Helix or Winkbed – Which one should be your Pick

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Helix and WinkBed are two of the most well-known box-spring sleeping mattresses available in the market today. Both Helix and WinkBed are hybrid mattresses that combine foam and springs. Try to be aware of the similarities between these mattresses, as both are suitable for various sleepers.

Are the WinkBed mattresses better than the Helix?

To figure this out, we have an in-depth comparison of WinkBed versus Helix! We have straightforwardly analyzed both mattresses according to their firmness to feel to their construction, and more. Let’s look at these beds and get a feel for which mattress suits you by comparing the WinkBed and Helix mattresses.

WinkBed Versus Helix Outline

Both the WinkBed and the Helix are excellent hybrid mattresses. However, they are more suitable for specific sorts of sleepers. Listed below are the reasons for choosing each of these mattresses:

Who Ought to Get the WinkBed?

  • Mattresses for people searching for a little extra solace.
  • People who favor the vibe of a traditional innerspring bed will enjoy sleeping on this mattress.
  • The people who need further support.

Who Ought to Get the Helix?

  • Those who want to save money.
  • The people who like a more laid-back vibe at the top.
  • Those who sleep on their side.

 Key Contrasts Between the WinkBed and Helix?

Although the WinkBed and Helix share a couple of elements, they are not similar beds. Here’s a look at some of the distinctions between these beds.

  • Both the Helix mattress and the WinkBed bedding come in different firmness and feel.
  • WinkBed gives a more traditional innerspring bedding sensation, though Helix’s top layer is all the more sluggish.
  • The Helix lacks increased lumbar support like that of the WinkBed mattress.
  • The Helix is more affordable than the WinkBed at full pricing.

 Firmness and Feel Contrasts

It would be best to consider a few components to decide whether a mattress is reasonable for your chosen sleeping position and other necessities. Accordingly, we should compare the Helix and the WinkBed for comfort and firmness.

 How Firm are The Helix and WinkBed Mattresses?

The WinkBed and the Helix are 7-out-of-10 ratings for firmness and are practically identical in construction. The typical solidness rating in the industry is 6.5/10. Therefore, both of these beds are stiffer than the standard.
The level of solidness fluctuates from one individual to another. You might favor a harder or softer feel on either of these mattresses, contingent upon your weight and individual preferences.

Sleeping On the WinkBed and Helix Beddings

Each of these bedding was tested in each of the following positions listed.


The WinkBed is a comfortable and supportive bedding for back sleepers. The added lumbar support keeps your spines in proper alignment during the night.

While side sleeping on this bedding felt more stressful, it would be best to consider buying a softer model or other side sleeper mattress for people who like to sleep on their sides.

The WinkBed’s model offered great support for stomach sleeping. If you desire to sleep in this position for an extended time, consider the Firmer model.


Side sleepers can sound sleep blissfully unaware of the surroundings. The Helix provides a preferable side-sleeping pressure reduction over the WinkBed. This is apparently because of the slow-moving comfort layers, which give some figure shaping at the shoulder and hip.

The mattress does not provide sufficient support for your spine while sleeping on the Helix’s stomach rest. Assuming you like to sleep on your stomach at night, you’ll need to search for bedding designed explicitly with that sleeping position in mind.

What Do the WinkBed and Helix Beddings Feel Like?

The cushion top on top of the WinkBed gives it an innerspring sensation. The bedding is sensitive and springy, thus helping sleepers to move around on top of it quickly.

Balanced hybridity labels the Helix. Its upper layers can track down slow-moving feelings in its adaptive padding. With a little bounce from the coils, this bedding could be more responsive than the WinkBed.

 Normal Weight Sleepers – 130lbs – 230lbs

The WinkBed Firm bedding is excellent for back sleepers of average weight, as it gives both strain alleviation and spinal support (particularly great lumbar support). There are various choices for side sleepers of average weight; the Helix bedding is one choice. Normal-weight stomach sleepers ought to generally approve of the WinkBed.

The Helix is a decent choice for back sleepers of average weight. However, the WinkBed offers extra spinal support. On the Helix, side sleepers of average weight ought to anticipate satisfactory pressure alleviation. The Helix may not be sufficiently supportive for stomach sleepers of average weight.

