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Trial, Return & Exchange (Questions: 9)

  • Q.1) Why do mattress manufacturers offer a free trial period for online purchases of mattresses?
  • Whether you purchase a mattress in a store or online, you are making a long-term decision that could impact your sleep health. When you buy a bed in a store after lying on a few mattresses, listening to sales pitches, and getting great deals, you ignore how you and your partner's body will react to the bed. Any new mattress has a break-in period (adjustment period), and your body needs time to adjust to a better feel. Lying on a mattress for a few minutes in a store does not provide such insight. Buying a mattress online further compounds the fact that you never got to touch or feel the bed before you made the purchase decision. That's why mattress manufacturers offer an extended trial period so that you can try the mattress in a comfortable home setting without any pressure and then make the call whether to retain or return.

  • Q.2) What is the duration of Simmons's risk-free trial period?
  • Simmons offers a 100-night risk-free trial period starting from the date of delivery.
  • Q.3) What is the minimum period you need to try Simmons mattress before initiating a return?
  • Generally, Simmons recommends a 14-day adjustment period for trying out a new mattress. If you are not satisfied, you can return the mattress after the 14 days expire but before 100 days from the delivery date for a full refund.

  • Q.4) How do I initiate the mattress return process?
  • If unsatisfied with your new Simmons mattress within the first 100 days, you can contact Simmons at for a full refund. Their team will coordinate the pickup of your bed. There is no return shipping fee or restocking fee associated with this trial.
  • Q.5) Do I need to keep any of the packaging or boxes?
  • There is no need to keep the box or packaging material for mattresses or larger items like mattresses.
  • Q.6) Do I need to make my own arrangements for shipping the product back to Simmons?
  • No, Simmons will handle the shipping arrangement at no cost to you. Simmons will work with a local charity or partner to pick up the mattress from home at a date and time that's convenient for you.
  • Q.7) What happens to return or exchanged products?
  • Simmons never resells the returned mattresses. Simmons will work with you to find a local donation center so they can avoid throwing away a perfectly good bed.
  • Q.8) When can I expect a return for my refund?
  • Simmons provides a full refund within a week of your pickup for larger items like mattresses or furniture. Funds can only be returned to the original form of payment.
  • Q.9) Can I exchange a Simmons mattress?
  • If you're still within your 100-Night Sleep Trial and purchased directly through, you can exchange for a new product.
    Contact Simmons using this Contact Us Form so that they can walk you through the exchange process. They Will place your new order over the phone, charge the difference in cost between the two items (or refund the difference accordingly), and walk you through the steps for the removal of the original product.
    Please remember that an exchange will void the sleep trial for the new product.

Shipping & Delivery (Questions: 7)

Warranty (Questions: 5)

  • Q.1) Does Simmons offer a warranty for mattresses?
  • Yes, Simmons offers a 10-year limited warranty on mattresses purchased directly from Simmons or Simmons's authorized retailers and located in the United States (not including US territories).

  • Q.2) Who this Mattress Warranty extends to?
  • The limited warranty is provided to the original purchaser and is not transferable. The warranty begins at the original date of purchase. Please retain your purchase receipt to verify the date of purchase.

  • Q.3) What does Simmons's warranty cover in terms of defects?
  • The limited warranty covers manufacturing defects in your Simmons mattress or foundation, including faults in materials and workmanship.

  • Q.4) What defects are not covered under Simmons's warranty?
  • Exclusions from the lifetime warranty include but are not limited to:

    ·       Mattress or foundation damaged by misuse or abuse
    ·       Mattresses used with an inadequate foundation and/or support system
    ·       Bed height & mattress weight preferences\Normal body impression(s) as indicated by the warranty code (see chart)
    ·       Regular changes in feel or recovery period associated with foam and latex materials over time.
    ·       Burns, cuts, or tears in the fabric
    ·       Firmness/comfort preference
    ·       Bent perimeter border rods in the mattress in innerspring models or grid wires in the foundation damaged by misuse, including, but not limited to, moving or bending the sleep set
    ·       Vermin infestations
    ·       Mattresses or foundations displaying staining or soiling that reasonably indicates the presence of potentially dangerous bodily fluids, blood-borne pathogens, or other substances that could cause injury or disease
    ·       Products used in a non-residential, commercial, or institutional setting
    ·       Bedding sold "as is" or "floor model/sample," or bedding purchased from second-hand parties or non-retail establishments
    ·       Any accessory products, including but not limited to adjustable or motion foundations (see owner's manual for details on warranty coverage), sleep tracking systems, or pillows
    ·       Corner guards on foundations
    ·       Sheet fit
  • Q.5) What is the remedy if a defect is found?
  • If your Simmons mattress or foundation fails due to a manufacturing defect, the exclusive remedy under this warranty will be replacing the defective product. If the Simmons product you purchased is discontinued at the time of replacement, a current model of comparable quality and value will be selected.

Payment & Financing (Questions: 5)