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Beautyrest Black Hybrid - Deluxe CX-Class - Medium


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Beautyrest Black Hybrid - Deluxe CX-Class - Medium

By Brand: Beautyrest
4.67 out of 5.0
$3599 $2999

Product Description

Simmons Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress is a high-quality mattress collection from the Simmons bedding company. These hybrid mattresses combine foam and metal coils to offer the utmost luxury and comfort. The collection comprises four mattress categories: Grand BX – Class, Enhanced LX – Class, Delux CX – Class, and Exceptional KX – Class. Each Class has different firmness options, including Firm, Medium, and Plush, and is priced at a premium compared to the newly designed Beautyrest Black® 2024 Edition.

The primary distinction between the Beautyrest Black® 2024 Edition and the Beautyrest Black® Hybrid mattress lies in their composition. The newly designed Beautyrest Black® Mattress incorporates gel-infused memory foam, micro diamond foam, and polyfoam in its comfort layers, which promises advanced temperature management and individualized support. In contrast, the Hybrid version combines gel-infused memory foam, high-density memory foam, and ultra-high-density memory foam. This blend increases contouring, improves pressure relief, and provides robust edge support in the hybrid model.

In the following sections, we will explore in detail the different aspects of the Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress, including its construction, firmness variations, comfort levels, pressure alleviation properties, temperature control features, and how it accommodates the preferences of different sleeping positions. Read the Simmons Beautyrest Hybrid Mattress review and decide whether it meets your requirements.

Q1. What Is Unique About The Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress? Does It Provide Superior Cooling, Comfort, Back Support, And Pressure Relief?

The Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress line offers a range of luxurious options to provide a comfortable and supportive sleep experience. Let us explore each of the four Classes to discover what makes the Hybrid model unique.

Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Grand BX—Class: This is the introductory model in the Beautyrest Black® Hybrid lineup. It features the latest cooling technology, advanced support systems, and high-quality materials for comfort.

Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Enhanced LX—Class: Enhanced LX—Class has all the features of BX—Class, plus more pressure-relieving foams for added comfort and ease of movement.

Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Delux CX—Class: The Delux CX—Class is an upgrade over the BX and LX—Class and offers more support and pressure relief.

Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Exceptional KX–Class: The Exceptional KX-Class is the most luxurious hybrid mattress in the catalog, with a supportive nano coil system and customized back support.


  • Gel-infused Memory Foam: In the comfort layers of the Simmons Black® Hybrid, you will find a combination of gel-infused memory foam, high-density foam, and plant-based cooling materials at the surface. All the elements work together to disperse heat and enhance cooling properties, ensuring a restful sleep. Moreover, the CX and KX-Classes incorporate extra comfort layers made from alpaca, cashmere, and silk, which boost airflow and improve breathability, thus improving the overall sleeping experience.

Comfort & Pressure Relief:

  • Memory Foam Layers: One of the unique characteristics of the Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress is its exceptional pressure relief capability. High-density memory foam layers, in combination with Firm Comfort Foam and AirCool® Foam, effectively cushion key pressure areas such as the hips and shoulders, thus relieving the stress from these areas. The Comfort Foam prevents excessive sinking of the lower back region, thereby supporting and maintaining proper spinal alignment during sleep.

Back Support:

  • T3 Pocketed Coil® Technology: Each Class of Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress includes a T3 Pocketed Coil® support system, where three springs are intertwined in triple strands and encased in a cloth fabric for additional support and pressure relief. This sophisticated coil system absorbs energy, thus effectively reducing motion transfer. Notably, in the KX-Class model, you will also find 2K nano coils besides the triple-stranded coils, which provide customized support from head to toe.

Q2. How Firm are Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattresses?

The Beautyrest Black® Hybrid X Class catalog has a range of mattresses, as categorized above. Each features various firmness options, such as Firm, Medium, and Plush. This diverse firmness selection accommodates the preferences of all types of sleepers, allowing them to select the best possible option for their needs.

Q3. How Thick Is Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress?

The height of Beautyrest Hybrid mattresses ranges from 12.5 to 15 inches, depending on your choice of model. The BX-Class measures 12.5 inches in height, the LX-Class stands at 13.5 inches, the CX-Class varies in height from 13.5 to 15 inches, and the KX-Class is the tallest with a height of 15 inches.

Q4. Is Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress Safe?

Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattresses are manufactured without harsh materials and chemicals. They are made from CertiPUR-US® certified foams, which are made from environmentally friendly compounds and do not use ozone depleters, formaldehyde, flame retardants, phthalates, or heavy metals.

Q5. What Sizes Are Available For Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattresses?

Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattresses come in five different sizes, viz. Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.

Q6. Briefly Discuss Beautyrest Black® Hybrid’s Policy On Shipping, Delivery, Risk-Free Trial, And Warranty?

Shipping: All items purchased through are available with free shipping. However, Beautyrest does not ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

Delivery: When you buy a Beautyrest mattress from Beautyrest’s website, you will receive complimentary White Glove Delivery, which covers the setup of your new mattress and the removal of any old mattress, if applicable. Although mattresses are shipped at no cost through FedEx Ground or UPS, the White Glove Delivery service is not offered in this shipping option.

Risk-Free Trial: Each Beautyrest Black® Hybrid mattress has a 100-night in-home trial. If you are unhappy with your purchase during this period, you can initiate a return and receive a full refund.

Warranty: Beautyrest offers a 10-year Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects, such as extreme compression, sagging, and stitching. The warranty applies only to the original purchasers of the Beautyrest Mattress from Beautyrest stores, online, or from an authorized retailer. The Limited Warranty is not transferable to any subsequent owners of the Beautyrest Mattress.

Pros & Cons

Q1. Who would you recommend the Beautyrest Black® Hybrid mattress to?

Sleepers have options across a wide range, including a long list of models in the Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress catalog. The beds are recommended for those who

  • Seek a blend of comfort, support, and luxury
  • Are hot sleepers
  • Side, back, and combo sleepers under 230 pounds
  • Share their beds with partners
  • Want a durable and long-lasting mattress

Q2. Who should avoid the Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress collection?

The Black® Hybrid Mattress collection is not recommended for those who

  • Are on a tight budget
  • Prefer firmer mattress
  • Strict stomach sleepers above 230 pounds


Like Beautyrest Black® 2024 Edition and 2022 Edition, the Beautyrest Black® Hybrid range has various mattress options, each with a distinct feel. Within each Class, you can select from Firm, Medium, or Plush firmness, ensuring an array of choices for a diverse customer base.

Grand BX- Class: Beautyrest Black® Hybrid BX Mattress has two different feels: Firm and Plush. The Firm option is suitable for back & stomach sleepers who need more support in the heavier body parts, while Plush is a good choice for side & back sleepers.

Enhanced LX – Class: Beautyrest Black® Hybrid LX Mattress gives a choice between Firm, Medium, and Plush, making it the most versatile option in the Hybrid catalog.

Deluc CX – Class: Beautyrest Black® Hybrid CX Mattress offers two firmness levels of Medium and Plush, catering to the needs of almost all types of sleepers.

Exceptional KX – Class: Beautyrest Black® Hybrid KX Mattress allows you to choose between Firm and Plush feels. The Firm caters to the needs of back & stomach sleepers, while the Plush to side & back sleepers.

Material & Construction

Q1. What are the unique technology, design, and materials used in the construction of the Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress?

As outlined earlier, the Beautyrest Hybrid Mattress offers a diverse selection of mattress choices. Its construction comprises premium components such as gel-infused memory foam, high-density polyfoam, latex, and pocketed coils. In the upgraded Class models, alpaca, cashmere, and silk fibers are infused into the comfort layers, increasing the cooling capabilities of these mattresses. Each Class has almost the same base and cover, with minor differences in the comfort layers.

The cover in each Black® Hybrid Mattress has antimicrobial protection that keeps the mattress fresh and prevents odor-causing bacteria. Just beneath the cover is Black®ICE™️ cooling technology exclusive to the Beautyrest brand, which helps in heat dissipation and sleeps cooler. With this latest cooling technology, the bed’s surface feels cool, which is beneficial if you are a hot sleeper.

Below is a detailed description of the construction of each Class of Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress.

