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Trial, Return & Exchange

  • Why do mattress manufacture’s offer free trial period for online purchase of mattresses?
  • Whether you purchase a mattress in a store or online, you make a long-term decision that could impact your sleep health. While purchasing a mattress in a store after lying on a few mattresses, listening to sales pitches, and getting some great deals, you are ignoring how you and your partner's body will react to the mattress. Any new mattress has a break-in period (adjustment period), and your body needs time to adjust to a better feel. Lying on a mattress for a short time in a store setting does not provide insight. Buying a mattress online further compounds the fact that you never got to touch or feel the mattress before you purchase. That's why mattress manufacturers offer an extended trial period to try the mattress in a comfortable home setting without any pressure and then decide whether to retain or return.

  • What is the duration of Happsy’s risk-free trial period?
  • Happsy gives you a 120 night risk-free trial period. And if you decide to return the product, Happsy will coordinate the return of your Happsy product.

  • What is the minimum period you need to try Happsy mattress before initiating a return?
  • Happsy recommends breaking in your mattress for at least 30 nights to get an accurate feel for the Happsy sleep experience. After this 30 days trial period, if you think Happsy is not suitable for you, you can initiate a return for a full refund.

  • Do I need to keep any of the packaging or boxes?
  • Yes, Happsy recommends that you hold on to the shipping boxes until you're sure you're keeping your Happsy product(s). They may be helpful in the event of a return.

  • Do I need to make my own arrangements for shipping product back to Happsy?
  • Happsy will make all the necessary arrangements to pick up the Happsy product from your home at no cost to you.

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