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  • Q.1) Does Realbed offers warranty for mattresses?
  • RealBed offer 25-year full replacement coverage against spring breakage and a ten-year pro-rated warranty against other defects.

  • Q.2) Who this Mattress Warranty extends to?
  • This warranty applies only to the original purchaser from the original purchase date of the purchased product. An original purchaser buys the product directly from RealBed.

  • Q.3) What does Realbed’s warranty covers in terms of defects?
  • This warranty covers:

    • Any kind of body impression that exceeds more than 1.5-inch on an otherwise not worn out mattress RealBed will replace within ten years of delivery. The mattress must be clean, not torn and unstained
    • Any physical flaw in the mattress causes the cushioning material to degrade despite normal usage and proper handling.
  • Q.4) What defects are not covered under Realbed’s warranty?
  • This warranty does not cover:

    • Normal changes in the softness and recovery of the padding material, which do not affect the pressure-relieving qualities of the RealBed mattress.
    • Body impressions of up to 1.5-inches.
    • Cover fabrics, quilting, snags, or discoloration.
    • Comfort or firmness preference, bed height/weight, sheet fit.
    • Any physical abuse or damage caused to the structure and/or cover material. This includes but is not limited to burns, cuts, tears, or liquid damage.
    • Damage from using an improper bed frame, foundation, adjustable base, or slatted frame where the spaces between slats exceed 2-inches.
  • Q.5) What is the remedy if a defect is found?
  • RealBed will replace or return your RealBed Mattress free of charge if any legitimate defect is found.

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