PlushBeds Cooling Gel – The Cool Bliss Mattress Review

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PlushBeds Cooling Gel Mattress - The Cool Bliss Mattress


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PlushBeds Cooling Gel Mattress - The Cool Bliss Mattress

By Brand: PlushBeds
4.25 out of 5.0
$3153 $1903

Product Description

Experience comfort and cooling with PlushBeds’ meticulously handcrafted 12-inch Cool Bliss® Luxury Cooling Gel Mattress. The mattress is made in the USA. It features five indulgent comfort layers. All these layers are synergistically combined to provide sleepers with cooling comfort and a profoundly rejuvenating sleep experience.

Rest assured, PlushBeds Cool Bliss® Luxury Cooling Gel Mattress holds esteemed certifications, including GOLS, GOTS, CertiPUR-US®, and GREENGUARD Gold, assuring its quality and safety.

Prepare to wake up feeling refreshed and energized as you enjoy the benefits of an award-winning cooling gel mattress.

Q1. What is unique about Cool Bliss mattresses? Does it provide superior cooling, comfort, back support, and pressure relief?

Cool Bliss from PlushBeds is a 12-inch memory foam mattress that is designed to provide cooling, comfort, back support, and pressure relief. It is made with a variety of materials, including:

  • Gel-infused memory foam: The mattresses’ top layer is made with gel-infused memory foam, which dissipates heat and moisture. This makes the mattress feel cooler to the touch and helps to prevent you from overheating during the night.
  • PlushFoam: The core of the mattress is made with PlushFoam, which is a high-density foam that provides support and pressure relief. This foam is designed to conform to your body shape and provide targeted support for your shoulders, hips, and back.
  • Natural latex: The bottom layer of the mattress is made with natural latex. It is a bouncy and responsive material that helps to provide a comfortable sleeping surface.

PlushBeds Cool Bliss mattress has been designed to provide several benefits, including:

  • Cooling: The gel-infused memory foam helps to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.
  • Comfort: Polyurethane and natural latex layers provide a plush and supportive sleeping surface.
  • Back support: High-density polyurethane 5” supportive core provides targeted support for your back, helping to reduce pain and improve your sleep quality.
  • Pressure relief: The gel-infused memory foam and supportive layers help to relieve pressure points, providing a comfortable and restful sleep.

Cool Bliss mattress is a well-designed mattress that offers several benefits for people who sleep hot, have back pain, or need pressure relief. Cool Bliss® is a good option for people who want a cool, comfortable, and supportive mattress.

Q2. How firm is Cool Bliss mattress?

Cool Bliss is a medium-firm mattress. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest, this mattress is rated as 6. Even though this mattress is on the plusher side, it still falls within the range to appeal to the vast majority of sleepers.

Q3. How thick is Cool Bliss Mattress?

Cool Bliss is a cooling gel memory foam mattress with a 12-inch thick profile and a multiple-layer cooling comfort system. It is paired with an orthopedic foundation made from chemical-free spruce cool. Its luxurious cooling cover is engineered with specialized cooling yarn that wicks away heat and keeps you cool, comfortable, and dry throughout the night.

Q4. Is Cool Bliss Mattress Safe?

PlushBeds takes pride in being the pioneers of the world’s first memory foam mattress that is GreenGuard Gold certified. Their mission is to provide sleepers with a truly tranquil and healthy sleep environment where users can breathe freely.

With their mattress, you won’t encounter any unpleasant odors or irritants. You can immediately indulge in a rejuvenating night’s sleep without the hassle of waiting for days to “air out” your mattress.

All PlushBeds mattresses are meticulously handcrafted in California. They uphold the top standards by using certified materials and manufacturing them in their certified organic factory. Rest assured that your mattress is not only luxurious but also environmentally conscious.

PlushBeds produces all-natural mattresses suitable for people with respiratory problems. Their hypoallergenic mattresses are manufactured using certified organic and natural materials.

Q5. What sizes are available for Cool Bliss mattresses?

Cool Bliss Mattress comes in eight standard sizes – Full, Twin, Twin XL, King, Queen, Cal King, Split King, and Split Queen.

Q6. Briefly discuss PlushBeds policy on shipping, delivery, risk-free trial, and warranty.

