Leesa Original Mattress Review

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Last updated | January 31, 2024

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Leesa Original Mattress


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Leesa Original Mattress

By Brand: Leesa
3.92 out of 5.0
$1332 $929

Product Description

Leesa the first online mattress brand in the market comes with three popular offerings: The Original, the Leesa Hybrid mattress, and the Leesa Legend mattress. The Original mattress is an all-foam mattress featuring memory foam. The other two models are hybrid variants. The Original and the Hybrid mattresses are available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King sizes, while the Legend mattress comes in Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King sizes.

Leesa Original is one of Leesa’s most popular and budget-friendly mattresses. The mattress can be used in various places, such as the kid’s rooms, college dorms, and guest bedrooms. It has a 10-inch foam and is made with three layers of premium foam to create a comfortable and supportive bed. It is wrapped in a soft, seamless gray high-quality piece of fabric.

In this article, we will review the Leesa Original in detail. The review below highlights the key attributes, features, and pros/cons of the mattress.

  • Material: The Leesa Original is made of memory foam and polyfoam of different densities The cover is a seamless gray twill fabric cover that is exceptionally soft and beautiful.
  • Sizes: The Leesa Original is available in all regular sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, California King, and King.
  • Shipping & Delivery: Free shipping and delivery offered.
  • Trial & Return: 100 nights trial period. Free returns are available
  • Warranty: The Leesa Original offers a 10-year limited warranty

Pros & Cons

The mattress is recommended for sleepers, who

  • Are light and average weight
  • Sleep in different positions
  • Prefer a medium-firm feel
  • Share their beds with partners

Not so ideal for sleepers, who

  • Want love of memory foam feel
  • Are heavyweight and sleep on their stomachs


Firmness is very subjective. It defines how soft or hard a mattress can be. The same bed may be soft to some and firm to others. It depends not only on personal choice but also on body weight and body type. Whether a mattress is soft or firm, it should be such that it supports body weight, promote healthy spine alignment, and ensure comfortable and restful sleeping.

The Leesa Original is a medium-firm mattress with firmness between 5-7 on a firmness scale of 10. The firmness gives comfort and support and relieves pressure, thus reducing lower back pain. The mattress provides a conforming feel of memory foam and also a buoyant latex feel. The mattress, neither being too soft nor too firm, suits a variety of sleepers sleeping in different positions.

Material & Construction

The Leesa Original is a premium all-foam mattress with a soft gray twill fabric cover that is so beautiful that no extra sheets are required to put on the bed before sleeping. The comfort layer is made of breathable, responsive foam that keeps you cool throughout the night. Beneath the comfort layer is the memory foam recovery layer that provides pressure relief in the hips and shoulders, and the base is a support layer of polyurethane foam.

The different layers in the mattress are detailed below:

  • Layer 1: The first layer is a 2-inch thick comfort layer made from Leesa’s exclusive and breathable polyurethane foam called LSA200. This responsive foam does not trap heat and provides sleepers the required hug and bounce they desire from a mattress.
  • Layer 2: This layer is the transition layer comprised of 2 inches thick high-density memory foam that relieves pressure from the shoulders, hips, and back. This layer also aids in body contouring.
  • Layer 3:  The bottom layer is 6 inches thick base layer made of polyurethane foam that lays the foundation of the mattress. This gives the mattress the desired support and contouring for the body.
Leesa Original Mattress


Leesa Original Mattress
Materials & Construction (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.25/5)
Repositioning (1=Least, 5=Best) (3.75/5)
Comfort (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.00/5)
Cooling (1=Least, 5=Best) (3.75/5)
Motion Isolation (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.00/5)
Edge Support (1=Least, 5=Best) (3.75/5)
Overall Rating 3.92/5
Rating Scale: 1 = Average, 2 = Good, 3 = Very Good, 4 = Excellent, 5 = Winner



Repositioning describes the ability to change positions easily while sleeping. Though the Leesa is an all-foam mattress with a memory foam layer, it responds quickly to the evolving positions of the sleepers. Lightweight and average-weight sleepers will not experience being trapped in the mattress, thus allowing them to change positions during sleep easily. However, heavyweight people may find it difficult on the mattress while changing positions.

Comfort, Back Support, Pressure Relief


Buying a mattress is difficult as there is a wide variety available in the market. The right mattress will help you have a good night’s sleep and will also give you relief from aches and pains, especially when you wake up in the morning. So, pain relief is an important feature that most people look for while buying a mattress. Back pain can be relieved only when the spine is relaxed.