Construction of Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Grand BX – Class Mattress
  • Layer 1: The top layer of the Grand BX – Class mattress features plant-based cooling materials, giving a cool sensation when lying down.
  • Layer 2: The comfort layers consist of two Beautyrest® Gel Memory Foam layers and a Firm Comfort Foam layer that offers pressure relief under the hips and shoulders, relieving all the stress so you can sleep relaxed all night and wake up refreshed.
  • Layer 3: The support system includes Zoned T3 Pocketed Coil® technology, which provides precise support to the body areas that need the most. Simultaneously, it absorbs any motion transfer caused by changing positions on the mattress. The coil system also evenly distributes your body weight across the bed and adapts to your sleeping posture, promoting spinal alignment for optimal body support.
Construction of Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Enhanced LX–Class Mattress
  • Layer 1: Beautyrest Black® LX Hybrid Mattress has everything from the BX–Class in addition to the advanced cooling system and enhanced pressure-relieving foams. The top layer is made of Black®ICE™️, a plant-based material that offers an instant cooling sensation on lying down.
  • Layer 2: The comfort layers comprise different types of foam in varying thicknesses, including AirCool™ Memory Foam, HD Memory Foam, Firm Comfort Foam, GelTouch® Memory Foam, and Beautyrest Gel Memory Foam. Each foam allows close body conforming for adequate pressure relief and responsiveness. Gel Memory Foam and Gel Touch Memory Foam do not allow body heat to remain trapped, thus ensuring a calm and relaxed sleep.
  • Layer 3: The support system consists of Zoned T3 Pocketed Coil® that absorbs energy besides offering targeted support in the heavier parts like the shoulders, lumbar region, and legs.
Construction of Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Enhanced CX – Class Mattress
  • Layer 1: The Beautyrest Black® Hybrid CX-Class Mattress is an upgrade over the LX-Class, offering more comfort and enhanced pressure-relieving benefits, support, and cooling. The top layer features Black®ICE™️, similar to the LX and BX-Class, for an instant cool sensation.
  • Layer 2: The comfort layer features AirCool™️ Memory Foam, HD Memory Foam, Self-Response™ Latex, cashmere, alpaca, and silk. It allows greater airflow and breathability, giving a luxurious and consistent sleeping experience.
  • Layer 3: Similar to the BX and LX-Class variants, the CX-Class model also features Zoned T3 individually wrapped coils that provide extraordinary support when lying down. These coils effectively absorb motion during position changes or getting in and out of bed, resulting in undisturbed sleep.
 Construction of Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Exceptional KX – Class Mattress
  • Layer 1: Beautyrest Black® Hybrid KX-Class Mattress incorporates all the attributes of the LX and CX-Class models and additional high-density memory foam layers. The uppermost layer, situated just beneath the mattress cover, includes the Black®ICE™️ cooling system, as discussed above, to promote a comfortable sleeping temperature.
  • Layer 2: The comfort layer features AirCool™️ Memory Foam, Ultra HD Memory Foam, HD Memory Foam, cashmere, alpaca, silk, and Self-Response™ Latex for more significant pain relief and enhanced conformability.
  • Layer 3: What sets this Class apart is the inclusion of 2K nano coils at the mattress’s base, in addition to Zoned T3 Pocketed Coils®, which significantly enhances back support and longevity. These exclusive 2K coils are engineered to provide individualized back support and a robust mattress.


Beautyrest Black Hybrid - Deluxe CX-Class - Medium
Materials & Construction (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.75/5)
Repositioning (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.75/5)
Comfort (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.75/5)
Cooling (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.75/5)
Motion Isolation (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.50/5)
Edge Support (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.50/5)
Overall Rating 4.67/5
Rating Scale: 1 = Average, 2 = Good, 3 = Very Good, 4 = Excellent, 5 = Winner



Q1. How Would You Rate Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress From A Repositioning & Responsiveness Perspective?


The Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress integrates high-density memory foam in its multiple layers, helping you quickly shift positions on the bed. This invokes enhanced support, stability, and adequate motion isolation for greater comfort. Among the various models, the KX-Class is the best in repositioning. The use of ultra HD memory foam and HD memory foam contributes to its repositioning attribute, thus helping in quicker and smoother position changes on the mattress compared to the other variants.


The design of Black® Hybrid Mattress models feature multiple foam layers and pocketed coils, making them highly responsive. These materials promote rapid regaining of the mattress’s original shape, decreasing your feeling of being trapped in the bed. Moreover, very high-density memory foam in the comfort layers of the CX and KX Classes significantly boosts these mattresses’ durability and overall quality.

Comfort, Back Support, Pressure Relief


Q2. How Would You Rate Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress For Providing Comfort And Pressure Relief To Sleepers?

