Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress Review

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Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress


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Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

By Brand: Casper
4.46 out of 5.0
$2895 $2895

Product Description

  1. Can you give some background about Casper Wave Hybrid mattress collection?

The 13-inch-thick Wave Hybrid is a hybrid model having five separate layers. Four layers of proprietary foam, including a layer of natural latex foam, rest on pocketed, foam-wrapped flush core coils for extra bounce, breathability, and edge support.

Casper Wave Hybrid offers a Casper Wave Hybrid Snow variation which features an extra cooling package for sleepers who sleep hot during the night. Casper Wave Hybrid Snow variant includes an additional cooling gel layer and heat dissipation bands for extra cooling.


Material: Casper Wave Hybrid mattress has a complex build, which includes a top layer of perforated breathable Polyurethane foam, a layer of natural latex foam, and a layer of ergonomic zoned layer memory foam. Then it adds a fourth layer of contoured foam layers with gel pods. These layers then sit on a thick support layer of innerspring coils encased in foam.

  1. Describe briefly what sizes are available in Casper Wave Hybrid mattresses?

Casper Wave Hybrid is available in all regular sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King.

Pros & Cons

  1. Who would you recommend Casper Wave Hybrid mattress to?

Casper Wave Hybrid offers a lot for sleepers.

It is recommended for

  • Those who suffer from back pain and need targeted pressure relief
  • sleepers who want the combination of the bounce of spring mattresses and softness of the foam
  • Hot sleepers
  • Couples or those sharing a bed with a partner
  1. Who should avoid the Casper Wave Hybrid mattress collection?

The Casper Wave Hybrid mattresses are not recommended for sleepers who

  • Have a limited budget
  • Those who prefer a highly responsive feel


  1. How firm do you think Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress are?

Whether a mattress feels firm or soft is relatively subjective. All beds should support body weight, promote healthy spinal alignment, and ensure comfortable and restful sleeping. Whether a mattress is fluffy (what mattress companies call soft or plush) or less so (what companies call firm) is purely defined based on personal preferences. Compared to the industry standard for determining firmness, Casper Wave Hybrid is classified as a medium-to-medium firm. It makes it an excellent option for all sleepers, including those who weigh heavier than average. However, those who weigh well over 250 lbs. may find that this mattress is a little softer.

Casper Wave Hybrid offers a balance between softness, firmness, and responsiveness because of its unique construction with multiple layers of foam, latex foam, memory foam, and a base of innerspring coils. Latex foam has a somewhat similar contouring feeling as memory foam, but the foam pushes back more against your weight, giving a greater sense of buoyancy. Casper Wave includes a latex foam layer which provides an outstanding balance to sleepers. Even having a memory foam layer, the feeling is more of lying on top of the bed sensation versus sinking deeply in the mattress. However, the foam materials are supple to the touch and provide excellent relaxation at the shoulders and hips. It elevates the sleeper up and out of the structure. It creates more of an “on top” of the bed feel, which could work great for back and combination sleepers.

One of the unique features of Casper Wave Hybrid is that the middle memory foam layer, rather than having uniform firmness across the entire layer, is split into separate zones for support. Zoned Support™ is a proprietary design feature from Casper that provides different firmness across the layer- firmer below the hips, waist, and lower back while being softer under the shoulders and leg area to help support proper spine alignment. The Zoned Support™ layer of memory foam is further accentuated by the underneath layer of foam, which features cup-like impressions with strategically placed gel pod insertions, providing pressure reliefs for the waist and lower back regions of sleepers. This combo is adorable for any sleeper suffering from lower back or shoulder pain. It helps keep the spine’s alignment in a healthy alignment without creating stiffness in the shoulder area.

Material & Construction

      1. Can you walk us through some of the unique technology, design and materials used in construction of Casper Wave Hybrid? Why it is so important?

This Casper Wave Hybrid mattress consists of 5 layers enclosed in a durable and environmentally friendly mattress cover. The Wave Hybrid’s cover features natural moisture-wicking characteristics, which can help sleepers keep cool. Unlike previous Casper models, the Wave Hybrid’s exterior cannot be unzipped and removed for cleaning.

