iSense vs. Sleep Number: Which Mattress is More Suitable for Me?

iSense vs sleep Number

Are you planning to buy a new mattress but puzzled about which to choose? How does iSense stand out in comparison to Sleep Number?

Unlock clarity and navigate the World of Mattresses with Smart Mattress Buy. Dive into our comprehensive mattress review of iSense and Sleep Number – industry favorites for years. Tailor your sleep with adjustable bed frames and airbeds offering personalized comfort. Each mattress caters to specific sleep styles and provides a variety of unique features.

But first, a quick intro to both!

What Are the Features of iSense Mattress?

The iSense mattress redefines sleep innovation. Boasting an ingenious design, it centers on an adaptive air bladder system, finely tuned to contour around the mid-spine region. Do you need a firm or soft mattress for lower back pain? Then, this mattress is ideal for you. Tailoring sleep experiences, it offers personalized firmness choices, leaning slightly towards the firmer spectrum.

Notably, its standout feature lies in the ability to alleviate back pain through precise adjustments along the spine. Crafted for optimal comfort, the iSense beds incorporate an airy comfort layer that effectively regulates temperature, promising a cool and undisturbed sleep. Beyond mere comfort, this mattress’s hybrid design caters to a specific need and tailored firmness at the middle and lower end of the spine.

Embark on a transformative sleep journey with iSense mattresses, where innovation meets individualized relief for a truly refreshing slumber.

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What Are the Features of Sleep Number Mattress?

Sleep Number mattress is an adjustable air mattress designed with individuality in mind. It is ideal for those who prioritize tailored firmness. Particularly appealing for couples, its unique dual-sided construction incorporates flexible air bladders, allowing each partner to fine-tune their sleep surface according to their preferences.

An ideal mattress for couples with varying comfort needs, the Sleep Number mattress presents a practical solution. It grants control at your fingertips via a remote or the intuitive Sleep Number app. Customize your sleep by selecting your preferred “Sleep Number Setting,” catered to your desires. Experience the fusion of innovation and personalized comfort as Sleep Number turns your sleep space into a haven of tranquility.

Now, let’s question and seek detailed answers on the unique features of iSense and Sleep Number Mattresses. Scroll down!

Top 5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself – iSense vs. Sleep Number!

Here are 5 curated questions you must ask yourself before choosing between – an iSense mattress and a Sleep Number mattress. Let us take examples of iSense Classic, iSense Hybrid Premier, Sleep Number i10, and Sleep Number p6 mattresses in the underlying sections.

Q 1. How does iSense stand apart from Sleep Number?

  • iSense stands out prominently from Sleep Number mattresses due to its revolutionary Comfort Control™ Technology. This empowers you to tune your comfort levels for an unmatched sleep experience.
  • Moreover, iSense bed bases take motion isolation to a new level, virtually eliminating any disturbances caused by movement, making it an ideal choice for couples or light sleepers.
  • Adding to its distinctiveness, iSense boasts a robust support system comprising hybrid coils. The strategically designed coils provide exceptional stability and personalized support that caters to your sleep preferences.
  • This combination of Comfort Control™ Technology, motion isolation, and innovative hybrid coil support elevates the iSense mattress to a league of its own, setting it apart from the Sleep Number mattress.

Q 2. Which Mattress Offers Better Support While You Sleep?

The iSense mattress and the Sleep Number mattress offer distinct approaches to providing support for a comfortable night’s sleep.

iSense Mattress

  • The iSense Classic mattress employs an innovative design, combining 14 air chambers with premium foam.
  • This combination offers structured pressure-relief support that spans across the entire mattress, regardless of the chosen firmness level.
  • The strategic integration of air chambers within the foam ensures consistent and even support, catering to various sleep preferences.
  • Whether you prefer a plush feel or a firmer surface, the iSense Classic maintains its supportive quality throughout the mattress, promoting balanced spinal alignment and comfort.

Sleep Number Mattress

  • In contrast, the Sleep Number p6 mattress takes a different approach. It features two large air chambers positioned beneath a layer of foam.
  • These air chambers can be adjusted to create a personalized sleep number, which corresponds to the desired level of firmness.
  • A foam layer encases these air chambers, providing a cushioning effect while allowing the adjustable air chambers to adapt to your preferred comfort setting.
  • This design offers an individualized sleep experience, as each partner can adjust their side of the bed independently, tailoring the support to their liking.

Thus, the iSense Classic relies on the integration of air chambers within premium foam to deliver consistent support across the mattress. On the other hand, the Sleep Number p6 employs adjustable air chambers beneath a foam layer to provide customizable and personalized support for a sleeper’s comfort needs.

Q 3. Which Mattress Provides Effective Motion Isolation?

