Helix Sunset Mattress Review

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Last updated | April 6, 2024

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Helix Sleep Helix Sunset Mattress


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Helix Sunset Mattress

By Brand: Helix Sleep
4.08 out of 5.0
$1332 $999

Product Description

Helix Sunset is the softest model in Helix’s line of mattresses. It contours your body, especially around your pelvis and shoulders, giving you that comfortable support.

There are 3 variants of Helix Sunset Mattress: Helix Sunset, Helix Sunset Luxe, and Helix Sunset Elite.

Want to know more about how the mattresses feel and who it might be best for?

I will let you know about the different Sunset models in this comprehensive review as I detail into the features, pros and cons, firmness levels, and sleeping styles of each mattress. Read on!

Q1. What is unique about Helix Sunset Mattress? Does it provide superior cooling, comfort, back support, and pressure relief?

Pressure Relief

Helix Sunset mattress helps in contouring your hips and shoulders. It’s got Copper Gel Memory Foam that’s dense and provides pressure relief, to enhance your comfort.

And if you seek a premium feel, Helix Sunset Luxe mattress goes a step beyond! It features layers of soft memory foam to cushion your hips and shoulders along with a breathable TENCEL™ Cover.

Elite Mattress has steel micro coils incorporated that create a luxurious sleep experience. These coils target those pressure points at your shoulders and hips, making sure you enjoy targeted pressure relief.


Helix Sunset mattress exhibits a cozy, cloud-like feel as you lie down on it. It features Light Breathe Knit cover that’s super comfy and helps to keep things cool.

Oh, and the fun part? You get to choose! There are two external cover options: GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover and GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover + Pillow Top. You get to pick which one suits your comfort needs best.

Now, let’s talk about Sunset Luxe Mattress—it’s got options too! You can opt for the ultra-breathable TENCEL™ cover for maximum airflow, or if you’re feeling fancy, upgrade to Helix’s GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover for a comfortable cooling sensation.

For the ultimate sleep luxury Sunset Elite Mattress has 2 layers of individually-wrapped micro coils to provide targeted cushioning and comfort.

Superior Cooling

Helix Sunset mattress features Premium Cooling Covers. You can choose between a Breathe Knit cover or go all-in with GlacioTex™ Cooling Pillow Top. This technology dissipates heat away from your body, keeping you cool while you sleep.

Now, if you want a premium experience, Helix Sunset Luxe has got a TENCEL™ cover that’s super soft, keeps you cool, and lets your skin breathe naturally.

On the other hand, Sunset Elite Mattress has the next-level cooling feature. GlacioTex™ Cooling Technology adjusts your sleep temperature the moment you lay down, giving you a cooling sensation all night long.

Back Support

Helix Sunset Luxe features zoned lumbar support that helps to keep your spine aligned in a neutral position and relieves back pain. Helix Sunset Elite mattress packs in thousands of steel coils to make it durable and comfortable.

Plus, there are 2 layers of individually-wrapped microcoils that provide cushioning, ease back pain, and deliver a refreshing sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

Read on to know more about pain relief mattresses!

Q2. How firm is Helix Sunset Mattress?

All Helix Sunset mattresses are on the softer side. They’re rated between 2 and 3 on the industrial mattress firmness scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is soft and 10 is firm.

Q3. How thick is Helix Sunset Mattress?

Standard Helix Sunset Mattress is 11.5 inches thick, Sunset Luxe Mattress is 13.5 inches thick and Sunset Elite Mattress is 16 inches thick.

Q4. Is Helix Sunset Mattress Safe?

Helix Sunset Mattress is totally safe for you and your space. It’s got GREENGUARD Gold Certification that shows it has low chemical emissions, so your indoor air stays fresh and clean.

Plus, all the foams used are certified by CertiPUR-US, meaning they’re safe both for you and the environment. So, sleep without any worries!

Q5. What sizes are available for Helix Sunset Mattress?

Helix Sunset Mattress is available in 6 standard sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Find the best deals on your ideal mattress size!