The comfort system consists of three distinct layers.

Layer 1: The upper layer is made of perforated breathable foam Casper’s Airscape™ foam using proprietary technology, which increases airflow and helps to cool. Since foam retains heat, the perforations in the foam allow the heat to dissipate. It also has a plush, fluffy soft feel. It has also been coated with a thin layer of cooling gel material that helps regulate body temperature by absorbing excess heat. It is crucial for those who tend to sleep hot or live in warmer climates.

Layer 2: The second layer of natural latex, which is also perforated, adds pressure relief and bounciness characteristics; a latex mattress is made of 100% natural latex derived from the sap of a rubber tree. It’s hypoallergenic and commonly designed for pressure relief to suit all types of sleepers. Latex foam has a somewhat similar contouring feeling as memory foam, but the foam pushes back more against your weight, giving a greater sense of buoyancy.

Layer 3: Beneath the two layers of breathable perforated foam layers is a layer of memory foam. One of the unique features of Casper Wave Hybrid is that the middle memory foam layer, rather than having uniform firmness across the entire layer, is split into separate zones for support. Zoned Support™ is a proprietary design feature from Casper which provides different firmness across the layer- firmer under the hips, waist, and lower back while being softer under the shoulders and leg area to help support proper spine alignment. ionThis combo is especially nice for any sleepers suffering from lower back or shoulder pain. It will help keep the spine’s alignment in a healthy alignment without creating stiffness in the shoulder area.

Layer 4 consists of polyurethane foam Zoned Support Max™ that contains gel pods under the waist and lower back. These give additional pressure relief while also providing a cooling effect.

Layer 5: The bottom layer is a pocketed coil system that adds ‘lift, support, and airflow’ with a firmer border for enhanced edge support. The 7-inch base support foam is where the pocket coils are located. A layer of a denser poly foam surrounds it, which creates a durable base that keeps all layers intact and together. Resilient springs provide your ideal mattress with a bit of extra lift, support, and ventilation.


Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress
Materials & Construction (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.75/5)
Repositioning (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.50/5)
Comfort (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.50/5)
Cooling (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.50/5)
Motion Isolation (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.00/5)
Edge Support (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.50/5)
Overall Rating 4.46/5
Rating Scale: 1 = Average, 2 = Good, 3 = Very Good, 4 = Excellent, 5 = Winner



Q1. How would you rate Casper Wave Hybrid from a repositioning & responsiveness perspective? 

Repositioning means that sleepers can change position quickly. Memory foam mattresses and softer foam mattresses make it harder for sleepers to shift positions with the sinking-in feature. With top layers being soft foam, followed by a latex foam and then memory foam, it realizes the benefit of body contouring but retains the responsiveness of latex foam. The base layer with pocket coil layers adds bounciness and responsiveness. Still, the overall feeling is of a snug, comfortable embrace by the mattress, neither sinking in nor floating on the top feel. Sleepers will not have difficulty rolling over or switching positions. Casper Nova Hybrid is better than a standard memory foam mattress as far as responsiveness is concerned but is not as good as a pure innerspring mattress.

Comfort, Back Support, Pressure Relief


Q2: Does Casper Wave Hybrid provide superior comfort, back support and pressure relief?

Evaluating whether a mattress provides good back support or spinal alignment and pressure relief are extremely important in choosing a mattress. The basics of good back support are maintaining proper spinal alignment while you sleep. The bed should hold your spine in roughly the same position when you’re standing. When a mattress presses back against your body with too much force in a concentrated area, the result can be localized pain, soreness, loss of circulation, excessive tossing, and other problems. In general, such “pressure points” are the most significant concern for side sleepers since that’s the position in which your body’s weight is spread over the smallest surface area. It is less of a problem for back sleepers as the bodyweight is spread over a wider surface area, creating fewer pressure points. Pressure relaxation refers to a bed’s ability to alleviate tension at the pressure points concentrated in the body’s shoulders, hips, and lower back region. Unfortunately, no mattress delivers both things equally well for all sleepers. Spinal alignment and pressure relaxation capabilities will vary across sleepers with different weights, body shapes, and sleep positions.

