Nestbedding Raven Flippable Hybrid-Medium Firm Mattress Review

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Nestbedding Raven Flippable Hybrid-Medium Firm


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Nestbedding Raven Flippable Hybrid-Medium Firm

By Brand: Nestbedding
3.71 out of 5.0
$1699 $1529

Product Description

Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress is a recent addition to the Nest Bedding Mattress collection. It was launched in May 2023 as a unique flippable mattress. The hybrid foam and coil mattress has a medium firm feel (5 out of 10) on the top and a firm feel (7 out of 10) on the bottom. This 10-inch high, flippable mattress is targeted at budget-conscious shoppers.

Q1. What is unique about the Raven Flippable Hybrid mattress? Does it provide superior cooling, comfort, back support, and pressure relief?

Raven Flippable Hybrid mattress offers several unique features:

  • Flippable Design: The mattress has two different firmness levels on each side, allowing sleepers to switch between medium plush to medium-firm and firm as their preferences or sleeping habits change. This versatility provides options for different comfort preferences. Further, flipping your mattress at times increases the longevity of the product.
  • Pillow Top: The mattress has a pillow top on both sides, irrespective of the firmness level chosen. The pillow top is made from resilient polyfoam, ensuring it won’t compress significantly under your weight, adding an extra layer of plushness and comfort.
  • Excellent Edge Support: The Raven mattress has a reinforced perimeter, providing sufficient edge support to prevent collapsing and ensuring stability while sitting or sleeping near the edges. This feature helps maximize the usable surface area of the mattress.

In terms of construction, Raven Flippable Hybrid mattress consists of three layers and a quilted cover on both sides.

  • Quilted Cover: The mattress has a quilted cover made from phase-change cooling fabric, providing a cool and comfortable surface for individuals who tend to sleep hot. The cover is quilted to an inch of poly foam, offering an initial soft and plush feel.
  • Comfort Layer: This layer consists of an inch of gel-infused memory foam. The gel infusion helps with additional cooling, while the memory foam offers contouring and pressure relief for the hips, shoulders, and knees. It is also responsive and quickly returns to its original shape.
  • Support Layer: The middle layer features a 6-inch-tall support system with individually wrapped coils that span from edge to edge. This layer acts as the primary support unit of the mattress, providing a responsive and supportive sleep surface. The reinforced perimeter enhances edge support, minimizing the sensation of rolling off the bed.
  • Base Layer: The mattress has an inch of high-density firm foam as the base layer. When the mattress is flipped to the firm side, this layer acts as a comfort layer, offering a firmer feel. The quilted cover with a diamond quilted pattern is present underneath.

Q2. How firm is Raven Flippable Hybrid mattresses?

Firmness is subjective and can vary depending on the sleeper’s weight, shape, and size. Raven Flippable Hybrid mattress offers two firmness options, allowing individuals to choose the level that suits their preferences.

The medium side of the mattress is rated as 5 on a rating scale of 1-10 (with 1 being extra soft and 10 being extra firm), which falls within the medium-plush to medium-firm range. This means it offers a balance between softness and support. The exact feel will depend on the individual’s weight and preferred sleeping position.

The firmness level on the other side is rated as a 7 on a rating scale of 1-10. This indicates a slightly firmer feel compared to the medium side.

Q3. How thick is Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress?

Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress is a medium profile flippable hybrid mattress and is approximately 10” in height.

Q4. Is Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress safe?

The mattress is manufactured without the use of harsh materials and chemicals. Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress is made from CertiPUR-US® certified foams, which means the foam is made from environmentally friendly compounds and is made without ozone depleters, formaldehyde, mercury, lead, and heavy metals.

Q5. What sizes are available for Raven Flippable Hybrid mattresses?

Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress comes in six standard sizes from twin to California king. Available sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Split CK 1-side, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Q6. Briefly discuss Raven’s policy on shipping, delivery, risk-free trial, and warranty.

