What Are the Best Alternatives to Sleep Number Beds?

What Are the Best Alternatives to Sleep Number Beds?
I think you are well aware of Sleep Number. It is one of the distinctive mattress brands available. They have been well known for decades for their adjustable air beds. You will find SleepIQ® as the technology that monitors your temperature. It monitors your heart rate as you sleep and adjusts the bed automatically.

Despite of that, I find it uncomfortable to purchase. The reason is Sleep Number bed is a bit too pricey. Hence, I’ve been looking into alternatives.

Below, you will find a list of Sleep Number alternatives. Pick the ones that suit your unique requirements.

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Best Alternatives to Sleep Number Beds

4 Best Sleep Number Beds Alternatives: A Detailed Guide

1. Helix Sunset Luxe with Adjustable Base

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Sleep Number’s C2 smart bed is renowned for its foam. In addition to being adjustable, it adapts to your body to provide good pressure relief.

Based on my observations, Helix Sunset Luxe is a good (and more reasonably priced) alternative. The Sunset model is the softest in Helix’s Luxe line. It is essentially an improved version of the company’s initial hybrid mattress lineup.

Its Memory Plus foam layer provides contouring that is comparable to that of the C2 foam. I find it incredibly soothing. It embraces my shoulders and hips when I lie down. Helix Sunset Luxe mattress, like all other Luxe mattresses has an additional pillow top. The soft, breathable Tencel cover act as perks.

More pressure alleviation is provided by the pillow top. The brand’s Adjustable Base feature customization akin to Sleep Number. It goes well with Sunset Luxe as well.


  • Good for side sleepers. It provides contouring and pressure alleviation.
  • It is good for people who prefer a softer mattress.
  • Because of the breathable cover and airflow-promoting coils, it’s suitable for hot sleepers.


  • The mattress is not recommended for heavyweight sleepers over 250 pounds.
  • Stomach sleepers may need a firmer and more supporting mattress.

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2. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe with Adjustable Base

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe with Adjustable Base

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Based on my observations, Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe is a cooling mattress. It makes it a substitute for a Sleep Number bed, particularly the i8 mattress. The i8 combats heat with ceramic gel. Aurora Luxe has cooling elements built into every layer.

It features airflow-designed springs, a cooling cover, and copper. This regulates the temperature incorporated into the foam on top.

Aurora Luxe has 3 firmness settings. This allows for some customization. However, it is not as much as with a Sleep Number mattress. Furthermore, you may improve the adjustability by using the Ascension® Adjustable Base by Brooklyn Bedding.


  • Side sleepers get comfort by choosing the soft model.
  • The medium model is suitable for back sleepers. The firm model is suitable for stomach sleepers.
  • It helps to sleep cool and wicks away heat.
  • Brooklyn Bedding mattress’s price falls within your budget.


  • The mattress is not suitable for heavyweight sleepers.
  • It does not support people who weigh more than 250 pounds.

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3. Nolah Signature 12 inch with Adjustable Base

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For those of you who sleep on your back like me, I believe Sleep Number bed iLE is a good option. I adore that it has customizable features. In addition, the thick comfort layer and breathable cover provide lots of cushioning.

I would recommend taking a look at Nolah Signature if you’re more interested in a conventional mattress. Its firmness cannot be adjusted, unlike iLE, however its position may be altered. This is because of the adjustable base.

This is a great way to personalise the feel of the bed. I particularly like AirFoam™, which keeps me cool. This gives me a little bounce that regular foam doesn’t offer.


  • Nolah provides a good degree of pressure alleviation for side sleepers.
  • It supports your shoulders and hips.
  • Like regular memory foam, Nolah is soft and conforming.
  • It maintains the alignment of the spine.


  • Stomach sleepers may want a firmer mattress.
  • Nolah Signature mattress would not be a better option if you want to sink into it.

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4. DreamCloud Hybrid with Adjustable Base

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I think Sleep Number c4 is among the more cost-effective options for people looking to buy a Sleep Number bed. However, DreamCloud provides an upgraded bed of premium materials at a substantially cheaper price range.

Numerous functions, including zero-gravity mode, anti-snore settings, and remote-control operation, are shared by both beds. Nevertheless, some of the more sophisticated features of Sleep Number beds are temperature controls, smart sleep adaptations, and sleep tracking. These are absent from DreamCloud.

In spite of this, DreamCloud offers good comfort and different firmness settings that work well with adjustable bed frames. DreamCloud is the better option if you want Sleep Number quality at a lower cost.


  • The medium-firm feel provides a good combination of support and comfort.
  • It’s a good option for hot sleepers.
  • You won’t feel like you’re rolling off the mattress when you sleep all the way over it.