Generally, foam mattresses, particularly memory foam mattresses, tend to cradle the sleeper’s body, redistributing body weight. It can help relieve aches and soreness in the mattress areas that exert the most force. Casper Nova Hybrids does a tremendous job for pressure relief, specifically for sleepers who sleep sideways.

The top layer is made of perforated breathable foam that is soft and comforting. Still, it doesn’t wrap around the body, and there are small aerations along the material’s surface that allow for heat escape, enabling comfortable sleeping. An additional layer of perforated latex foam further enhances the cooling effect. The latex foam layer also provides body contouring but not all the way sinking into the mattress. In addition, the memory foam layer provides separate zones for support. Zoned Support™ means that the middle memory foam layer has been divided into different zones, all of which feature slightly different firmness- firmer under the hips, waist, and lower back while being softer under the shoulders to help support proper support spine alignment. This combo is especially lovely for sleepers suffering from lower back or shoulder pain. Underneath the memory foam layer is a layer of polyurethane foam Zoned Support Max™ that contains gel pods below the waist and lower back. These give additional pressure relief while also providing a cooling effect. Casper has built little ‘cups’ like impressions in this layer of foam, the insertion of gel pods into calculated placed pods which act together creating the “wave” of support and pressure relaxation that Casper intends, with the firmer gel pods helps to support heavier segment of the body while the carved cups are holding up the lighter part of the body.

Cooling & Temperature Control


Q3: How would you rate cooling and overall temperature control characteristics of Casper Wave Hybrid Mattresses?

Heat retention is common in Memory foam mattresses. The sleepers sink into the memory foam layer, creating a snug feeling and traps heat. However, the memory foam layer is not on the Casper Wave Hybrid mattress. Plus, Casper uses proprietary technology, AirScape™, which provides a layer of perforated, breathable foam as the mattress’s top layer that increases airflow and circulates air to dissipate heat. The largest source of airflow comes from the support coil. As with other hybrids, the bed is significantly cooler than foam models.

Advanced cooling is available with the Wave Hybrid Snow. The features include:

  • Heat Delete Band: Thermal Layer to remove heat for a more extended period; Casper has experimented with Graphite Bands, which carries heat away from the mattress.
  • QuickCool Cover: Gives an incredible sensation as one slips into the bed
  • Cooling gel on a top of breathable, perforated foam helps sleepers to enjoy an extended, relaxed sleep

Motion Isolation and Sharing a Bed


Q4: Does Casper Wave Hybrid Mattresses provide reasonable motion isolation when sharing bed with others?

This category rates how well a mattress can prevent other sleepers in a bed from feeling when their sleep partner rolls over, shifts, or changes positions. The wave Hybrid with individual pocketed coils but with multiple layers of foam is likely to have efficient motion isolation functionality.

Wave Hybrid insulates movement to a greater extent than many hybrid mattresses. Wave Hybrid’s strong motion insulation can reduce disturbances overnight due to a partner moving across or moving in and out of bed at night.

The multi-layer comfort system absorbs a significant amount of movement. The Wave Hybrid is nominal responsive than the average hybrid due to its comfort layer materials and thickness. It allows the mattress to absorb and isolate more motion transfer for couples.

The Zoned memory foam together with polyfoam layers further reduces the amount of movement that reaches the core of the coil. Because springs bounce more than most foams, spiral layers sometimes transmit motion. However, Wave Hybrid uses coils with pockets encased in foam, which move separately from each other to limit movement transmission. In addition, the thick foam layers reduce the movement that reaches the core and vibrations that can come from the core.

Edge Support


Q5: How would you rate edge support of Casper Wave Hybrid Mattresses?