Q6. Briefly discuss Helix’s policy on shipping, delivery, risk-free trial, and warranty.

Shipping and Delivery: Every Helix mattress ships free in the US, arriving in a box at your doorstep with contact-free delivery.

Risk-free trial: With Helix, you get to enjoy luxurious comfort with a 100-night risk-free trial.

Warranty: Helix Mattress is made with high-quality materials and premium craftsmanship. It also comes with a limited 15-year warranty included with every mattress.

Pros & Cons


  1. Good for side sleepers
  2. Provides relief for joint pain
  3. Suitable for those who like soft and plush feel


  1. Not good for stomach sleepers
  2. Less suitable for heavy sleepers weighing over 230 pounds


Mattress Firmness

Mattress firmness is basically how soft or firm a mattress feels when you lie down on it. Everyone has their own preference of firmness for how they like their mattress to feel. The mattress industry commonly utilizes a “firmness rating system,” which assigns scores to its mattresses on a scale that ranges from 1 to 10 where 1 is soft and 10 is firm.

So, if you want a soft mattress, you’d look for one that’s rated closer to 1 in the firmness scale. On the other hand, if you prefer something firmer, you’d go for a mattress closer to 10 on the firmness scale.

Let’s dive into how firm Helix Sunset Mattress feels.

Firmness of Helix Sunset Mattress

Helix Sunset mattress is a soft and comfortable mattress. It’s not firm and falls within a range of 2 or 3 on the mattress firmness scale ranging from 1 to 10. This mattress is good for individuals who are side sleepers or those who toss and turn while sleeping. It has soft memory foam layers that give you a plush, cozy feeling and provide pressure relief for your hips and shoulders.

Sunset Luxe Mattress has coils that support your body in different pressure zones. It is softer for your shoulders and firmer for your hips to help your spine stay aligned and your body feel cradled.

Sunset Elite Mattress has 5 layers of high-density foam that work together to keep you comfortable, especially if you are a side sleeper.

Material & Construction

Q1. What are the unique technology, design, and materials used in the construction of Helix Sunset Mattress?

Helix Sunset mattress is a combination of coils and foam. It has a soft breathable cover, memory foam layers, coil, and a strong base layer holding it all together.

So, let me break down the construction of Standard Helix Sunset, Sunset Luxe, and Sunset Elite mattresses. I’ll explain what makes each one different as we go through this mattress review.

Helix Sunset

1. Cover

Helix Sunset Mattress gives you two options for the top part: there’s the Light Breathe Knit cover or the GlacioTex™ Cooling Pillow Top. You get to pick which one suits you best!

2. Comfort Layer

Underneath the cover of Helix Sunset mattress, there’s this special comfort layer. It’s made up of 2 types of foam: Copper Gel Memory Foam and High-Grade Helix Responsive Foam. These foams combine to help ease pressure on your joints and mold to your body for a comfortable sleep.

3. Transition Layer

The transition layer of Helix Sunset Mattress is made of another row of High-Grade Helix Responsive Foam. This foam provides ergonomic support and adds a bit of extra cushioning.

4. Body Shape Layer

Next up is the body shape layer which is crafted with up to 1,000 individually wrapped coils. These coils are good at limiting motion transfer. Plus, they’re extra sturdy around the edges, giving you some support on the sides of the mattress.

5. Base Layer

At the bottom of this mattress, there’s the last layer made of DuraDense Foam. This foam is the foundation of the whole mattress. It gives strong support to the mattress and ensures its durability.

Helix Sunset Luxe

1. Cover

Sunset Luxe mattress comes with a premium quilted top. You can avail any of the 2 options: one with a breathable TENCEL™ cover, and the other with GlacioTex™ Cooling Cover. It’s all about what feels good for your sleep!

2. Comfort Layer

Sunset Luxe’s comfort layer features Copper Gel Memory Foam and Helix Responsive Foam. Helix Responsive Foam cradles and contours your body for optimal support and comfort. Copper Gel Memory Foam is designed to give you full body comfort.

3. Transition Layer

Underneath the Comfort layer, there’s another layer of High-Grade Responsive Foam, just like the one you’ll find in the regular Sunset model.

