Why You Should Not Remove Your Mattress Tag

Mattress tags

For the mattresses sold in the US, the mattress tag has the following words written; “Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law.” It generates curiosity amongst the customers. So, what does this warning mean? Why it’s against the law to remove the mattress tag? Why such words in the tag?

This article will give an explanation for this tag on the mattress. Do keep reading.

“The purpose of the mattress tag is to assure consumers that they are purchasing a new, unused product and to let them know exactly what is inside.”

What Is The Need For Mattress Tags?

During the 1800s and early 1900s, government officials became concerned about the materials manufacturers were using to stuff mattresses. To cut costs, some manufacturers have “recycled” old bed materials, used them, and reupholstered them to make “new” mattresses. As a result, the new mattresses were full of bacteria and sometimes even contained stuffing infested with parasites or pests.

“The penalty varies from state to state.” “The tag mark is a consumer information and a control tool.”

Federal law requires that any mattress containing used fillings be labeled with this information, but it is up to each state to design its standardized label /tag and regulate the labeling of mattresses. Suppose state authorities find that mattresses are sold without the proper labels. In that case, the severity of the penalty can range from a notice to stop labeling or correct incorrect labels, a citation, and a fine of up to $1,000.

For Whom Is The Warning?

The warning applies to people who manufacture and sell mattresses, specifically, the last to handle the product before it reaches you, the shopper.

Current federal regulations state that it is illegal to:

“…removing or mutilating, or inducing or participating in the removal or mutilation, in advance, of any tissue fibrous product is sold and delivered to the ultimate consumer, all stamps, tags, labels or other identification required by this sub-chapter must be affixed to such textile fiber product and any person who breaches this section will be found guilty a method of unfair competition and an unfair or deceptive act or practice, as defined by the Federal Trade Commission.”


The tags found on most mattresses have baffled and amused consumers for decades, but there’s an excellent reason for their presence.

Specifically, the tags are for the consumer’s safety, and the warning is levied at the mattress seller. If you decide to remove the label from your mattress, there are no legal penalties for you.