Puffy Royal Mattress Review

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Last updated | January 31, 2024

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Puffy Royal Mattress-Hybrid


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Puffy Royal Mattress-Hybrid

By Brand: Puffy
4.42 out of 5.0
$3749 $2399

Product Description

Have you ever wished to sleep like a royal?

Well, Puffy Royal Mattress is here to turn that dream into a reality.

Puffy Royal Hybrid mattress is a high-end option that combines substantial memory foam layers with a responsive coil base. This combination creates a comfortable feel that is soft without being overly plush or causing a sinking sensation.

In this Puffy mattress review, SmartMattressBuy will delve into various aspects, such as the mattress’s structure, materials used, comfort, sleep quality, and performance for couples. This comprehensive information aims to assist you in deciding whether this mattress aligns with your preferences and could potentially be the ideal mattress choice for your needs.

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Q1. What is unique about the Puffy Royal mattress? Does it provide superior cooling, comfort, back support, and pressure relief?

Puffy Royal mattress is designed to offer a cool and comfortable sleep experience while providing good back support and pressure relief.

Let us explore a brief overview of its key features.


  • Puffy Royal mattress is designed with cutting-edge temperature control features, specifically crafted to enhance your sleep experience. The mattress incorporates optimal airflow and heat dispersion mechanisms thanks to a combination of moisture-wicking wool and premium foam infused with a cooling gel.
  • The key to its cooling feature lies in the carefully chosen materials. The blended wool actively wicks away moisture, preventing any build-up that could contribute to discomfort during the night.
  • Meanwhile, the premium foam, infused with cooling gel, promotes efficient heat dispersion, ensuring that your body temperature remains regulated throughout the night.
  • Adding to the luxurious feel, the quilted cover of the Puffy Royal mattress is designed to provide a refreshing, cool-to-the-touch sensation. This cover enhances the overall cooling effect, making your sleeping environment exceptionally comfortable.

So, whether you’re a hot sleeper or just looking for that extra touch of coolness in your sleep, Puffy Royal mattress is tailored to meet your needs.

Pressure Relief

  • Puffy Royal mattress is designed to offer ultra-responsive comfort and pressure relief. One of the key features that sets it apart is its ultra-responsive foam. This foam reacts quickly to changes in your sleeping position, ensuring that it contours to your head, neck, shoulders, back, and legs to provide optimal pressure relief.
  • Puffy Royal mattress features a dense core support foam. This foam not only provides a solid foundation for the mattress but also plays a crucial role in eliminating movement transfer.
  • In addition to pressure relief, the mattress is designed to align your spine properly. This helps in maintaining a healthy posture while you sleep, reducing the likelihood of waking up with aches or discomfort.

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  • If you’re all about that plush memory foam comfort but still need good lumbar support, Puffy Royal could be your dream mattress. It’s got soft and cozy comfort layers up top, and underneath, there are strong coils for that extra support.
  • The mattress features a Climate Comfort Foam. It’s a bit firmer than regular memory foam, and it’s quick to respond when you move around.
  • If you struggle with lumbar pain, Puffy Royal has your back. It’s got zoned support in the polyfoam layer, making some areas firmer and others softer. This means it caters to the comfort and support needs of both side and back sleepers.

Back Support

  • Puffy Royal Hybrid mattress is recognized by the American Chiropractic Association for providing top-notch back support. It’s crafted to help ease back pain and calm down any muscle or joint tension you might be dealing with.
  • The plush contouring foams are not just there for the cozy factor. These foams cradle you in comfort and ease back pain. The mattress keeps an eye on your temperature, making sure you stay cool and comfy.
  • The sculpting foam adjusts to your every move. As you switch positions, it contours to your head, neck, shoulders, back, and legs, making sure to relieve any pressure points along the way.

Q2. How firm is this Puffy Royal mattress?

People have varied preferences when it comes to mattress firmness. We all have our own preferences when it comes to how firm or soft we want them to be.

  • Firmness Factors

When it comes to picking a mattress, things like your body weight, shape, and what feels comfy to you really matter. How a mattress feels – whether it’s firm or soft – depends on your own preferences. So, finding the right fit for you is all about what makes you feel the most comfortable when you’re lying down.

Puffy Royal Mattress Firmness

Puffy Royal Mattress features an Ultra-Plush sensation. It’s like sleeping on a soft and comfy mattress. If you like plush mattresses but want something even softer, this one’s for you! It’s good for individuals who prefer sleeping on their side or back.

Read our mattress firmness guide to know more!

Q3. How thick is Puffy Royal mattress?

Puffy Royal Hybrid is one of the tallest mattresses out there, standing at 14 inches. It’s the thickest of all Puffy mattresses, with extra comfort layers. The mattress features an added cooling and supportive layer called zoned polyfoam. Plus, the core has a pocketed coil system for even more support.