  • Shipping for the mattress is free within the contiguous USA. Once your order is processed and the mattress is made, it should take three to eight business days to arrive at your doorstep.
  • Raven Flippable Hybrid mattresses offer a White Glove Delivery service, which provides professional mattress installation. However, you must place your order over the phone to avail of this service. This service ensures that experts adequately set up and install your bed.
  • Nest Bedding offers a generous trial period for Raven mattresses. You can keep the mattress for 365 nights, which gives you ample time to test and check whether it meets your individual needs. This extended trial period allows you to experience the mattress and decide if it fits you.
  • Raven mattress comes with a lifetime warranty. This means that Nest Bedding provides coverage for the mattress’s lifetime against any defects in materials or workmanship. The lifetime warranty offers reassurance that Nest Bedding stands for product durability and quality.

Pros & Cons

Q1. Who would you recommend Raven Flippable Hybrid mattress to?

Raven Flippable Hybrid mattresses offer a lot for sleepers at an affordable price. It is recommended for sleepers, who

  • Can’t decide between medium and firm feel.
  • Prefers to sleep on the back and stomach
  • Are combination Sleeper
  • Sleep hot during the night
  • Require targeted pressure relief
  • Weigh 130 to 230 pounds
  • Are shoppers with limited budgets
  • Prefer a flippable mattress

Q2. Who should avoid the Raven Flippable Hybrid mattress?

Raven Flippable Hybrid mattress is not recommended for sleepers who are

  • Lightweight side sleepers
  • Prefer a more luxurious sleep experience
  • Share mattress with partners
  • Weigh more than 230 pounds


Firmness refers to the level of support and how hard or soft a mattress feels. The firmness of a mattress is typically categorized on a scale ranging from soft to medium to firm, with variations in between. The ideal firmness level for a mattress is subjective and varies from person to person.

It’s important to consider your own comfort preferences, body type, and any specific sleep needs you may have when selecting a mattress. Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress offers two firmness options in one mattress. This versatility allows sleepers to choose the firmness level that suits their preferences and needs.

The medium side, rated at 5 out of 10, falls in the middle of the firmness scale and can be described as medium-plush to medium-firm. The firm side, rated at 7 out of 10, provides a firmer sleeping surface.

Choosing between two firmness levels can be beneficial, as it allows individuals to customize their sleeping experience based on their personal preferences, body weight, and preferred sleeping positions. Some people may prefer a softer feel for pressure relief and sinkage, while others may prefer a firmer surface for more support and stability.

Material & Construction

Q1. What are the unique technology, design, and materials used in the construction of the Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress?

Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress is 10” deep, featuring three layers and a combination of pocketed coils and foam layers.

  • Layer 1: The upper 1″ layer is made of a synthetic polymer visco memory foam infused with cooling gel. This layer forms the shape of your body and reshapes to its former structure as pressure is removed. This support foam structure provides excellent pressure point relief, while the cooling gel infusion is designed to reduce overheating.
  • Layer 2: The support layer is in the middle, featuring an individually wrapped pocketed coil system that goes from edge to edge. This layer is 6 “tall, acting as the main support unit and offering reinforced edge support. The pocketed coil system provides stability, responsiveness, and enhanced airflow throughout the mattress.
  • Layer 3: The base 1″ layer is made of high-density firm foam. This layer acts as a comfort layer. It provides extra support and a structure to the firm side of Raven Flippable mattress. The bottom layer provides a durable base to prevent sinking and sagging.

The three layers of the Raven Flippable Hybrid mattress are wrapped in a very soft cover both on the top and the base. The 1″ Quilting Foam Cover is a soft but resilient polyfoam. This cover gives a soft plush pillow top feel to the skin.

The special cover is made of cooling phase change material that is cool to the skin and comfortable for those who sleep hot. This absorbs heat and maintains a consistent sleeping temperature. On the firm side, Raven mattress has a denser 1″ top cover similar to the medium side that won’t flatten or compress over time. This flippable feature helps you to use either side of the mattress.

