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Should I buy a mattress online? This is a thought that comes to the mind of every savvy shopper, especially this time of the year. With Christmas round the corner, it’s the perfect time to save on your bedding investments.

Venture beyond the conventional brick-and-mortar shopping experience. Instead, transition to a vast array of online mattress options.

With the end of 2023 as we enter 2024, we are fast experiencing a digital dominance of online mattress brands who are selling their products directly to their customers. The process of mattress shopping is evolving, its perks being undeniable – competitive pricing, better selection, profitable discounts, and convenience in delivery.

Let this article be your guide to navigate the online mattress industry.

Join to delve into the pros and cons of online shopping. Explore various types of mattresses, as we bring reputed online retailers to the spotlight, and analyze the most popular mattresses through our Mattress Reviews. Moreover, we’ll equip you with easy steps, and factors that you need to consider before getting a new mattress!

Similar to the process of purchasing a mattress in a physical store, buying mattress online requires equipping yourself with essential information. Let’s explore.

Have the time? Read our comprehensive guide on how to choose the right mattress.

Advantages of Buying Mattress Online

When you buy a mattress online you can enjoy a multitude of advantages. This makes it an increasingly popular choice for mattress shoppers today as discussed below.

1. Selection and Informed Decision Making

Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores, online shopping provides access to a diverse selection of mattress brands and models. Consumers are not limited to the few options on display in a showroom; instead with online stores, they can explore a wide range of choices from various brands.

This extensive selection helps you to make a more informed decision based on individual preferences and needs.

Further, to gain extensive knowledge about mattresses and their unique features, go ahead and read our Mattress Reviews on some of the most popular mattress brands.

2. Budget-Friendly

One of the most compelling reasons to buy a mattress online is the aspect of cost savings. Online mattress brands, operating without the overhead expenses of physical stores, can offer lower prices.

This is particularly appealing to budget-conscious shoppers. Further online shopping platforms offer discounts and promotional offers all through the year. is the pioneer in the mattress industry to start the Cashback Rebate initiative.  Claim the best deals!


3. Sleep Trials

Another advantage unique to online shopping is the availability of extended sleep trials. While a physical showroom allows you to feel a mattress for a short period of time, the real test lies on how it performs over nights of sleep.

Many online brands offer generous sleep trial periods, ranging from 60 nights to 180 nights on an average and it may extend to 365 nights or more.

This allows customers to experience the pros and cons of the mattress in the comfort of their homes and, if unsatisfied, return it for a refund within the specified trial window.

4. Returns

Online mattress brands typically facilitate hassle-free returns during sleep trial period. Many offer free returns and assist customers in coordinating the pickup of the unwanted mattresses.

While return policies may vary between brands and some may charge return shipping, an overall ease of returns adds to the consumer-friendly nature of buying a mattress online.

5. Convenience

Buying a mattress online offers unparalleled convenience. With the ability to research brands and browse mattress variants at any time, day or night, from virtually anywhere, customers are not confined by specific store hours or locations.

The freedom of choosing your mattress anytime and from anywhere with the absence of salespeople allows for a more relaxed and appropriate decision-making process.

6. Free Delivery

Most online mattress brands provide free delivery services within the contiguous United States. This not only helps you to save on delivery costs but also adds to the overall cost-effectiveness of purchasing a mattress online.

Thus, with a combination of cost savings, extensive selection, sleep trials, convenience, free delivery, and easy returns online shopping of mattresses is now a popular choice among many US shoppers.

Disadvantages of Buying Mattress Online

While buying a mattress online presents numerous advantages, including cost savings, a diverse selection, and convenience, it’s important for you to get acquainted with its drawbacks as well.

1. Longer Break-In Period

Online mattress brands often ship their products in a compressed and vacuum-sealed form to reduce shipping costs. While this is a practical approach, it does come with a longer break-in period.

Customers need to allow the mattress time to decompress, which may take several hours, and it may not reach its full size for up to 48 hours.

2. Physical Trial

Perhaps the most significant drawback of purchasing a mattress online is the inability to physically try it before making a decision. Despite detailed research about a mattress and reading mattress reviews, the actual feel of a mattress is much needed before you make the final choice.