PlushBeds Mattress has a customer-centric approach when it comes to shipping, delivery, risk-free trials, and warranty. It offers a customer-friendly policy in these three areas.

  • Shipping and Delivery: PlushBeds offers free shipping on all orders of Cool Bliss mattresses. The mattress will be delivered to your door in a compressed box. You will need to unbox the mattress and let it expand for 24-48 hours before using it.
    Shipping time for Cool Bliss cooling gel mattresses varies depending on your location. However, most mattresses are shipped within 1-2 weeks of your order.
  • Risk-Free Trial: PlushBeds offers a 100-night risk-free trial on Cool Bliss mattress. This means that you can try the mattress for 100 nights and return it for a full refund if you are not satisfied.
  • Warranty: Experience comfort that lasts for decades, backed by PlushBeds’ industry-leading 25-year warranty. Their commitment to using only the finest high-performance natural materials ensures that the brand’s mattresses outlast two or three conventional mattresses, providing you with long-term savings.

Rest assured, you can enjoy great comfort and value for years to come.

Pros & Cons

Q1. Who would you recommend Cool Bliss mattress to?

Cool Bliss is a medium-firm memory foam mattress. It is recommended for sleepers, who

  • Struggle with insomnia, the cool sensation of this mattress will aid in improving your sleep quality.
  • Are side sleepers, mattress’s plush layer provides cushioning for your shoulders and hips, while the latex support gives you a floating sensation, ensuring the desired comfort.
  • For those with poor posture, Cool Bliss’ Gel top layer works in harmony with the memory foam to align your spine, relieving pain upon waking.
  • Share their bed with someone. This mattress is designed with reduced motion transfer, allowing you to move and get out of bed without disturbing your partner’s sleep.
  • Suffer from back problems, Cool Bliss mattress requires minimal maintenance and rotation, reducing strain on your back.

Q2. Who should avoid Cool Bliss mattress?

Cool Bliss mattresses are not recommended for sleepers who

  • Are stomach sleepers – super soft mattresses are not great for a stomach sleeper since the foam will conform too closely.
  • Are looking for a firmer mattress.
  • Do not prefer a latex bed.
  • Are heavy sleepers


PlushBeds Cool Bliss mattress is a medium-firm mattress. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest, Cool Bliss mattress is rated as 6. This means that it is firm enough to provide support but still soft enough to be comfortable.

The firmness of Cool Bliss mattress varies depending on your individual body weight and sleeping position. For example, heavier people will likely find the mattress to be firmer than lighter people.

Additionally, people who sleep on their side may find the mattress to be softer than people who sleep on their back or stomach.

Cool Bliss cooling gel mattress is a suitable choice for people who are looking for a medium-firm mattress that provides both comfort and support.

It is recommended for all types of sleepers, including those who weigh heavier than average. However, individuals weighing well over 250 lbs. may perceive this mattress as leaning towards the softer side.

To enhance comfort and cooling, Cool Bliss mattress uses the brand’s patented gel memory foam, which increases airflow and dissipates heat three times faster than typical gel memory foam. Moreover, it features a layer of 100% natural latex foam, which adds buoyancy to the mattress.

This mattress is thoughtfully designed to cater to a wide range of sleep needs, offering both support and comfort for a rejuvenating sleep experience.

Material & Construction

Q1. What are the unique technology, design, and materials used in the construction of Cool Bliss Mattress?

Cool Bliss cooling gel mattress has a 12-inch thick profile. Crafted with care, this gel memory foam model consists of five plush comfort layers that work harmoniously to support you with restful sleep. These layers include an airy organic cotton stretchable cover, a supportive 5″ high-density memory foam core, a 2″ airflow layer, 2″ of natural latex, and 3″ of cool gel memory foam.

PlushBeds introduces innovative next-generation cooling memory foam combined with airy and breathable latex, effectively addressing common concerns associated with traditional memory foam.

PlushBeds proudly emphasizes that their Cool Bliss Luxury Memory Foam Mattress is free from all types of toxic chemicals.

This combination of materials aims to achieve a balanced and medium-firm feel.