Sleep Number Mattress

  • In comparison, the Sleep Number p6 mattress employs a different strategy. Its bed-length air chambers, while offering adjustable comfort, can be more susceptible to motion transfer.
  • The nature of air-based support means that movements have the potential to propagate through the mattress more readily than in foam-based mattresses.
  • Consequently, if your partner stirs during the night, the motion might travel across the mattress, potentially affecting your sleep comfort.

iSense Mattress

  • The iSense Classic mattress sets itself apart with its remarkable motion isolation capabilities. Crafted with premium foam, this mattress excels at eradicating motion transfer.
  • The foam’s composition works harmoniously to absorb and dissipate any movement, ensuring that even if you share the bed with a restless partner, you won’t feel their shifts.
  • Whether you’re a side sleeper, someone dealing with back pain, or simply prone to movement during sleep, the iSense Classic’s Comfort Control™ Technology guarantees an uninterrupted slumber, allowing you to move freely without disturbing your sleep partner.

This makes the iSense Classic a more compelling choice for those seeking undisturbed sleep. This applies especially to couples or when you are sharing bed with a partner.

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iSense Classic

Q 4. What About Cooling Technology?

iSense Mattress

  • Elevating comfort, the iSense Classic harnesses the power of open-cell foam. Engineered to excel, this foam actively channels heat away from the body, providing an inherently cooler sleeping surface.
  • Notably, this cooling technology comes as an integral part of the base offering price.
  • For those seeking an extra layer of cooling prowess, an optional cooling layer can be added to the mattress for an enhanced cooling experience, at an additional cost.

Sleep Number Mattress

  • In contrast, the Sleep Number mattress employs a foam layer that subtly absorbs and redistributes heat within the mattress and Sleepnumber sheets.
  • While this design does contribute to a degree of cooling, noteworthy cooling features are available as add-ons.
  • Should you desire active cooling elements, they can be incorporated into the mattress configuration for an extra fee, ensuring personalized thermal comfort.

In short, the iSense mattress integrates open-cell foam’s inherent heat-dissipating qualities, with optional cooling enhancements available. Meanwhile, the Sleep Number mattress employs passive heat absorption. It has the option to integrate active cooling mechanisms for those who prioritize a cooler sleep environment. Each offer tailored solutions based on sleep preferences.

Q 5. Which Mattress Offers the Best Comfort-Control Features?

Sleep Number Mattress

  • Conversely, the Sleep Number i10 employs a distinct approach. Utilizing two large air chambers, the mattress derives its support and firmness variations from these chambers.
  • However, Sleepnumber parts and the bed lean towards the concept of sleeping on an air bed.

iSense Mattress

  • The iSense Hybrid Premier redefines personalized comfort with its sophisticated Comfort Control™ Technology. A pinnacle of engineering, this mattress integrates 14 air chambers within the embrace of our premium iSense Foam.
  • Uniquely, the air chambers are positioned atop a foundation of premium pocket coils, ensuring that your support experience surpasses traditional air beds.
  • This innovative synergy of air chambers and coils allows you to finely adjust your comfort, all while receiving unwavering support from beneath, giving you a truly restorative sleep experience.

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iSense Hybrid

Should you seek an alternative that fuses tailored comfort and advanced support technology without the air bed feel, the iSense Hybrid Smart Bed can be the right option.

5 Best Features of the iSense Mattress: What Sets It Apart?

1. Pressure Relief

With its advanced iSense Technology, the iSense Classic mattress presents a remarkable solution for pressure relief and back pain reduction.

The incorporation of premium foam throughout the mattress is strategically designed to eliminate any motion transfer, ensuring a peaceful sleep experience.

This feature is particularly beneficial for side sleepers and individuals dealing with back pain, as it allows for uninterrupted rest even amidst movements.

Furthermore, the Comfort Control™ Technology of the iSense mattress enhances its appeal. This innovative aspect enables seamless adjustment of sleeping positions, catering to the needs of side sleepers and those seeking relief from back discomfort. This is what makes it one of the best mattresses for lower back pain.

Through a harmonious blend of premium foam’s tailored support and the specialized Comfort Control™ Technology, the iSense mattresses not only minimizes pressure points but also offers effective relief from back pain.

2. Cuddle Zone

iSense mattresses bring you the feature of “Cuddle Zone.” Unlike regular beds with gaps when people want different firmness, iSense mattresses are different. With 7 air chambers flanking each side, the iSense mattress orchestrates a symphony of balance.

The Result?

The iSense mattress provides an impeccably even surface across the middle. This eliminates any discernible barrier between sleep preferences of couples. The Cuddle Zone redefines couple comfort, offering harmonious sleep, no matter the chosen firmness. So, say farewell to mattress ledges and choose a seamlessly blended embrace while you sleep.

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3. Evenness in Sleep Surface

When choosing a softer comfort level on an iSense mattress, the mattress surface retains its smoothness even after you’ve left the bed. Unlike air-based support, the iSense mattress ensures that the surface consistently bounces back, maintaining a consistently even feel regardless of your chosen comfort setting.

4. Smart Mattress – Technology

The iSense adjustable mattresses are meticulously crafted to adapt to the preferences of individuals. Leveraging their Comfort Control™ Technology, you now have the power to modify their mattress’s firmness, a feature that extends to your partner as well.

