 inches of GOLS-certified latex rubber foam with 11 inches of thickness. In addition to the comfort, support, and cooling benefits, Avocado Green Mattress is eco-friendly. The materials used are all certified organic, meaning they are free from harmful chemicals, pollutants, and toxins. It makes the mattress an ideal choice for those who are looking for an environmentally friendly product.
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Avocado Mattress

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Layla Hybrid Mattress

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $1299 $1099 15%
Twin XL $1399 $1199 14%
Full $1599 $1399 13%
Queen $1699 $1499 12%
King $1899 $1699 11%
Cal King $1899 $1699 11%
  • By: Layla
  • Rating: (4.21/5)
  • Highlights: Layla Sleep offers the appropriate mattress for stomach sleepers in the form of Layla Hybrid Mattress. The copper-infused foam is designed to provide pressure relief and help reduce tossing and turning. The pocketed coils offer the necessary support for stomach sleepers. The mattress is designed to be breathable, which helps keep you cool while sleeping. Layla Hybrid Mattress is specially designed with stomach sleepers in mind. The mattress is constructed with two layers of copper-infused foam that provide pressure relief and contour to your body. The flappable firmness of the mattress, along with the individually wrapped coil system, gives excellent support to every activity. The copper-infused foam transfers the heat away from the body faster, thus providing a much cooler sleeping experience. The superior edge support of Layla Hybrid Mattress flexibly conforms to an adjustable base with ease. It thus prevents sinkage around the edges so that stomach sleepers can stay more comfortable.
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Nolah Evolution 15-firm

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $1499 $974 35%
Twin XL $1599 $1039 35%
Full $2299 $1494 35%
Queen $2499 $1624 35%
King $2699 $1754 35%
Cal King $2699 $1754 35%
  • By: Nolah Mattress
  • Rating: (4.17/5)
  • Highlights: Nolah Evolution 15-inch Queen Size mattress is one of the top-rated hybrid mattresses for stomach sleepers. It offers targeted support and comfort to the stomach, thereby enabling a comfortable and healthy sleep. The mattress features a unique combination of a Nolah AirFoam top layer and a high-density support layer. It provides a soft and luxurious sleeping surface with superior pressure point relief. The mattress features an advanced cooling system that keeps the mattress cool and comfortable even on hot nights. It reduces the risk of overheating and helps the stomach sleeper have a peaceful sleep. The mattress features Tri-Zone coils that target responsive pressure relief. The mattress is hypoallergenic, making it easier for stomach sleepers with allergies to sleep peacefully. The mattress has a lifetime warranty, making it a significant long-term investment for stomach sleepers. The springs provide extra support and prevent sinking in the mattress. The mattress provides the benefits of Organic Cotton and ArcticTex Cover, made of natural fiber that is more breathable than synthetic materials.
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Nolah Mattress

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Saatva Classic Mattress-firm-11.5

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $1095 $895 18%
Twin XL $1395 $1195 14%
Full $1895 $1595 16%
Queen $1995 $1695 15%
Cal King $2495 $2195 12%
King $2495 $2195 12%
  • By: Saatva
  • Rating: (4.17/5)
  • Highlights: Saatva Classic mattress is a luxury mattress that can be the ultimate comfort for stomach sleepers. It provides the right amount of firmness that helps to prevent pressure build-up around your spine and hip area and offers you adequate support. The Euro Top Cushion of the mattress provides good pressure relief. The mattress is the ultimate one in the provision of edge support and makes moving in and out of bed more effortless. Saatva Classic mattress is a combination of a supportive coil system with comfort layers of memory foam and high-density foam. The mattress possesses a medium-firm feel and is designed to minimize motion transfer, making it a great mattress for couples. The coils are wrapped individually and arranged in different zones to better support the body's curves. The mattress is luxurious, durable, supportive as well as breathable. The plush comfort layers support your stomach while sleeping, creating stable and firmer edge support.
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Ghostbed Classic Mattress