  • Cover — Cooling Cover: The “cooling cover” is a stretchy fabric designed to provide high-end cooling properties that keep you cool, comfortable, and dry throughout the night. Indulge in a restful and refreshing sleep experience as the innovative cooling technology of the cover actively regulates temperature, ensuring required comfort all night long.
  • Comfort Layer — 3″ COOL BLISS GEL MEMORY FOAM: The mattress features a patented gel technology that effectively dissipates body heat at a faster rate than foam used by competitors.
    This innovative design ensures a cooler sleeping environment throughout the night. Additionally, the mattress is highly breathable, allowing for optimal airflow and ventilation. The combination of heat dissipation and breathability results in great pressure relief, providing you with a comfortable and supportive sleep experience.
  • Transition Layer — 2″ NATURAL LATEX: Followed by Cool Bliss gel memory foam, the mattress features responsive organic latex foam. It effortlessly molds to your body’s contours, providing unbeatable comfort.
    Cool Bliss mattress contains no toxins or carcinogenic adhesives, prioritizing your health and well-being. Enjoy the natural and pure comfort of PlushBeds mattress, manufactured with your comfort and safety in mind.
  • Transition Layer — 2″ AIR FLOW LAYER: This transitional layer is designed with built-in internal ventilation, specifically engineered to effectively channel heat away from your body. The innovative feature of the mattress maximizes airflow, ensuring necessary circulation throughout the entire mattress.
    Experience the benefits of improved temperature regulation as the ventilation system keeps you cool and comfortable throughout your sleep, allowing you to wake up refreshed and revitalized.
  • Core Support — 5″ SUPPORTIVE CORE: It features a high-density polyurethane foam base. This layer prevents sagging and evenly distributes support, increasing your mattress’s life.
  • Foundation Options — At the very bottom rests the foundation support. It is separate from the mattress. This can be either an orthopedic foundation made from chemical-free spruce wood or a premium adjustable foundation. It is for the buyers to decide which foundation to use for their mattresses.


PlushBeds Cooling Gel Mattress - The Cool Bliss Mattress
Materials & Construction (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.50/5)
Repositioning (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.25/5)
Comfort (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.50/5)
Cooling (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.25/5)
Motion Isolation (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.00/5)
Edge Support (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.00/5)
Overall Rating 4.25/5
Rating Scale: 1 = Average, 2 = Good, 3 = Very Good, 4 = Excellent, 5 = Winner



Q1. How would you rate Cool Bliss Mattress from a repositioning & responsiveness perspective?

Repositioning refers to how easy or difficult it is to change positions on a mattress. A mattress with good repositioning allows you to move and adjust your body without feeling stuck or restricted. Responsiveness, on the other hand, refers to how quickly a mattress adapts to changes in pressure and movement.

Repositioning: Cool Bliss mattress offers ease of repositioning, allowing sleepers to quickly change positions throughout the night. Unlike traditional memory foam and softer foam mattresses Cool Bliss mattress strikes a balance by incorporating a top medium firm memory foam layer, high-density support foam layers, and a transitional latex layer.

Responsiveness: The aforementioned layers provide the necessary responsiveness for easy adjustment, ensuring sleepers can effortlessly roll over or switch positions. While the overall feel of the mattress is like a snug and comfortable embrace, it doesn’t compromise mobility.

It’s important to note that while Cool Bliss mattress outperforms standard memory foam mattresses in terms of responsiveness, it may not match the responsiveness of a pure innerspring mattress.

Comfort, Back Support, Pressure Relief


Q2. How would you rate Cool Bliss Mattress for providing comfort and pressure relief to sleepers?

Cool Bliss offers all the benefits of traditional memory foam without the drawbacks of feeling trapped or sleeping hot. The carefully designed memory foam layers allow you to sink into the mattress to just the right degree, providing a comfortable cradle for your pressure points. The support core and latex layers work in harmony to offer gentle support, ensuring you never feel stuck inside the bed.

The cover and gel-infused memory foam layers excel at regulating temperature, creating a cool and comfortable sleep environment. Say goodbye to restless nights caused by overheating. With Cool Bliss mattress, you can enjoy a more relaxed and refreshing sleep experience.

By combining the pressure-relieving advantages of premium memory foam with the supportive properties of natural latex, Cool Bliss mattress delivers the ultimate floating sensation and helps reduce back pain.