Even though Leesa contains memory foam, it does not feel like a memory foam mattress. Unlike memory foam, Leesa has a quick response and quickly recovers its shape when compressed. It scales in the medium range of the soft/ medium spectrum, making the mattress comfortable and highly accommodating. It does reasonably well in terms of pressure relief. If the sleeper is an average-sized individual, irrespective of his sleeping position, he will not face any difficulty and will find that the mattress offers excellent pressure relief, especially around the hips and shoulders. This mattress

is a nice option for those who like to turn and toss around in their sleep. Leesa is a foam mattress that provides comfort in all sleeping positions. It is ideal for side sleepers as it provides good pressure relief due to the responsive materials used in the make.

The suitability of the mattress for different sleeping positions is detailed below:

  • Back sleepers: Back sleepers need support under their spine and neck to be able to sleep properly. The medium-firm level of the Leesa Original perfectly supports your back and helps to maintain your spine alignment for lightweight and average-weight sleepers. The Leesa Original being a firmer memory foam mattress, offers the right cushion needed along with solid support. Heavyweight back sleepers, though, may need to look for firmer options.
  • Side Sleepers: Side sleepers put the majority of their weights on their hips and shoulders. Thus, pressure relief and body contouring are the two essential features that they look for while buying a mattress. The Leesa gives the right amount of cushion needed to cradle the body for lightweight and average-weight sleepers. However, all-foam construction of the mattress can lead to too much sinking for heavyweight sleepers.
  • Stomach sleepers: Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress that would enable them to keep their hips elevated to prevent sinkage. Lightweight and average-weight stomach sleepers will get the necessary support to align the spine properly. The mattress conforms with body features, thus making sleepers feel supported and comfortable. Heavyweight stomach sleepers will need to look for firmer options from Leesa.
  • Heavy sleepers: The Leesa Original gives good support to heavyweight sleepers. Sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds will get vital support sleeping on the Leesa Original, but people weighing over 300 pounds will need a firmer mattress for better support.

Cooling & Temperature Control


The most critical condition determining the quality and duration of the body’s recovery during sleep is a considerable decrease in the core body temperature. Leesa is like any other mattress in the market when it comes to temperature control. It does an excellent job of keeping the heat away, and like all mattresses in the market, lighter people may find the mattress cool, whereas the people on the heavier side may feel that the heat is trapped. However, if overheating is something the sleeper faces in a mattress, then they may want to look at other options.

Motion Isolation and Sharing a Bed


Motion isolation describes if movement made across one side of the mattress is felt elsewhere on the mattress or not. Mattress with good motion isolation will help to neutralize activity made on one side of the bed, thus assisting partners in sleeping peacefully.

Leesa provides excellent motion isolation. It is mainly because of the combined work of the comfort layer and transition layer to nullify any cross-mattress motion. Hence, Leesa would be a perfect choice for sleepers who are sensitive to their partner’s movements in bed.

Edge Support


Edge support defines the support that a mattress can offer around its edges. The edge support helps in stabilizing the perimeter of the mattress. It is an important consideration for couples sharing their bed with partners, as poor performance may disturb their partners while getting in and out of bed, and limit using the full bed for sleeping together and while having sex.

If edge support is one of the key factors that the sleeper is looking for in a mattress, then Leesa is not for you. Like all memory foam mattresses, Leesa provides average edge support. When sitting or lying on the edges, it will sink thus, the mattress’s entire surface cannot be utilized.

Recommendation based on sleeping style

Sleeping peacefully at night is as essential as eating good and nutritious food. Sleeping peacefully helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Each one of us sleeps differently, and our needs for comfort and support are also very different and unique. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, 1 out of 3 people has insomnia leading to different health problems.

Below is a detailed description of how Leesa Original is a good fit for different sleep positions.

  • Side Sleepers: The Leesa mattress provides decent pressure relief and support for side sleepers with average build and body type. Sleepers with a light or heavy build may face some discomfort in this position.
  • Back Sleepers: People who sleep on their back tend to require more support — particularly around the hips, which may sink into softer mattresses and prevent proper spinal alignment. Leesa will provide the sleepers the necessary back support and alignment without letting the body sink too deep into the mattress.
  • Stomach Sleepers: Stability and support are essential for “stomach sleepers” not to cause back or hip pain. The Leesa mattress will work fine for the stomach sleepers but may not be the best option, especially for heavier people who may not find good spinal alignment and may sink too deep while sleeping.
  • Combination Sleepers-Those who alternate between various positions: Combination sleepers have a tendency to change positions while sleeping. The Leesa is a good choice for lightweight and average-weight combination sleepers. The top layer responds to movements quickly while the memory foam prevents motion transfer, thus making sleep enjoyable for combination sleepers.


Size Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $879 $614 30%
Twin XL $933 $649 30%
Full $1133 $789 30%
Queen $1332 $929 30%
King $1639 $1144 30%
Cal King $1639 $1144 30%
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