High Beds VS Low Beds: What’s The Ideal Bed Height

bed height

When it comes to good sleeping, considering the bed height is quite crucial. A right bed height not only makes it easier for you to get in and out of the bed, but also impacts the overall look of your bedroom.

A bed height is the complete height of the bed from the floor to the top of the mattress. It includes the height of the bed frame, box springs and the mattress.

True that every person has a different bed height preference. A bed that is too high for you might be just the perfect height for another person, and the same bed might be somewhat low for another person. Therefore, this blog helps you explore the different bed heights, and the various benefits and drawbacks of high beds and low beds.

How To Find The Perfect Bed Height?

For an adult person, the average knee height is somewhere between 16-inches and 24-inches. Therefore, the ideal bed height must be something similar, or at least close to it.

To find out the perfect height of a bed, sit on the side of the mattress. While sitting, your legs should be approximately at 90-degrees angel. It might be a little more or less, but must be somewhat closer.

What if the bed is too high?

If the bed is too high, you’ll find your feet dangling above the ground. This makes it difficult for people to get into the bed without a stool or some other sort of elevation. While this might not be an issue for young people, the case may be dangerous in case of older folks.

What if the bed is too low?

When the bed is too low, you might outstretch your legs in the front. But when you tuck your legs back, your knees will be above your hips, which might make some people uncomfortable. Also, it takes more effort to get out of low beds. Again, this might not be an issue for many, but people with mobility issues will find it difficult moving in and out of a low bed.

Thus, choosing the right bed height is solely a matter of personal preference and depends on the heights of individual persons. While a tall person prefers a higher bed, a short person will prefer a low bed for more convenience.

The Different Types Of Platforms And Beds

When it comes to shopping beds, you come across a plethora of platforms, beds, box springs and so on. Let’s take a look into the different types of beds, their heights and who they should suit the best.

Platform Beds

Platform beds are currently the most trending ones. They add a modern touch to your bedroom. With a mattress included, these beds rise up to 18-inches above the ground. This bed height should be perfect for an average sized person. However, some platform beds are only a few inches high, and might be too low for tall people. Most platform beds have slats at the bottom, so you don’t have to add a box spring which would typically add to the height of the bed.

Traditional Beds

These beds have a standard frame, and most often use box springs. The box spring is placed between the bed frame and the mattress. This typically raises the height of the entire bed up to about 25-inches above the ground. Such a height is comfortable for most people, and is up to the average knee length. Traditional beds are the most common and popular types, and these beds go well in more spacious rooms.

Antique Beds

These are the older style beds that raise up to 36-inches off the ground. Antique beds are quite high. This might make it difficult for short people or people with knee pains to get up on the bed. However, for taller folks, this bed height may be quite comfortable.


Futon is a sofa that can be turned into a bed. These are slightly higher than platform beds, and may be a good fit for petite people. However, if you have longer legs, you might feel a futon is too short as your legs may get crouched in order to get up. Futons are a good option for guest rooms, especially if you’re looking to save some space.

Does Bed Height Affect Your Sleep?

To be precise, the bed height is not supposed to affect a person’s sleep. Wrong height of a bed might make it difficult for you to get in and out of the bed. But that doesn’t have anything to do with your sleep. However, the kind of mattress does affect someone’s sleep as it is the one that offers you the comfort and support.

What Is The Right Bed Height For An Aged Person?

An elderly person might generally face issues while getting in and out of the bed. Therefore, a bed height that is approximately close to their knee length should be perfect. On an average, a bed that is 20-23 inches above the ground should be a good height for older people.

How To Raise The Height Of A Bed?

Using bed risers is the easiest way to increase the height of your bed. If you have a traditional bed, you can also use box springs as a method to raise your bed.