The mattress is designed to be flippable, offering two firmness options. Each side has a different level of firmness, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs. This innovative design provides versatility and customization for different sleepers.


Nestbedding Raven Flippable Hybrid-Medium Firm
Materials & Construction (1=Least, 5=Best) (3.75/5)
Repositioning (1=Least, 5=Best) (3.75/5)
Comfort (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.00/5)
Cooling (1=Least, 5=Best) (3.75/5)
Motion Isolation (1=Least, 5=Best) (3.25/5)
Edge Support (1=Least, 5=Best) (3.75/5)
Overall Rating 3.71/5
Rating Scale: 1 = Average, 2 = Good, 3 = Very Good, 4 = Excellent, 5 = Winner



Q1. How would you rate Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress from a repositioning & responsiveness perspective?

Repositioning means that sleepers can change position quickly. A responsive mattress has the ability to contour and adapt to your body’s movements, ensuring that you do not feel stuck or sink too deeply into the mattress.

Raven mattress is designed with a combination of foams and springs, which gives it a responsive and bouncy feel. The presence of coils in the mattress contributes to its overall bounce and responsiveness. This means the mattress quickly responds to pressure and allows easy repositioning on the bed.

These repositioning and responsiveness features of the Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress aim to provide a sleep surface that adapts to your body’s needs, allowing for comfortable repositioning and ensuring consistent support throughout the night. By accommodating different sleep positions and movements, the mattress enhances your overall sleep experience and promotes better sleep quality.

Comfort, Back Support, Pressure Relief


Q2. How would you rate Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress for providing comfort and pressure relief to sleepers?

Comfort refers to the overall sensation and feeling of satisfaction that a mattress provides when you lie down on it.  The spinal alignment and pressure relief of a mattress is important in deciding which one to buy. To maintain good back support while you sleep, your spine must remain straight, similar to when you are standing.

Pressure relief is a mattress’s ability to reduce pain in pressure points of shoulders, hips, and lower back. When you lie down, body weight creates pressure on these areas, potentially leading to discomfort and restricted blood flow. Unfortunately, no mattress delivers these two things equally well for all sleepers. Spinal alignment and pressure relief capabilities vary with weights, body shapes, and sleep positions across sleepers.

A mattress with good pressure relief helps distribute body weight evenly, reducing pressure on these sensitive areas. By reducing pressure points, the mattress helps promote better circulation and allows the muscles to relax, to ensure a restful sleeping experience.

Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress is designed to provide exceptional comfort and pressure relief, catering to the needs of various sleepers. By incorporating thoughtful construction and high-quality materials, the mattress aims to create a sleep surface that promotes a restful and rejuvenating experience.

The mattress offers two firmness options in one mattress. This customization ensures that individuals can find the ideal level of firmness for their comfort. Raven Flippable Hybrid mattress incorporates multiple foam layers that contour to the body’s shape, providing a comfortable cradle-like feel. These foam layers conform to the curves of the body, relieving pressure points, particularly around the shoulders, hips, and lower back. The contouring effect helps distribute body weight evenly, reducing the risk of discomfort and enhancing pressure relief.

The mattress features a pocketed coil system that provides support and responsiveness. These individually wrapped coils respond independently to pressure, adapting to the body’s movements and ensuring proper spinal alignment. The foam layers combined with pocketed coils offer a balanced level of support and cushioning, contributing to overall comfort.

Cooling & Temperature Control


Q3. How would you rate the cooling and overall temperature control characteristics of Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress?

Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress incorporates features and materials that contribute to its cooling and overall temperature control characteristics. The mattress aims to create a comfortable sleep environment by promoting airflow, dissipating heat, and preventing excessive heat build up.

The mattress is designed with a plush polyfoam material cover that allows air to flow freely through the surface. This helps prevent heat from becoming trapped near the body. Helps wick away moisture thereby reducing skin temperature and promotes ventilation throughout the mattress.

Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress incorporates cooling gel-infused foam layers. The gel infusion helps to absorb and dissipate body heat, contributing to a cooler sleep experience. Gel-infused foams are designed to regulate temperature and provide a refreshing feel.

The combination of foam layers and pocketed coil systems in the hybrid design contributes to temperature regulation. The presence of coils allows for increased airflow and prevents heat build up. The foam layers work in conjunction with the coils to promote a balanced sleep surface that dissipates heat efficiently.

Motion Isolation and Sharing a Bed


Q4. Does Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattresses provide reasonable motion isolation when sharing a bed with others?

Motion isolation is considered as a mattress’s ability to decrease motion transfer, particularly when a person moves or changes positions on the bed. When you share a bed with a restless sleeper, motion isolation becomes important to ensure that movements on one side of the bed do not disturb the other person’s sleep.

A mattress with good motion isolation will effectively absorb and isolate motion, preventing it from getting transferred across the surface of the mattress. This means that when one person moves, the motion is contained to the immediate area and does not disturb the other person.

Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress is designed with a combination of foams and springs to provide a responsive feel. The presence of coils in the mattress gives it a bouncy and easy-to-reposition-on quality. This can be beneficial for individuals who prefer a more responsive surface and find it easy to change positions during sleep.

However, one drawback of the increased bounce and responsiveness is that it can result in reduced motion isolation. This suggests that as a person shifts their position on the bed, the movement can be transferred across the mattress, potentially disturbing their partner’s sleep. This can be a downside for sleepers who share their bed with a restless partner, children, or pets, as the movement can be felt on the other side of the mattress.

In case you are opting for a mattress which provides excellent motion isolation and minimizes the transfer of movement, the Nest Raven may not be the best choice for your needs. You may instead consider mattresses with advanced motion isolation features, such as memory foam mattresses or hybrid mattresses with individually pocketed coils designed to reduce motion transfer.

Edge Support


Q5. How would you rate the edge support of Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattresses?

Edge support refers to the ability of a mattress to maintain its structure and provide adequate support along the edges. It is specifically focused on the perimeter of the mattress, where people often sit or sleep. Good edge support offers a consistent level of comfort and stability from the center of a mattress to the edges, preventing excessive sinking or sagging.

Edge support expands the usable sleep surface of the mattress. This can be particularly beneficial for couples or individuals who share a bed and need to utilize the full surface area. Edge support is important for couples, as deficient performance limits both sleeping and sex to closer to the center of the bed, rather than its perimeter.  Firm and supportive edges make it easier to get on the mattress and sleep, especially for individuals with mobility issues or those who require assistance.

Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress is designed to offer reliable edge support, providing a solid and supportive perimeter for sleepers. The mattress displays reinforced edge support. This feature typically involves using firmer foams or additional support structures along the edges of the mattress. It enhances stability and prevents excessive sinking or sagging when sitting or sleeping near the edges.

The pocketed coil layer found in the mattress’s construction contributes to the overall edge support. Individually wrapped coils offer targeted support and minimize motion transfer. These coils tend to extend to the mattress’s periphery, reinforcing the edges and maintaining a consistent level of support across the entire sleep surface.

Recommendation based on sleeping style

A quality mattress can provide the necessary support, pressure relief, and comfort that your body needs to recover from a day’s activities and improve overall well-being. Irrespective of your sleeping positions, finding the right mattress is essential for rejuvenating and healing your body during sleep. When it comes to mattress firmness, materials, and other features, the individual choices of people vary.

There are four basic sleep postures: Side, Back, Stomach, and Combination positions. Sleepers of these four different positions have specific needs and requirements regarding comfort, support, and flexibility.