Edge support is an essential consideration for couples, as deficient performance limits both sleeping and sex to closer to the center of the bed, rather than its perimeter. Getting in and out of bed may also disturb your partner since the bed may bend when sitting on the edge. It is a common fact with all-foam mattresses. However, the Wave hybrid with pocketed coils and latex foam provides hardier edge support than all-foam mattresses. Even with the softer foam in the upper comfort layer, Wave Hybrid’s base support foam works well to keep the edges secure so that there is no risk of slipping off if you sleep on the edge of the mattress. The thicker comfort layers may allow some sinking before an individual gets to the edge reinforcement. However, this does not restrict the mattress’s usable area, and most individuals are likely to feel safe when sitting or sleeping near the edge. The bed has support foam wrapped around the outside of the spool layer to reinforce the circumference. A more robust border gives edge support, making it easier to get in and out of bed.

Recommendation based on sleeping style

      1. Who would you recommend Casper Wave Hybrid mattress based on individual sleeping style?

Young or old, nobody is immune to back pain, whether chronic or temporary. It is essential to pay attention to where you put your head (and back).

The Wave Hybrid mattress is one of Casper’s newest and most high-tech additions to their mattress series. Wave Hybrid is specially made to help with the adjustment of the spine and combines memory foam, latex foam, and pocket coils to create a bed that is responsive, supportive, and cuddly at the same time.

    • Side Sleepers:Wave Hybrids’ closely adapted comfort system acts in combination with the targeted support of its zoned layers. It can relieve sharp pressure points from side sleep while encouraging good spine alignment.
      Since the hips and shoulders tend to be the most comprehensive parts of the body, side sleepers often experience pressure points around these body parts. The Wave Hybrid’s three-layer comfort system evenly distributes body weight, relieving these pressure points. Foam layer zones with 86 gel pods strategically placed under the waist and lower back help prevent sinking and keep the spine aligned.
      The Wave Hybrid’s medium feel will likely provide a strong balance between pressure relaxation and support for side sleepers weighing less than 230 lbs. Heavy-weight sleepers tend to invest in firm mattresses with advanced support. When sleeping on the sides of the Wave Hybrid, individuals in this weight group may experience more pressure buildup. It may cause a dipping around the hips.
    • Back Sleepers: Wave Hybrid provides the best support for back sleepers with average weight. However, it is less supportive for individuals who weigh more. Back sleepers also require minor pressure relief, as the position causes fewer pressure points than other sleep styles. Wave Hybrid with superior all zone memory foam layer provides excellent body contouring and responsiveness—all help provide an extremely satisfying sleep experience.
    • Stomach sleepers: Firmness and support are crucial for “stomach sleepers” not to cause back or hip aches and pain. The continuous pressure-relieving memory foam layer with the 3 top breathable layers and encased pocket coils provides superior alignment between hips and shoulders and allows cooling. It could be significant for stomach sleepers.
      Wave Hybrid’s other zoned layers use gel capsules to reinforce the center of the mattress, reducing how far a midwife’s midline can sink. Although this targeted support may make Wave Hybrid better suited for stomach sleepers than some hybrid mattresses, the medium feel and thick comfort layers can disadvantage some folks.
      The central part of the body can sink in a lot before it reaches the zoned layer. In addition, the average sensation is softer than ideal for many stomach sleepers, significantly heavier ones. Sleepers weighing below 130 pounds are likely to find Wave Hybrid solid and sturdy enough.
    • Combination Sleepers: Casper Wave Hybrid makes it easy to change postures during the night—at no point does the sleeper gets a stuck feeling. It ensures more restful sleep without compromising the sleeping style. Wave Hybrid is well suited to the person tossing and frequently turning at night.
    • Heavy sleepers: Heavy individuals apply a lot of force and pressure on the bed. The Wave Hybrid with pocketed coil springs, three layers of breathable foam, and one layer of all surface pressure-relieving memory foam is excellent in absorbing the weight and providing comfortable sleep all night.


SizeDimensionsWeightPriceSale PriceDiscount
Twin38 W x 75 L x 13 H70 lbs$1795$1435 20%
Twin XL38 W x 80 L x 13 H76 lbs$2395$2395 0%
Full53 W x 75 L x 13 H100 lbs$2745$2745 0%
Queen60 W x 80 L x 13 H111 lbs$2895$2895 0%
Cal King72 W x 84 L x 13 H143 lbs$3495$3495 0%
King76 W x 80 L x 13 H145 lbs$3495$3495 0%
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