 Heavyweight Sleepers – Over 230lbs

People who weigh more than 250 pounds can lay comfortably on the WinkBed. In comparison, others might incline toward the WinkBed Plus (which is made explicitly for bigger individuals). WinkBed might be unreasonably firm for heavier side sleepers. The WinkBed is a decent choice for stomach sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds. However, many people will favor the WinkBed Plus, which offers additional support for the lower back and shoulders.

A heavyweight sleeper should keep away from the Helix. Whether it isn’t exorbitantly hard for side or stomach sleeping, it probably needs to be more supportive for back or stomach resting.

 Lightweight Sleepers – Under 130lbs

The WinkBed is ideal for light sleepers. Regarding back and stomach sleepers, it’s supportive enough and ought to give adequate pressure relief to side sleepers. Significantly, the people who rest on their sides will benefit more from the Helix.

Furthermore, the Helix is ideal for a wide range of light sleepers, regardless of their preference. This bedding is excellent for back and stomach sleepers and people who usually like to rest on their sides.

 Mattress Construction Differences

The WinkBed and the Helix have given us an idea of what sleeping on their surfaces feels like. Now, let’s learn about the nitty gritty of these mattresses and look at their construction!

Features Helix WinkBed
Height 12” 13.5″
Cover Jersey knit and polyester Tencel
Materials Polyfoam, dynamic foam, memory foam, micro coils Coils and foam
Cooling The coils and foams are designed to breathe, an optional cooling cover is available Tencel, cooling gel, pocketed coils
Firmness 2-9/10 6.5/10
Support Great Exceptional
Motion Transfer Minimal Minimal
Edge Support Great Exceptional
Sinkage Gentle Cradle/Deep Hug Gentle Cradle
Bounce Minimal/Moderate Minimal, Moderate Deep Level Bounce
Adjustable Base Compatible Yes Yes
Made in the USA Yes Yes


WinkBed has a Tencel cover with many layers of gel-infused foam tufted into the outer layer of the mattress. Tencel and gel infusion help keep the mattress surface cool.

With its soft touch design cover, the Helix is very comfortable. Besides, it’s genuinely breathable.

Comfort Layers

Its gel-infused foam comfort layer is incorporated into the WinkBed’s cover above as a pillow top. This foam, along with gel, gives a softness to the bedding’s surface and helps keep the sleeper cool.

Memory Plus Foam, a custom Helix mix with the sluggish feel of memory foam, is the Helix’s significant comfort layer. A transition layer of slightly harder, high-grade polyfoam underneath this Memory Plus foam adds some bounce.

Support Layers

A layer of separately wrapped coils offers extra lumbar support in the WinkBed’s support layer.

Helix’s base layer comprises coils that are separately coiled and reinforced around the border to give additional edge support. In addition to the coils, the bedding is upheld by a layer of high-density foam at the base.

Mattress Height

Distinguished from the Helix, the WinkBed is somewhat shorter at 12″ in height.

We Would Suggest Purchasing Helix if You are Searching for

  •     A guided recommendation. Helix has done a sleep survey that assists customers with sorting out their products based on their necessities concerning support, comfort, and temperature guideline.
  • Multiple comfort choices. There are nine types of mattresses, each catering to a particular sleeping style and a unique level of comfort.
  • Comforting pressure relief. This option has more space with more foam and a little less coil than the WinkBed. Pressure is relieved better by contouring materials in the initial two levels.

We Would Suggest Purchasing WinkBed if You are Searching for

  • An environmentally friendly item. The cover and foam parts of WinkBed are certified to the best expectations. To decrease the environmental effect, the springs are produced using reused steel.
  • Multiple comfort choices. There are three levels of firmness to choose from: medium, medium-firm, and mild. There is a plus-sized option for people who are heavier than usual.
  • Enhanced support. Sleepers can anticipate that consistent support from edge to edge with an edge-to-edge coil framework. There ought to be sufficient back support in the lumbar region because of the different zones of coil layer support.

Big-and-tall models are accessible for both mattresses, which cater to a wide range of customers and their sleeping requirements. For those searching for extra stress alleviation, Helix is an ideal choice. If you’re searching for better assistance and environmentally responsible procedures, WinkBed is for you!