While this might not be an issue for those who are confident and familiar with their mattress preferences, first-time buyers may find it challenging to assess comfort without testing it in person.

3. More Research Required

Unlike the in-person shopping experience where a sales representative can guide customers through a limited selection, buying a mattress online requires a more extensive and independent research effort. While the vast selection allows for customization based on individual preferences, it can also be time-consuming to sift through numerous models and brands to find the most suitable mattress.

I would recommend you read our comprehensive Mattress Reviews and learn about the mattress features and pros and cons. You can also check out our Best Mattress section where we aid you in choosing the best fit as we acknowledge that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

The mattresses are selected as per factors like sleeping position, budget, body type and room dimensions. This will help you arrive at the right decision.

So, while the benefits of online mattress shopping are compelling, potential drawbacks and the need for independent research must be considered at your end. These factors highlight the importance of being well-informed as per individual preferences before making an online mattress purchase.

Types of Mattresses Sold Online

I. Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are a popular category within the broader range of foam mattresses. Comprising one or more layers of foam, these mattresses are designed to provide body-conforming comfort and support.

The top layer, often ranging from 1.5 inches to 4 inches, is crafted from a specific type of foam known as memory foam. This specialty foam is known for its contouring abilities. It molds to the shape of your body, offering pressure relief and support.

A supportive layer of foam underneath the top comfort layer provides the foundational structure for the mattress, ensuring durability. Memory foam mattresses have gained widespread popularity for their ability to alleviate pressure points, reduce motion transfer, and promote a restful sleep experience.

Some of the most acclaimed memory foam mattresses in the market are listed under.

5 Best Mattresses in 2023 | Memory Foam

  1. Tempur-Adapt Mattress – Best for Pressure Relief
  2. Loom & Leaf Mattress – Best for Back Sleepers
  3. WinkBed GravityLux Mattress – Best in Cooling
  4. Layla Memory Foam Mattress – Best Flippable Mattress
  5. Puffy Cloud Mattress – Best for Side Sleepers

II. Hybrid Mattress

In 2023, hybrid mattresses continue to be a sought-after category in the mattress industry. These mattresses, characterized by their combination of two or more foam types, have maintained their popularity due to versatility in catering to a diverse range of sleeping styles.

Their convenience in shipping, thanks to the use of multiple foam layers, is another reason behind widespread popularity of hybrids in online marketplace. Consumers appreciate the ease with which hybrid mattresses can be compressed, shipped, and conveniently delivered to their doorsteps.

What sets hybrid mattresses apart is their adaptability. Their versatility has made hybrids a go-to choice for individuals seeking a well-rounded sleep experience that suits various needs.

Check out our curated list of some of the best hybrid mattresses in the market today.

5 Best Mattresses in 2023 | Hybrid Mattresses

  1. Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress – Best in Pressure Relief
  2. Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress – Best for Stomach Sleepers
  3. Nolah Evolution 15 Mattress – Best for Side Sleepers
  4. Molecule Hybrid Mattress – Best in Cooling
  5. Nestbedding Sparrow Signature Mattress – Best for Couples

III. Latex Mattress

Organic latex mattresses have hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. They provide contouring, breathability and support, and are one of the most durable mattresses with more than 10 years of lifespan. Latex mattresses are quite responsive to pressure and also have a naturally breathable sleep surface.

They are generally multi-layered with each layer having different density and firmness. The top layer is the softest of all layers. Depending on the method of manufacture, two types of latex material are available: Dunlop and Talalay. The Talalay latex is softer and more comfortable, while Dunlop foam latex is more stable and firmer. These mattresses make it easier for to change sleeping positions and are the most suitable for combination sleepers.

We have provided an array of the market’s most popular Latex mattresses for your convenience.

5 Best Mattresses in 2023 | Latex Mattresses

  1. Zenhaven Latex Mattress – Best for Hot Sleepers
  2. Avocado Latex Mattress – Best for Stomach Sleepers
  3. PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex – Best for Back Sleepers
  4. Nestbedding Finch Mattress – Best for Side Sleepers
  5. Brentwood Home Hybrid Latex – Best for Couples

IV. Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are traditional beds that have stood the test of time in the mattress industry! These mattresses rely on the classic design of using one or more layers of springs, typically crafted from steel.