Q4. Is Puffy Royal Mattress Safe?

Yes. Puffy mattresses use special foams that have been certified by CertiPUR-US®. This means they don’t have any harmful chemicals in them. Puffy wants to make sure you have a comfy and supportive sleep, so each layer of foam in mattresses is tested in a lab. It meets the highest safety and quality standards around the world. Plus, you can rest easy knowing the mattresses have low VOC emissions.

  • CertiPUR-US®: CertiPUR-US is a rigorous certification program that evaluates the composition of foam used in mattresses and other upholstered products. Puffy Mattress proudly adheres to these standards, ensuring that the foam is free from harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, mercury, lead, and other hazardous materials.

This commitment to safety and health not only promotes a healthier sleeping environment but also contributes to overall well-being.

Curious to know more about CertiPUR-US® Certification? Read on!

Q5. What sizes are available for Puffy Royal mattresses?

Puffy Royal mattress comes in 7 different sizes. It has got Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, and Split King. So, you can choose the size that fits you best for a comfortable night’s sleep!

Q6. Briefly discuss Puffy Royal Mattress’s policy on shipping, delivery, risk-free trial, and warranty?

Puffy Royal Mattress has specific policies in place regarding shipping, delivery, risk-free trial, and warranty to ensure a satisfying mattress shopping experience.

Shipping and Delivery

  • When you order from Puffy Mattress, you get free shipping! It’ll reach your doorstep in just 1 to 2 days. Yep, it’s quick and absolutely free!

Sleep Trial

  • Puffy Mattress offers a 101-night sleep trial for you. If you decide you don’t like your mattress within 101 nights, Puffy will set up a free return and give you all your money back.


  • When you use your Puffy® Mattress, make sure it’s on a bed frame or base that fits it just right or your mattress may slide off your bed frame. If it gets damaged from abuse, burning, misuse, or improper use, the warranty won’t cover it.
  • Puffy® Mattresses are made with top-notch foams and high-quality materials. They’re designed to adjust to your body shape up to a certain point. If you notice body impressions deeper than 1.5 inches, don’t worry – your lifetime warranty has got you covered!

Pros & Cons

Q1. Who would you recommend Puffy Royal mattress to?

Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress is comfortable and feels really soft. Let’s talk about who should use it. It’s good for people who:

  • Prefer luxury feel with good edge support.
  • Like a balance between conforming and responsiveness.
  • Are suffering from back pain.
  • Are hot sleepers.

Q2. Who should avoid Puffy Royal mattress?

Puffy Royal mattress may not be the right fit for those who:

  • Prefer a bouncy innerspring feel
  • Are Stomach Sleepers
  • Like budget-friendly mattress

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Choosing the right mattress is a personal and important decision for your sleep comfort. One crucial factor to consider is mattress firmness. But what exactly is mattress firmness, and how does it impact your sleep experience?

Mattress firmness refers to how soft or firm a mattress feels. It’s a subjective measure that varies from person to person based on individual preferences and needs.

To help customers make more informed choices, mattresses are often categorized on a firmness scale ranging from soft to firm. This scale typically ranges from 1 to 10, with 1 being extremely soft, 10 extremely firm, and 5 considered medium or neutral firmness.

In this mattress review, I’m going to tell you about how comfortable Puffy Royal Mattress feels. It’s all about how firm or soft it is, so let’s dive into this mattress review together!

Puffy Royal Mattress – Firmness

Puffy Royal Mattress offers an ultra-plush feel. It has got soft comfort layers at the top and strong coils at the bottom. The mattress molds to your body’s contours, relieving pressure points and aligning your spine for optimal comfort. Whether you’re a side sleeper or a back sleeper, the ultra-plush firmness accommodates your sleeping positions, ensuring a personalized and delightful sleep experience.

If you sleep on your side, you might like softer mattresses because they give extra support to your shoulders and hips. This mattress has lots of soft layers, so you can feel comfortable. But if you’re on the heavier side, it might not be the best fit because you could sink in too much.

Material & Construction

Q1. What are the unique technology, design, and materials used in the construction of the Puffy Royal mattress?

Puffy Royal Mattress features a 10 layer design. It is a combination of memory foam and coils to give you a comfy and supportive experience. The foams in this mattress are designed to be firmer around your hips and softer around your shoulders, giving you the right support and pressure relief where you need it most.

In this mattress review, I’m going to explain how this mattress is put together. Let’s take a closer look at how it’s built!

  1. Cover:

Layer 1: Puffy Royal Mattress features a thin, breathable cover. It uses special cooling yarns in the top layer to create a cool-to-the-touch, cloudlike feel. It’s suitable for those who tend to get hot while sleeping. Plus, the cover is stain-resistant, removable, and easy to wash in the machine. So you can keep your mattress feeling fresh and cozy!

