Purple VS Leesa: A Detailed Comparison


If you’re looking for a fantastic online mattress, you’ve probably reduced your options down to Purple and Leesa. These two brands were among the first to introduce the bed-in-a-box concept, and their mattresses are of exceptional quality.

Purple rose to prominence during the bed-in-a-box trend in the mid-2010s. The original Purple Mattress is a medium-firm mattress with a firmness rating of 6 out of 10. Purple made a name for itself with its ground-breaking Purple Grid. The comfort layer of each Purple mattress is made up of a hyper-elastic polymer grid. A top layer of buckling-column gel spread in an elastic polymer grid and a lower layer of high-density polyfoam make up the Purple’s comfort system. The conforming and pressure-relieving properties of the gel layer are comparable to those of most memory foam and latex beds, but the material is more resilient and less likely to develop indentations.

The Purple’s support core is made up of four inches of high-density polyfoam, which is thinner than other rival models’ foundation layers. It has a soft, breathable cover made of polyester, viscose, and Lycra spandex. It provides excellent pressure relief and bouncy support, making it ideal for combo sleepers. The Purple Mattress is 9.5 inches tall.

Leesa was launched in 2015 as a bed-in-a-box mattress. The Leesa Original has remained one of the most sought-after mattresses in an increasingly congested bed-in-a-box industry. The Leesa is a pleasant all-foam mattress with a number of high-quality materials. While its design has evolved significantly over the last few years, it remains a comfortable all-foam mattress with a number of high-quality materials. A unique four-stripe design is featured on the twill cover, which is comfortable, breathable, and elegant.

It has a medium-firmness (5-7) The Leesa Original mattress, which is made of responsive foam, is ideal for all sleepers and hot sleepers. The mattress has a reputation for being a suitable choice for folks who desire an all-foam mattress but are concerned about getting trapped or sleeping overheated. The Leesa also provides a wonderful blend of comfort and support. The memory foam moulds to your body and reduces pressure in the back, hips, and shoulders.

For various body shapes and sleeping positions, the foam base layer provides support and durability. Leesa Original stands at a height of 10 inches.

The Leesa is a more affordable option than the Purple mattress.

Which mattress is the best?

The Purple is ideal for

  • Heavier folks greater than 230 lbs
  • Hot sleepers, as the gel grid promotes airflow through the top of the mattress
  • Back, Stomach and combo sleepers

The Leesa is ideal for

  • Comfort, support and pressure relief
  • Light weight sleepers
  • Hot sleepers due to responsive foam
  • All sleep positions, back, side or stomach

Detailed Comparison of Constructions


The Purple mattress offers a lightweight, elastic, and breathable Soft Flex cover.

In Leesa the seamless gray, the twill fabric cover is soft and lovely.

Top Layer

The Purple’s top layer is a unique proprietary gel grid constructed of a hyper-elastic gel polymer that is hard, bouncy, and pressure-relieving all at the same time. A layer of soft and responsive comfort foam serves as a transition layer beneath that.

Leesa’s top comfort layer is made of breathable, responsive proprietary foam that sleeps cool and provides the hug and bounce you desire from a mattress.

Middle Layer

Underneath the grid in Purple is a foam transition layer.

The middle layer in Leesa is a memory foam recovery layer. It reduces pressure on your back, hips, and shoulders by providing pressure relief for a mattress that moulds your body.

Base Layer

In the support layer of the Purple, there is a layer of high-density base foam, which is firmer and more supportive.

In Leesa it is a supportive, foam base layer.For sleepers of all shapes and sizes, it delivers distinctive support and durability.

Price Range

Purple: $1,149 – $2,999

Leesa: $799-$1299


10 years for Purple

10years for Leesa

Trial Period

100 nights for Purple

100 nights for Leesa

Shipping and Return

Free for both

Overall, both mattresses have similarities and differences that may aid in getting a good night’s sleep and waking up feeling energetic. After a hard day at work, relax by choosing the option that best matches your requirements.