The defining feature of innerspring mattresses is their coil-based support system. The number of spring coils and layers can vary, influencing the overall feel and support of the mattress. This design provides a resilient and supportive surface that responds to body movements.

While innerspring mattresses have been a longstanding choice, advancements in mattress technology have led to the emergence of various alternatives. Overall, the popularity of innerspring mattresses is a testament to their reliability and comfort, making them a preferred option for those who appreciate the familiar feel of traditional spring-based support.

5 Best Mattresses in 2023 | Innerspring Mattresses

  1. Puffy Royal Mattress – Best for Back Pain
  2. Layla Hybrid Mattress – Best in Pressure Relief
  3. Brentwood Oceano Luxury Hybrid – Best in Breathability
  4. Saatva Classic Mattress – Best Overall
  5. Puffy Lux Mattress – Best for Side Sleepers

Puffy Mattress

Now that we’ve discussed about the types of mattresses and online brands, let’s explore how you can find the best place to buy mattress online and select a reliable retailer.

How to Ensure That the Retailer is Reputed?

Ensuring a retailer’s reputation is crucial before sharing your payment details. I’m sharing some tips that you can follow to test a brand’s credibility.

5 Tips to Assess an Online Retailer

  1. Tip 1: Reviews & Ratings

Check reviews, company ratings, and assess reliability through return policies, shipping, and warranty details.

  1. Tip 2: Shipping & Returns

Factors like shipping time, in-home setup, return periods, break-in periods, and warranty coverage differ among manufacturers. Choose the one that fits your preferences and schedule the most.

  1. Tip 3: Mattress Warranty

Pay attention to warranty inclusions and exclusions, and keep your purchase receipt for warranty claims.

  1. Tip 4: Return Policy

Thoroughly understand a company’s return policy, including any deductions for shipping and recycling charges.

  1. Tip 5: Sleep Trial Period

Prioritize these aspects, along with the mattress’s sleep trial, when making online mattress purchases.

7 Easy Steps: Shopping a Mattress Online!

Choosing a mattress online can be baffling at times with numerous brands offering variety in their product offerings. That’s the sole reason why you must follow these steps.

  1. STEP 1: Set a Budget

Determine your budget beforehand to narrow down options without overspending.

  1. STEP 2: Pick a Mattress Type

Understand materials like memory foam, polyfoam, latex, and coils, considering their feel, performance, and cost.

  1. STEP 3: Select Firmness

Choose a mattress based on your sleep position, weight, and preferences for optimal comfort.

  1. STEP 4: Choose Size

First consider your room dimensions and space, thickness of the mattress, and whether you plan to share the bed.  Finally, select a mattress from the standard mattress sizes available. A point to note is that different brands offer different size options. So, choose a brand that aligns with your preference.

  1. STEP 5: Explore Reputable Brands

Opt for trusted online brands for quality materials, construction, and reliable customer service and certifications. Go for brands that hold Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certifications and refrain from the use of toxic substances or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

  1. STEP 6: Check Policies

Prioritize brands that offer extensive sleep trials, hassle-free returns, and comprehensive warranties to enhance your purchase value.

  1. STEP 7: Purchase and Set Up

Finalize your decision and enjoy your new mattress, confident in your well-informed choice. Remember that you need to set up your mattress the right way, to minimize damages or wear and tear.

Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Mattress Online!

Before choosing a mattress, consider these key factors.