With a comprehensive spectrum of 40 support settings, evenly distributed at 20 on each side, the iSense mattresses facilitate the pursuit of an ideal night’s sleep, tailored to individual needs.

5. Superior Support – Hybrid Coil

Benefit from the unparalleled Hybrid Coil Support in iSense mattresses. Unlike ordinary coils, iSense’s pocket coils redefine support. Each coil is individually encased, ensuring a noise-free experience and remarkably reducing partner disturbance.

Thus, you can now elevate your sleep quality with t advanced Pocket Coil Support offered by iSense mattresses.

What Are Some Key Similarities?

  • Both mattresses offer adjustable features to suit the sleeper’s preferences.
  • iSense and Sleep Number mattresses can be controlled using a remote or dedicated app.
  • Personalized firmness options are available for both mattresses.

What Are Some Key Differences?

  • Thickness

iSense boasts greater thickness at 13.5″ compared to Sleep Number, which ranges between 11″, 12″, and 13″ based on its model.

  • Air Chambers

The iSense mattresses are equipped with 14 air chambers, while Sleep Number relies on two larger air chambers.

  • Support and Comfort Control

Unlike Sleep Number’s varying support on each side of the bed, iSense provides precise control over your comfort.

  • Motion Isolation

iSense features seven chambers on both sides with motion isolation, while Sleep Number’s air-based support can transmit movement across the bed.

What About the Construction?

When considering the construction of these two mattresses, notable differences can be identified. Delve into the construction specifics of both the Sleepnumber mattress and the iSense mattresses.

iSense Mattress

The iSense mattress is a comprehensive all-foam design, comprising four key layers.

  • 1st Layer: Its uppermost layer features Therma-Phase-Gel foam, engineered to ensure cool and comfortable sleep throughout the night.
  • 2nd Layer: The second layer showcases “highly resilient sculpted foam,” meticulously designed for optimal support, breathability, and pressure relief.
  • 3rd Layer: The third layer incorporates their revolutionary VeriFoam technology, a hallmark of this mattress’s innovation.
  • 4th Layer: The fourth and final layer, known as the “Notched Wrapped Rail Construction,” plays a crucial role in maintaining the mattress’s internal components in perfect harmony.

Sleep Number Mattress

  • On the other hand, the Sleep Number mattress employs air chambers that can be adjusted for personalized firmness.
  • Each model within this mattress line incorporates at least one layer of comfort foam, positioned above the air chamber(s) and below the mattress top.

This construction distinction shapes the unique sleep experiences these mattresses offer.

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In the world of mattresses, iSense and Sleep Number are two remarkable contenders. At Smart Mattress Buy, we’re here to make sure you get the best sleep with our mattress advice and tips.

Let’s break it down! Diving into the specifics, both iSense and Sleep Number mattresses have their strengths. iSense boasts the innovative pocket coil support, while Sleep Number relies on air support. This difference translates to iSense preventing pressure from transferring to the other side of the bed. This sets iSense apart in terms of motion isolation.

However, here’s the scoop: If cost is a big deal, iSense might be the way to go. Sleepnumber prices are typically on the higher end. Notably, Sleep Number places its emphasis on comfort, taking precedence over inflation. If your preference leans towards an adaptable, solid-surface-friendly mattress, iSense delivers remarkably.

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FAQs About iSense Vs Sleep Number Mattresses

Q1. Is iSense comparable to Sleep Number?

  • Both the mattresses have customizable firmness and offer cooling. Additionally, iSense employs pocket coil support, curbing pressure transfer, unlike Sleep Number’s air support. They align closely in features, comfort, and pain relief.

Q2. Is iSense an air mattress?

  • No, an iSense mattress isn’t an air mattress. The iSense features 14 chambers upheld by special pocket coils beneath premium memory foam. On the contrary, Sleep Number typically has one or two adjustable air chambers.

Q3. Can I get the mattress, base, and sleep tracking together for iSense mattress?

  • Sleep tracking comes with iSense Hybrid Premier, optional for Classic at added cost. Access data through iSense App with sleep tracking sensor integration.

Q4. How often should I replace my iSense mattress?

  • While iSense Classic is a memory foam mattress, iSense Hybrid is a Hybrid mattress. Hybrid and memory foam mattresses should be replaced every 10 years. For more information read on.

Q5. What’s the lifespan of an average Sleep Number bed?

  • Unlike regular mattresses that need changing every 8-10 years, Sleep Number’s smart bed is built to last over 15 years. The Sleepnumber warranty in the first-year coverage includes repair or replacement. Then it is prorated as per purchase date.

Q6. Does the iSense app work on any phone?

  • Yes, the iSense app supports iOS 7 or later and Android 4.3 or later on smart phones.

Q7. Does iSense provide a warranty?

  • iSense offers a limited 10-year warranty for the original purchaser, safeguarding against defects or faulty workmanship in non-electrical bedding material under normal usage.

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