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $1295 $648 50%
Twin XL $1395 $698 50%
Full $1495 $748 50%
Queen $1695 $848 50%
King $2015 $1008 50%
Cal King $2025 $1013 50%
  • By: GhostBed
  • Rating: (4.08/5)
  • Highlights: Ghostbed Classic Mattress is an excellent choice for stomach sleepers. The mattress includes supportive memory foam, which helps to keep the body aligned. As a medium-firm rating mattress, Ghostbed Classic provides a lot of support to stomach sleepers. The mattress is beneficial for people who weigh up to 230 pounds. It can accommodate heavy-weight sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds. GhostBed Classic offers a lot of cooling opportunities. The gel-infused latex aid in reducing heat accumulation, while the additional breathability helps to encourage airflow. Its particular foam composition contains larger cells. This layer aids in the removal of heat from the body, allowing you to stay cool. A high-density foam core makes up the GhostBeds base. It is properly firm to keep your spine in good alignment without being too uncomfortable to sleep on. Hence, experience good sleep at an affordable price range with Ghostbed Classic Mattress.
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Puffy Lux Mattress-hybrid

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $2249 $899 60%
Twin XL $2399 $1049 56%
Full $2649 $1299 51%
Queen $2849 $1499 47%
Cal King $3049 $1699 44%
King $3049 $1699 44%
  • By: Puffy
  • Rating: (4.04/5)
  • Highlights: Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress is the top-selling mattress and is suitable for stomach sleepers. It offers the support of a Puffy Mattress with an additional layer of contouring foam and pocketed coil. The coils help to keep the spine aligned, while the foam layer helps to cushion the body and reduce the pressure points. Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress has excellent edge support. It is crucial for stomach sleepers, as they often find themselves slipping off the edge of the bed. With Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress, you get a secure edge that keeps you in place all night long. It is a medium-firm mattress that provides balanced support and comfort. It has an 8 base layer of individually wrapped coils and a 2 layer of cooling, contouring foam. The coils provide targeted support where needed and reduce motion transfer. The stomach sleepers can experience optimal pressure relief from 1.5 inches of Plush Dual Cloud Foam that cradles the natural curves of the body for absolute comfort.
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Chill Memory Foam Mattress

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $619 $399 36%
Twin XL $709 $459 35%
Full $819 $529 35%
Queen $1079 $699 35%
Cal King $1389 $899 35%
King $1389 $899 35%
  • By: cocoonbysealy
  • Rating: (3.71/5)
  • Highlights: Cocoon by Sealy chill memory foam mattress is a great match for stomach sleepers. It does not let the hips sink too far. It is supremely comfortable with high-quality material. The all-memory foam mattress is suitable for stomach sleepers who want conforming support, motion isolation, and a modern feel. Thus the sleepers can feel well supported in their sleeping position. The average-weight and heavier stomach sleepers can find the proper match in this mattress. It offers a good amount of hip support which prevents the body from getting out of alignment. Stomach sleepers who weigh closer to 300 lbs may find the mattress more supportive. The chill technology of the mattress is infused with Phase Change Material that helps dissipate heat. It allows the stomach sleepers to fall asleep even cooler. The stomach sleepers can enjoy the pressure-relieving comfort with this mattress, enjoying the right combination of premium coil and memory foam. Hence, cocoon by Sealy chill memory foam mattress with cushioning foam is ideal for stomach sleepers reducing motion transfer and preventing sinking.
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Bear Original Mattress

Today's Price

Size Original Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $786 $511 35%
Twin XL $849 $552 35%
Full $911 $593 35%
Queen $998 $649 35%
King $1304 $848 35%
Cal King $1304 $848 35%
  • By: Bear
  • Rating: (3.67/5)
  • Highlights: Casper Original Mattress is made from a combination of two layers of high-density foam, which provides the optimal amount of softness and support to accommodate stomach sleepers' needs. The mattress is 11 inches high and consists of three layers. The mattress's top layer is made from perforated breathable foam that keeps you cool and allows for increased airflow. The middle layer includes the Zoned Support System, which makes you feel firm around your waist and hips, and softer near the shoulders. This feature makes Casper Original mattress ideal for stomach sleepers, promoting ideal spinal alignment while sleeping. The mattress performs quite well in providing motion isolation and edge support, making it suitable for those who wish to share their bed. All the polyurethane foams of the mattress are CertiPUR-US certified. Casper original Mattress is infused with cooling graphite and gel latex, keeping stomach sleepers comfortable and cool all night.
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