Cooling & Temperature Control


Q3. How would you rate the cooling and overall temperature control characteristics of Cool Bliss Mattress?


  • PlushBeds’ patent-pending memory foam is meticulously designed for cooling comfort and support. Through rigorous laboratory testing, the brand’s memory foam has demonstrated vastly improved properties when compared to common foams with low airflow.
  • Enjoy the benefits of enhanced breathability and optimal temperature regulation, ensuring a cooler and more comfortable sleep environment. PlushBeds’ advanced memory foam technology is engineered to provide you with a comfortable sleep experience, prioritizing both comfort and support.


  • Experience enhanced temperature regulation with this specially designed mattress that keeps you cool and dry throughout the night. The multiple layers of the mattress work in harmony to create this cooling effect while delivering incredible support and comfort.
  • The 2-inch airflow layer is equipped with built-in ventilation, effectively diverting heat away from your body and promoting airflow throughout the mattress. Additionally, the 3-inch gel memory foam layer eliminates body heat faster than competing mattresses, resulting in a highly breathable sleep surface.
  • PlushBeds proudly claims that Cool Bliss Gel layer offers a remarkable 30 percent reduction in heat transfer, ensuring a refreshing and comfortable sleep environment.

Motion Isolation and Sharing a Bed


Q4. Does Cool Bliss Mattresses provide reasonable motion isolation when sharing a bed with others?

The PlushBeds Cool Bliss mattress is good in isolating motion, ensuring a peaceful sleep experience. While the mattress provides a responsive bounce, allowing for easy movement, its dense foam layers effectively absorb motion, minimizing any transfer to adjacent areas.

Edge Support


Q5. How would you rate the edge support of Cool Bliss Mattresses?

Cool Bliss mattress features a 5-inch supportive core layer made of polyurethane, a high-density material. PlushBeds asserts that their mattress utilizes denser polyurethane than the average mattress, effectively preventing sagging. This density also ensures an even distribution of body support, contributing to a longer mattress lifespan with minimal wear and tear.

While the mattress offers great support when lying in the middle, it may tend to slide off slightly when sleeping on the edge. This occurrence is commonly observed with memory foam mattresses in general and does not significantly impact the overall mattress quality. The mattress still offers appropriate support and maintains a dry, cool sleeping environment, fulfilling its intended purpose effectively.

Recommendation based on sleeping style

Plushbeds Cool Bliss mattress is a good choice for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. However, it may be a better fit for some sleep positions than others.

Side Sleepers:

  • Cool Bliss mattress is a good choice for side sleepers because it provides good pressure relief for the shoulders and hips. The top layer of memory foam conforms to the body, while the latex layers below provide support. This helps to prevent pressure buildup and pain in the shoulders and hips, which are common problems for side sleepers.

Some additional details about how Cool Bliss mattress can help side sleepers:

  • The memory foam layer contours to the body, which helps to distribute weight evenly and prevent pressure points.
  • The latex layers below provide support, which helps to keep the spine in alignment.
  • The cooling gel layer helps to keep the sleeper cool and comfortable, which is important for side sleepers who tend to get hot at night.

This mattress is a good choice for side sleepers who are looking for a comfortable and supportive mattress that will help to prevent pain.

Back Sleepers:

  • In addition to being suitable for side sleepers, Cool Bliss mattress is also a favorable option for back sleepers. Its medium-firm feel offers adequate support for the spine. The memory foam layer adapts to the body’s contours, while the underlying latex layers contribute to extra support.

This combination helps maintain proper alignment of the spine, which can contribute to improved sleep quality for back sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers:

  • Cool Bliss mattress may not be the best choice for stomach sleepers. The memory foam layer can be too soft for stomach sleepers, which can cause the hips to sink too far into the mattress. If you are a stomach sleeper, you may be better off with a firmer mattress.

Hope our detailed mattress review on Cool Bliss mattress has answered all your queries. Claim the best deals on The PlushBeds Cool Bliss mattress now!


Size Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $2790 $1540 45%
Twin XL $2851 $1601 44%
Full $3093 $1843 40%
Queen $3153 $1903 40%
King $3456 $2206 36%
Cal King $3456 $2206 36%
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