Layer 2: Underneath the cover, we’ve got a special layer of high-quality blended wool that’s about 0.25 inches thick. This layer does a good job of soaking up any moisture so you stay cool and dry.

Layer 3: The Climate Fiber Layer underneath has a cool feature. It’s got 0.25 inches of heat-resistant fibers. This helps make sure air circulates really well, keeping things nice and comfy for you!

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  1. Comfort Layer:

Layer 4: Just under the outer cover, there’s a special layer called Infused Cooling Foam. It’s a 1-inch thick foam infused with cooling gel. This helps you sink comfortably into the top layers of the Puffy Royal Hybrid mattress. The foam helps to stop the bed from getting too hot so you can sleep comfortably.

  1. Contour Layer:

Layer 5: In Puffy Royal Hybrid, there’s a layer called Reflexive memory foam. It’s like a cushion that molds to your body shape. This 2-inch layer is extra soft and takes its time getting back to its normal shape when you lie on it. This adds to that sinking feeling you get from the top layer of Infused Cooling Foam. This reflexive foam reacts when you change positions, giving you some relief from pressure.

  1. Pressure Relief Layer:

Layer 6: Under the reflexive memory foam, there’s a layer of Climate Comfort Foam. This 1-inch layer is a bit firmer than the memory foam and responds faster when you press on it. The Climate Comfort Foam is designed to help keep your spine aligned and gives you good support. It’s all about making sure you feel comfortable and well-supported while you sleep.

  1. Transition Layer

Layer 7: The next layer is crafted using Cloud Sculpting Technology Foam. It’s a 2.5-inch layer of foam designed to provide support for your entire body in five different areas. This special foam is a bit firmer, helping you comfortably settle onto the coil support layer underneath. It acts like a comfy cushion for your head, neck, shoulders, back, and legs, making sure you get the support you need.

  1. Base Layer

Layer 8: Below the foam layers, there’s a 6-inch part with individually wrapped coils. These coils do 2 things: they provide motion isolation, and they give a bit of bounce to the mattress.

  1. Edge Support

Layer 9: Beneath the base layer, you have this 1-inch foam edge support. It’s like a strong border that keeps everything in place. It helps your back stay straight, stops the bed from wobbling too much, and makes sure you don’t feel your partner tossing and turning.

Layer 10: The mattress comes with a special Grip Base Cover. It makes sure your bed stays in place, just the way you like it.


Puffy Royal Mattress-Hybrid
Materials & Construction (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.50/5)
Repositioning (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.50/5)
Comfort (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.50/5)
Cooling (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.50/5)
Motion Isolation (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.00/5)
Edge Support (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.50/5)
Overall Rating 4.42/5
Rating Scale: 1 = Average, 2 = Good, 3 = Very Good, 4 = Excellent, 5 = Winner



Q1. How would you rate Puffy Royal mattress from a repositioning & responsiveness perspective?

Repositioning & Responsiveness

  • Repositioning: Repositioning means switching up your sleeping positions and not sticking to just one sleeping style. It’s good for your health because it helps avoid putting too much pressure on certain parts of your body and lowers the chance of getting pressure sores. And when it comes to picking a mattress, it should be able to handle your movements to make sure you sleep comfortably.

The quality that lets a mattress do this is called responsiveness. Let me explain more about that.

  • Responsiveness: When we talk about mattress responsiveness, we’re basically talking about how well it adjusts to your body when you move around. A mattress with high responsiveness quickly molds to your body, giving you instant support and easing pressure as you change positions. This means the mattress can adapt fast to your movements, making it comfy and supportive by following the natural shape of your body.

Memory foam likes to hug your body and remember its shape for a bit before bouncing back. This can make the mattress feel like you’re sinking into the bed, especially if there’s a lot of foam.

But, with Puffy Royal Hybrid, the coils add a bit of bounce, making it a bit easier to move around compared to beds with only thick foam. When you press down on the mattress, reflexive memory foam quickly bounces back, so it goes back to its original shape right away. It’s like a quick response to pressure!

Learn how foam surfaces prevent pressure ulcers!

Comfort, Back Support, Pressure Relief


Q2. How would you rate Puffy Royal mattress for providing comfort and pressure relief to sleepers?

Comfort & Pressure Relief

  • Comfort: Imagine sinking into your mattress and feeling completely comfortable and supported. This is the comfort of a mattress that provides a relaxed feeling and helps ease any discomfort or tension in your body.
  • Pressure Relief: It’s all about how comfortable your mattress is and how well it helps your body feel good. When a mattress is good at pressure relief, it means it can make those sore spots like your shoulders, hips, and knees feel much better. So, if a mattress is great at relieving pressure, it means it spreads your weight evenly, which takes away stress from certain areas and helps your blood flow better.