4. Zoned Body Shape Layer

This layer features 1,000 individually wrapped pocketed coils, just like in the regular Sunset model. But these coils are divided into zones to provide a firmer sensation around your lower back for extra support. The coils deliver a softer feel around your shoulders for a comfortable sleep.

5. Base Layer

The final layer of the mattress features DuraDense Foam, just like what you get in the regular model.

Helix Sunset Elite

1. Cover

Sunset Elite Mattress cover has this extra comfortable foam pillow top that feels plush and luxurious. And the best part? It’s made with this cool fabric called GlacioTex™ Elite that dissipates your body heat away. It ensures temperature-regulated, pressure-relieving comfort all night long.

2. Comfort Layer

The Comfort Layer is a combination of Copper Gel Memory Foam and Microcoil Comfort Layers. The premium Copper Gel Memory Foam gives you a soft and pressure-relieving feel, especially when you’re a side sleeper. It’s good for your hips and shoulders, giving them a gentle hug.

Steel microcoils are nestled between two layers of dense foam. They work together to hug your body, ensure comfort, and deliver targeted pressure relief.

3. Support Layer

Inside, there’s a second layer of individually-wrapped microcoils. They’re nestled between layers of memory foam. These second layers of steel microcoils offer luxurious comfort, specially designed to ease the pressure on your shoulders and hips.

Above these microcoils, there’s a layer of memory plus foam. It’s a dense foam that gives your body the support it needs without letting you sink too deep into the mattress. It’s soft but keeps you well-supported.

Underneath those microcoils, there’s a final layer of high-density foam. This layer keeps the mattress strong and durable.

4. Transition Layer

The transition layer of Sunset Elite mattress is made of Helix Responsive Foam. This foam sits right on top of the support base, and it’s there to ensure durability and pressure-relieving support.

5. Support Base

At the bottom, there’s a solid foundation made of 8 inches of top-notch steel coils. They’re designed to provide zoned lumbar support and edge support. These coils are sturdy to support sleepers.

6. Base Layer

At the very bottom, there’s DuraDense Foam. It’s the same kind they use in the regular model. This foam wraps up the bottom of the mattress, giving extra support to the sturdy steel coils above to deliver that luxurious sleep experience.


Helix Sunset Mattress
Materials & Construction (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.25/5)
Repositioning (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.00/5)
Comfort (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.00/5)
Cooling (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.00/5)
Motion Isolation (1=Least, 5=Best) (3.75/5)
Edge Support (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.50/5)
Overall Rating 4.08/5
Rating Scale: 1 = Average, 2 = Good, 3 = Very Good, 4 = Excellent, 5 = Winner



Q1. How would you rate Helix Sunset Mattress from a repositioning & responsiveness perspective? 

Repositioning means changing your sleep position during the night. Responsiveness is about how well your mattress contours your body and movements. When a mattress is more responsive, it leads to quicker shape recovery, making it easier for you to switch positions while you sleep.

All models of Helix Sunset mattress feature responsive memory foam layers that make you feel hugged and supported whenever you reposition.

Additionally, Sunset Luxe has a zoned coil system that provides zoned support under different areas of your body, which can make movement easier. Plus, there’s some extra coil support around the middle to help you move around without any hassle.

Sunset Elite features layers of microcoils along with 8 inches of individually-wrapped coils that offer sturdy support for sleepers.

Comfort, Back Support, Pressure Relief


Q2. How would you rate Helix Sunset Mattress for providing comfort and pressure relief to sleepers? 

Helix Sunset Mattress offers good pressure relief. The foam lets you sink in for a deep cradling, reduce pressure on spots like shoulders and hips. The special-zoned lumbar support in the Sunset Luxe mattress helps align your spine and relieve pressure on your back.

Sunset Elite mattress has 5 layers of special foam that give just the right relief for pressure points and comfort tailored to your unique sleeping style. The top layers of all Sunset mattresses are soft to give you that cozy, plush comfortable feel.