  • Heavyweight side sleepers may find the mattress too soft.
  • The mattress has limited customization. There is only one firmness level available in DreamCloud.

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Now, we have explored various alternatives to Sleep Number. Let us explore what smart bed is all about!

What Exactly is a Smart Bed?

Smart Bed customizes your sleep. It collects information on your movements, body temperature, and heart rate. It might make cooling adjustments if it detects that your body heat is increasing. Additionally, it adjusts angles to make breathing easier for you if it hears snoring.

There are several sizes and styles of smart beds. Each one has special advantages. It allows you to adjust the firmness by connecting effortlessly with your phone. It’s similar to having a mattress that adjusts to your sleeping patterns. This makes sure you wake up feeling refreshed.

There are a few things I look at before choosing a Sleep Number bed over another brand. Let us find out!

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Sleep Number Alternative?

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Sleep Number Alternative?

  • Firmness:

I love how a Sleep Number mattress lets you adjust firmness with its air chambers. Not many mattresses like Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe offer this feature.

  • Budget:

It’s true. Sleep Number beds can be pricey. Knowing your budget upfront is key. Hence, you go from there to an alternative.

  • Sleep-Tracking:

What sets Sleep Number apart is its sleep-tracking technology. It adjusts based on your sleep patterns, a feature you won’t find in most adjustable mattresses. If sleep tracking is important to you, opt for Sleep Number.

  • Cooling:

The ability of a Sleep Number mattress to regulate temperature is impressive. If you value technology that adapts to your comfort needs, this is worth considering.

  • Device Compatibility:

Being able to connect your mattress to your phone is handy. Just make sure your devices are compatible with Sleep Number’s technology. If you prefer a mattress that just sleeps cool, go for a standard cooling mattress.

If you want something that adapts to changing needs, choose Sleep Number.

Selecting the right bed is a journey in finding unmatched comfort. Although Sleep Number beds provide high-tech features and customization, there are many of alternatives available.

Don’t settle for less! Try out the best Sleep Number alternatives mentioned above and improve your sleep quality right away!

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FAQs on Best Alternatives to Sleep Number Beds

  1. Who is Sleep Number’s Top Competitor?

In my opinion, Saatva Solaire stands out as a strong competitor to Sleep Number. This high-tech adjustable air bed offers 50 different firmness settings. It ranges from 1 (the softest) to 50 (the firmest). I found that Saatva Solaire caters well to a diverse range of sleepers. It makes it a good alternative to Sleep Number.

  1. How long does a Sleep Number bed last?

Ordinary mattresses typically need replacing every 8-10 years. A Sleep Number® smart bed is designed to last 15 years or more. Rest easy, knowing that any warranted repair or replacement is fully covered in the first year. Any prorated based on your purchase date.

  1. What are the drawbacks of a Sleep Number bed?

Besides being quite expensive, owning a Sleep Number bed like the Climate360 requires a smartphone. Although the SleepIQ® app is user-friendly, you won’t be able to access many features. The key features include firmness adjustments, bed frame settings, and temperature control.

  1. What are some alternatives to Sleep Number beds?

Experts recommend Nectar Premier as the top alternative to Sleep Number beds. It is due to its high-quality materials, slow-moving feel, and excellent cooling features.

  1. What types of beds are suitable for a Sleep Number mattress?

A Sleep Number mattress needs a firm, solid surface. It ensures optimal comfort and support. Traditional box springs are not compatible with Sleep Number mattresses. We recommend using a solid surface platform bed that are no more than 2 inches apart. It helps to maintain the mattress’s integrity and performance over time.

  1. What sets Tempur-Pedic apart from Sleep Number?

Tempur-Pedic distinguishes itself with its exclusive use of advanced TEMPUR-material. It offers unparalleled comfort and support through its adaptive properties. In contrast, Sleep Number utilizes a combination of foam and adjustable air pressure technology. It caters to individual preferences for firmness and support.

  1. Does a Sleep Number bed sag?

Yes, the potential for sagging exists in Sleep Number beds. It is due to their dual air chamber design. When one side of the bed is adjusted to be significantly firmer or softer than the other, it can create unevenness. This uneven distribution of weight and support may lead to sagging. It occurs in the middle of the bed over time.

  1. Why does my Sleep Number bed feel uncomfortable?

Your Sleep Number bed’s comfort can be influenced by various factors. It may include room temperature and changes in barometric pressure. If the setting on your remote or Sleep Number app doesn’t align with the feel of your bed, it may be due to these environmental changes.

We suggest adjusting your Sleep Number setting. It ensures optimal comfort based on current conditions.