Sleeping in Stardust: Celebrities Love Casper Mattresses – A Bedtime Byte by Kylie Jenner, Mario Lopez & More

Sleeping in Stardust

Hey sleepyheads!

Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrities manage to look so fresh-faced and radiant?

Well, a big part of it might be their beauty sleep– or, should I say, a confession!

And guess what? Many of them are hitting snooze on Casper mattresses.

From the Kardashian crew to Hollywood A-listers, Casper mattresses have become the go-to sleep haven for the glitterati.

And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to sleep like a star?

These top 10 celebrity bytes will spill the dreams as Kylie Jenner, Mario Lopez, and Ashton Kutcher commend about their sleep experiences.

1. Kylie Jenner’s Royal Seal of Approval

Kylie Jenner

We all know that to look as fabulous as the Kardashians, a good night’s sleep is non-negotiable. This queen bee knows her beauty sleep is essential. The youngest sister of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner, spilled the beans on her love affair with Casper mattresses.

In an Instagram post that aired in 2015, a then-17-year-old Kylie shared her excitement about her new Casper mattress literally broke the internet! Servers crashed, jaws dropped, and everyone wanted a piece of that Casper magic. Now that’s the power of beauty sleep, Casper-style!

2. Mario Lopez: A Nap Above the Rest 

When you’re Mario Lopez, life is a constant hustle. But even the busiest stars need their nap time. Mario, known for his energetic personality, wasn’t shy about his love for Casper. In a candid moment, he was caught ready to nap right on the Casper mattress box without waiting to unbox it. Talk about being on top of the sleep game! #mattresslove

3. Emmy Rossum’s Nighttime Elegance 

Emmy Rossum, an award-winning actress, swears by Casper’s pressure-relieving, eco-friendly goodness. Her excitement for her first night on a Casper mattress was contagious. The blend of CertiPUR-certified memory and latex foams creates a sleep surface that’s comfortable and promotes healthy bounce and ideal anatomic support. She even called it “9 hours of solid shut-eye,” proving Casper delivers on its promise. Now, that’s the kind of sleep we all deserve.

4. Kat Graham’s Catnaps in Style 

You know those days when you want to snuggle with your furry friend? Casper’s got your back (and paws!). Manufactured and hand-stitched in America, Casper mattresses are not just for humans. Stars like Kat Graham enjoy cozy catnaps with her pet on her Casper haven. Because let’s be honest, your fur babies deserve the best sleep too! #petslovecaspertoo

5. Scott Disick: Sleeping on Clouds with Casper

When Lord Disick speaks, you listen. Scott Disick declared his love for Casper mattresses, claiming he now “sleeps on clouds.” With comfort like that, who wouldn’t want to experience a heavenly night’s sleep?

6. Danny Green’s Slam Dunk for Sleep

Danny Green

National Basketball Association (NBA) champ Danny Green is not just conquering the courts; he’s conquering his sleep game too. His advice? Get yourself a Casper and have the best sleep of your life. In just 2-5 days, you could be sleeping as peacefully as Jeremy Lin. #ballin’onrest

7. Katy Perry: A Serenade to Casper

Pop sensation Katy Perry serenaded on her Instagram about Casper mattresses. She not only confessed to being a Casper fan but also revealed that her furry friend got a comfy Casper bed too. Looks like Casper is the go-to choice for both pop stars and their pets. Now that’s true #commitmenttosleep.

8. Ashton Kutcher: Investor Turned Sleep Enthusiast 

Ashton Kutcher

This Hollywood heartthrob was an early investor in Casper, believing in their mission to bring sleep to the masses. Beyond the glitz and glam, Ashton Kutcher publicly expressed his support for the brand. When an A-lister invests, you know it’s a sleep investment worth making.

9. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Stamp of Approval

While not a direct endorsement, Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand, Goop, included Casper mattresses in its recommendations for better sleep. Even the stars trust Casper to deliver in terms of sleep health.

10. Whitney Port’s Dream Collaboration

Television personality and fashion expert Whitney Port joined forces with Casper on a video series called “The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of.” In this collaboration, she delved into the realms of sleep and wellness, highlighting Casper as a key player in the dreamy experience.

So, there you have it – a star-studded roundup of celebrities who have embraced Casper mattresses into their bedtime routine.

Whether you’re a Kardashian craving glamorous snooze or an NBA champ aiming for a slam dunk in sleep quality, Casper has become the A-lister’s choice for the ultimate sleep.

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Now, here’s a chance for you to get in on the action! Who knows, maybe your favorite star is also catching those ZZZs on a Casper mattress!