Puffy Royal Hybrid is good at relieving pressure. The mattress helps in easing pressure. If you’re a side sleeper, the softness is good for giving your shoulders and hips some extra relief. The comfort layers make you feel like you’re sinking in a bit, which is great if you’ve got sensitive joints. If you’re on the heavier side, you might sink in too much. For those of you with aches and pains, the memory foam layers work well for your hips and shoulders.

Cooling & Temperature Control


Q3. How would you rate the cooling and overall temperature control characteristics of the Puffy Royal mattress?

  • Puffy Royal Hybrid mattress has foams like Infused Cooling Foam, Climate Comfort Foam, and Cloud Air Technology Foam to keep you cool while you sleep. The mattress has pocketed coils in the bottom layer, which helps with airflow and makes it even more comfortable.
  • The Climate Comfort foam layer doesn’t just provide plush support; it contributes to the overall cooling experience. With each touch, you’ll feel the refreshing difference, ensuring that your bed stays cool.
  • The Contour-Adapt coils take it up a notch by promoting optimal airflow throughout the mattress. These coils work in harmony with the cooling layers, allowing air to circulate freely and regulate temperature.

Motion Isolation and Sharing a Bed


Q4. Does the Puffy Royal mattress provide reasonable motion isolation when sharing a bed with others?

When you’re choosing a new mattress, it’s crucial to think about how well it stops movement from spreading across the bed. This is called motion isolation. It means that if someone moves on one side, it won’t disturb the person on the other side. So, make sure to check for good motion isolation when picking out your mattress!

Puffy Royal Hybrid is pretty good at motion isolation. It has this memory foam that absorbs any motion, making it less likely for you to notice when your partner moves around or gets up during the night. However, because of the coils in the Royal Hybrid, it might have a bit more bounce compared to a mattress that’s all foam. So, it’s not fully motion-proof, but it’s still better than many other hybrid mattresses.

Curious to know more? Read the influence of lateral motion transfer on sleep!

Edge Support


Q5. How would you rate the edge support of Puffy Royal mattresses?

When you’re picking out a new mattress, don’t forget about the edge support. Getting a mattress with good edge support means you can use the whole bed without feeling like you might fall off. It gives a strong and supportive base, so whether you’re sitting or lying near the edge, it stays stable.

If you’re into good edge support, you might really like Puffy Royal Hybrid mattress. It has soft foam that can squish a bit, but the coil support and tough foam around the edges keep it from sagging too much.

Recommendation based on sleeping style

Choosing the right mattress is important for good sleep and feeling great overall. If you pick a mattress that gives you both support and comfort, it can really make a big difference in how well you sleep. Your sleep position can affect how well you rest and how comfortable you feel throughout the night.

Types of Sleeping Position

Back Sleeping: If you’re a back sleeper, you’re likely helping to keep your spine aligned, which is good for minimizing aches and pains.

Side Sleeping: If you sleep on your side, it’s really important to get a mattress that helps relieve pain and fits your body well. This makes sure your back is in the right position and avoids any discomfort in your hips and shoulders.

Stomach Sleeping: If you sleep on your stomach, it’s important to get a mattress that keeps your hips from sinking too much and keeps your spine in the right position. You’ll probably want a firmer mattress to avoid sinking too much in the middle. It’s all about getting the right support for a comfy sleep!

Puffy Royal Mattress and Side Sleepers

If you’re a side sleeper, you’ll like Puffy Royal Hybrid mattress. It’s good because the memory foam parts really help take the pressure off your hips and shoulders, and the coils give you this cozy cradle that keeps your spine in a good position.

This mattress works best for side sleepers who weigh under 230 pounds. If you’re a bit heavier, you might want something firmer for that extra support to keep your spine in line.

Puffy Royal Mattress and Back Sleepers

If you weigh less than 130 pounds and like to sleep on your back, Puffy Royal Hybrid is a good option for you. Its comfy layers hug your body, and the special layer and coils support your spine.

However, if you weigh more than 130 pounds, especially over 230 pounds, this bed might not be firm enough for you. The thick layers could make you sink too much, which might not be good for keeping your spine in a straight line.

Puffy Royal Mattress and Stomach Sleepers

Puffy Royal Hybrid mattress has comfort layers that mold to your body and feel just right – not too soft, not too firm. But, if you’re someone who sleeps on your stomach and weighs more than 130 pounds, you might find that it sags a bit too much.

We hope our detailed mattress review answers all your questions. If you’re still looking for other mattress choices, you can check out our Mattress Review Page. Feel free to pick the one that fits your needs, and don’t forget to take advantage of our new Cashback Rebate feature.


Size Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $2599 $1249 52%
Twin XL $2799 $1449 48%
Full $3499 $2149 39%
Queen $3749 $2399 36%
King $4049 $2699 33%
Cal King $4049 $2699 33%
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