Back Sleepers:

  • Back sleepers generally need a mattress that offers a balance of pressure relief and support to maintain proper spinal alignment. Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress can be a good option for back sleepers due to its customizable firmness options.
  • The mattress features hybrid construction with pocketed coils that provide excellent support. The coils help distribute your body weight evenly and promote proper spinal alignment. This support is crucial for back sleepers to avoid any discomfort or pain in the lower back region.
  • Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress offers two firmness options, allowing one to choose the one that suits your preferences. The firmer side of the mattress can provide a solid and supportive surface for Heavy back sleepers, ensuring that your body doesn’t sink too deeply into the mattress. Combined with the coils, this would do a decent job of keeping the spine position neutral.
  • Average-weight back sleepers weighing 130 to 230 pounds may find both sides comfortable. These individuals should experience more sinkage in the quilted top while the coils keep the body aligned.
  • While back sleepers generally require a firmer surface; it’s essential to have some level of contouring for pressure relief. The Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress’s medium firm side can adequately contour your body, particularly around the lumbar region. This contouring can help alleviate any pressure points and promote more comfortable sleep.

Stomach Sleepers:

  • Stomach sleepers typically require a firmer mattress to maintain proper spinal alignment and prevent the hips from sinking in too deep into the mattress. While the Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress does offer two firmness options, it is essential to note that both sides may not provide the necessary level of firmness for some stomach sleepers.
  • Average-weight stomach sleepers may prefer the firmer side of the Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress. This side offers a more solid and supportive surface, which can help prevent excessive sinking of the hips. The firmness can help keep your spine aligned and reduce lumbar and back pain.
  • The mattress features pocketed coils that offer excellent support. These coils help distribute your weight evenly and provide additional reinforcement to maintain proper spinal alignment. The supportive coil system can benefit stomach sleepers who need extra support to keep their body properly aligned.

Side Sleepers:

  • Side sleepers typically require a mattress that provides pressure relief and proper support to alleviate potential discomfort on the shoulders and hips. Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress can be a suitable option for side sleepers due to its customizable firmness options.
  • The mattress offers two firmness options. Side sleepers generally benefit from a slightly softer surface that contours to the body’s curves and relieves pressure points. Side sleepers may prefer the medium firm side of the Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress for better pressure relief on their hips and shoulders.
  • The mattress’s foam layers can provide contouring support, conforming to the body’s shape and relieving pressure points. This feature is particularly important for side sleepers as it helps distribute weight evenly, reducing the risk of discomfort and promoting better spinal alignment.
  • The combination of pocketed coils and foam in the mattress offers a balance of support and comfort. The pocketed coils provide support and responsiveness, while the foam layers offer contouring and cushioning. This combination can help alleviate pressure on the shoulders and hips, which are common areas of concern for side sleepers.
  • If case of couples sleeping together motion isolation can be beneficial to minimize disturbances. The Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress’s construction, including the foam layers, can help absorb and isolate motion, reducing the impact of your partner’s movements during the night and allowing for undisturbed sleep.

Combination Sleepers:

  • Combination sleepers require a mattress that offers both pressure relief and support, as well as the ability to adapt to different sleeping positions. Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress can be a good choice to cater to the needs of most combination sleepers as they change their sleeping positions while they sleep.
  • The two firmness options of Raven flappable hybrid mattresses are especially beneficial for combination sleepers as they can adjust firmness based on their preferred sleeping positions. A combination sleeper may choose the medium firm side for side sleeping and the firmer side for back or stomach sleeping.
  • A hybrid mattress, offers a balance of support and contouring by combining pocketed coils and foam layers. The coils provide excellent support and help in even distribution of body weight, while foam layers provide contouring and pressure relief. This combination can accommodate the various sleeping positions of combination sleepers and provide comfort and support where needed.
  • Combination sleepers who frequently change positions can benefit from a mattress with sound motion isolation. The Raven Flippable Hybrid Mattress’s pocketed coil system and foam layers work together to minimize motion transfer. Any movement you make throughout the night is less likely to disturb your partner, allowing you to sleep peacefully.


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Full$1449$1304 10%
Queen$1699$1529 10%
King$1899$1709 10%
Cal King$1899$1709 10%
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