Cooling & Temperature Control


Q3. How would you rate the cooling and overall temperature control characteristics of the Helix Sunset Mattress?

Helix Sunset mattress has special coils and gel-infused foam that don’t trap heat. But sleep hot, you might want to check out the GlacioTex™ Cooling Pillow Top.

In the case of Helix Luxe mattresses too, you’ve got options for choosing the covers. There’s the TENCEL™ cover, which is ultra-breathable. Or you can opt for the GlacioTex™ cooling cover. This one’s also cool to the touch and is made to dissipate heat away from your body while you sleep.

The Elite model has built-in GlacioTex™ Elite cooling fabric cover that ensures temperature regulation and pressure relief.

Motion Isolation and Sharing a Bed


Q4. Does Helix Sunset Mattress provide reasonable motion isolation when sharing a bed with others?

Helix Sunset mattress has coils, but it’s good at motion isolation. The thick memory foam layer absorbs any movement, which makes it the best mattress for couples. Helix Sunset Luxe provides good motion isolation as it features pillow tops cushioned with multiple foam layers.

Sunset Elite mattress offers desirable motion isolation with 5 high-density foam layers. These respond to pressure and reduce motion transfer.

Eager to know more? Read our curated list on the best mattress for couples.

Edge Support


Q5. How would you rate the edge support of Helix Sunset Mattress?

Even though Helix Sunset is really soft, it surprisingly has decent edge support. The coils in the support layer provide comfort when sitting or lying near the edge of the bed. You may feel safe and comfortable sitting or lying close to the edge. If you share the bed with your partner or prefer sleeping on the edge, this mattress is a good fit.

Sunset Elite mattress has an 8-inch layer of high-quality steel coils that are designed to deliver support to your lower back and extra reinforcement all around the edges.

Recommendation based on sleeping style

How you sleep affects how well you rest at night. Finding the right sleep position can keep your back in good health and improve your spinal posture. There are 3 main sleeping styles: side sleeping, back sleeping, and stomach sleeping. Each one has its pros and cons, so picking the one catered to your unique needs can create a big impact on how you feel in the morning!

Let’s discuss how Helix Sunset mattress works for different sleep positions.

Helix Sunset Mattress and Side Sleepers

Helix Sunset Mattress is soft and good for individuals who are side sleepers. If you’re a light-weight side sleeper, weighing less than 130 pounds, this mattress is a good fit. It gives you just the right sinkage and takes off that pressure, making side sleeping comfortable. Even if you’re an average-weight side sleeper, weighing between 130 to 230 pounds, it’s still a decent choice. You’ll get that cozy feel and the support you need for a good night’s sleep.

To know more about the best mattresses for side sleepers read on!

Helix Sunset Mattress and Back Sleepers

If you weigh less than 130 pounds and are a back sleeper, Sunset mattresses are a fair choice. They provide necessary back support with contouring. For individuals who weigh between 130 to 230 pounds and are back sleepers, these mattresses are worthwhile to consider. The foam layers help to alleviate tension around the lumbar region.

Helix Sunset Mattress and Stomach Sleepers

If you are a stomach sleeper, you may consider before choosing Helix Sunset mattresses. These mattresses are on the softer side, and for stomach sleepers, it’s usually better to go for something firmer.

Stomach sleepers need more support around their lower back, and a firmer mattress helps to keep their hips elevated preventing sinkage. This maintains better spinal alignment and good posture. So, for those who are stomach sleepers, opting for a firmer bed might be the way to go for a good night’s rest.

Irrespective of your sleeping position, if you’re a heavy-weight sleeper, you might find that Sunset mattresses may cause you to sink more which can strain your back and pelvis. Thus, heavy sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds should consider firmer mattresses that provide enhanced support.

I hope our mattress review has covered all your queries. If you’re interested to check out more mattresses that suit your sleeping style, visit us! We’ve got some awesome deals waiting for you!


Size Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $936 $702 25%
Twin XL $1061 $795 25%
Full $1248 $936 25%
Queen $1332 $999 25%
Cal King $1748 $1311 25%
King $1748 $1311 25%
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