  1. Sleeping Position: Different positions require varying support. Ensure your mattress supports your body to avoid pains and stiffness. Side sleepers need a mattress that’s supportive yet soft near the pressure zones like shoulders and pelvis.
    On the other hand back sleepers require a mattress that supports your lower back and delivers pressure relief. Finally, combination sleepers benefit from targeted support to all the pressure zones of the body including shoulders, knee, pelvis and heels.
  2. Mattress Type: Memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, and latex mattresses offer distinct features. Choose one based on your specific sleep needs.
  3. Firmness: The industrial firmness scale (1-10) on mattresses guides your choice on choosing the ideal level of firmness. Soft mattresses are rated as 1 and they offer cushioning and minimal firmness, firm mattresses are rated close to 10 and they provide support.
    Medium-firm mattresses are rated between 6 and 6.5 and combine comfort with a strong foundation. So consider your body type and weight for the ideal combination of comfort and support.
  4. Pressure Relief: Look for mattresses with proper contouring and support to alleviate pressure points, especially near pressure zones of your body like hips and shoulders. There are any reputed online mattress brands that offer zoned support for extra support and pain relief.
    You can consult our curated list on best mattresses for back pain and pressure relief.
  5. Cooling & Temperature Regulation: Different mattresses feature different cooling properties and if you sleep warm opt for a mattress with enhanced breathability. Foam mattresses may trap heat, while innerspring and latex mattresses offer better air circulation. Some foam mattresses counteract heat with cooling features like cooling-gel, copper, or graphite infusions.
    Here’s our list of the industry’s favorite cooling-gel memory foam mattresses.
  6. Edge Support: Strong edge support is vital for sitting or sleeping on bed edges, especially for couples and kids. Some mattresses reinforce edges with coils for added sturdiness. A mattress with edge support offers more usable surface area.

Additional Tips!

Don’t forget to brush up on these easy tips when you are buying a mattress online.

  1. Tip 1: Unboxing Instructions

Your new mattress will come with a set of guidelines and instructions. Follow the unboxing instructions carefully to prevent any damage to the mattress. Consider getting assistance during the unboxing process and move the packaged mattress to the intended room before unpacking.

  1. Tip 2: In-Home Setup

Some retailers offer in-home setup, either free or for an additional charge. Take advantage of this service for a hassle-free experience. Carefully cut the outer packaging without harming the mattress and allow it time to expand fully.

If you want to know more about mattress set up and unboxing, read our detailed guide.

  1. Tip 3: Off-Gassing

New mattresses, especially foam ones, may emit odors known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Place the mattress in a well-ventilated space before bringing it into your room. Opt for products with low emission certifications if you are sensitive to odors or have children or pets at home.

  1. Tip 4: Support Types

Different mattresses require specific support types, including foundation, box springs, or a platform. Comply with the retailer’s recommendations to increase durability and avoid voiding the warranty.

  • Foundation: Ideal for foam and latex mattresses, a foundation refers to a wooden frame with slats covered in fabric.
  • Box Springs: Suitable for innerspring mattresses, these wooden frames with fabric covering may include reinforced steel structures.
  • Platform: A bed frame with wooden slats, sometimes featuring head and footboards. These are suitable for mattresses that do not have coil support.


So, do you buy a mattress online or in store? In this guide, I’ve delved into the ins and outs of purchasing a mattress online, acknowledging the potential risks and specifying the relevant advantages. By following the aforementioned shopping steps, you can definitely make an informed choice.

Online shopping expands your mattress options, and reviews enhance your understanding of brands and products. Further you can take advantage of discounts to buy a mattress online at cheap pricing. Offers are available year-round and during major events like Memorial Day and Black Friday.

Explore, as we pioneer the Cashback Rebate initiative. We have detailed reviews to ensure that you choose a quality mattress and present the season’s best offers to save on your preferred mattress choice. Dive into research, navigate the online market wisely, and optimize your online bedding experience with us. Happy shopping!

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FAQs About Buying a Mattress Online

Q1. Is buying a mattress online a good idea?

  • Yes, it’s a good option if you value a wider selection and overall value. Online purchases offer convenience, and even if it can seem daunting, the benefits often outweigh minor inconveniences.

Q2. What are examples of VOC compounds?

  • Common VOCs include benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene. These compounds can be found in daily products and may emit odors, especially in foam mattresses.

Q3. Is it worth investing more when you are buying a mattress online?

  • Yes, high-quality mattresses often outlast lower-priced options, thereby providing better value. Investing in durability and materials pays off in the long run, contributing to the mattress’s longevity.