Beautyrest Hybrid Black® is exceptional in providing pressure relief. The memory foam layers effectively conform to your natural body curves, improving comfort, thereby relieving critical pressure points and supporting proper spinal alignment as you sleep. The zoned pocketed coils (T3) at the mattress’s base extend support to much-needed body areas. These coils adapt to the body’s natural curves, helping maintain spinal alignment and ensuring a pain-free morning awakening.

In the Beautyrest Black® LX Hybrid, the AirCool™️ Memory Foam supplements the support, further enhancing pressure relief. In the CX-Class, high-density memory foam results in more pressure relief than the LX-Class. This model incorporates twice the amount of memory foam, significantly increasing pressure relief. Moreover, including 2000 nano coils at the base enhances conformability, pressure relief, and individualized back support, catering to each unique body shape.

Cooling & Temperature Control


Q3. How Would You Rate The Cooling And Overall Temperature Control Characteristics Of Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses outperform all-foam models when it comes to temperature regulation. Black®ICE™️, an improved cooling technology placed just below the mattress cover, increases the cooling capabilities of the Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress compared to traditional hybrid mattresses. This helps you fall asleep faster and keeps you comfortable all night. Although the high-density memory foam may retain some heat, the base coils promote superior airflow, resulting in a cooler sleeping environment.

In particular, the KX-Class model with 2K nano coils at the base enhances mattress stability and promotes improved air circulation throughout the mattress, ensuring a cooler and more comfortable sleep experience.

Motion Isolation and Sharing a Bed


Q4. Does Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattresses Provide Reasonable Motion Isolation When Sharing A Bed With Others?

Beautyrest Black® Hybrid is a hybrid mattress that is good at isolating motion, making it a good choice for couples sleeping together. The pocketed coils, individually wrapped, are capable of independent movement, thereby effectively minimizing motion transfer and addressing a common problem faced while sleeping on traditional hybrid mattresses. High-density memory foam in multiple layers further improves this motion isolation, substantially reducing disturbances if created while tossing and turning on the bed. Notably, the CX-Class and KX-Class include additional high-density memory foam layers, which absorb all motions, making these upgrades better than the BX or LX-Class models.

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Edge Support


Q5. How would you rate the edge support of Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattresses?

Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress collection boasts superior edge support. Sturdy borders prevent sinking or sagging of the mattress, facilitating ease of movement and comfort of getting in and out of bed. A pocketed coil layer with reinforced perimeters ensures that sleeping or sitting near the edges is safer and more secure.

The upgraded CX and KX Classes feature high-density and ultra-high-density memory foam, further increasing the mattress’s sturdiness and edge support, thus enhancing the overall sleeping experience.

Recommendation based on sleeping style

The Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress collection, with a comprehensive list of mattresses, is designed to suit sleepers of all types. Below is a breakdown of which model will be ideal for each sleeping position.

Side Sleepers:

Black® Hybrid is a good option for most side sleepers. The memory foam layers and pocketed coils work together so that the shoulders and hips can sink comfortably into the mattress, thus offering a gentle contour for ideal pressure relief and comfort. Moreover, this combination maintains proper spinal alignment for a restful sleep experience. It’s worth noting that side sleepers weighing less than 230 pounds will find the Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Plush option across all Classes suitable for them.

Back Sleepers:

Back sleepers generally favor mattresses with Medium and Medium-Firm levels. The multi-layer foam construction of the Beautyrest BX and LX-Class models, along with the inclusion of high-density and ultra-density foam layers in the CX and KX-Class models, provides a robust and supportive bed that meets these preferences.

For back sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds, the Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Medium and Firm options offer ample support. However, individuals weighing less than 130 pounds may find the Plush options within the BX and LX-Class to be a better option. On the other hand, those above 230 pounds may find the support of BX and LX inadequate, leaving them with the choice of the KX model. The support from 2K nano coils makes the KX Class model more suited to heavy sleepers compared to the rest.

Stomach Sleepers:

Stomach sleepers prefer firmer beds as they put most of their body weight on the hips and abdomen. This averts pressure build-up in the lower back. Stomach sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds will find the Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Firm and Medium variants suitable, but those above this weight range may need to look for other options. Among the Black® Hybrid collection, the Firm variants available in the BX, LX, and KX-Class models are better suited for stomach sleepers above 130 pounds than the other available options.

Combination Sleepers:

Combination sleepers change positions frequently while sleeping, thus they need a mattress that responds to these changes. Beautyrest Black® Hybrid, with its diverse range of firmness and comfort options, gives combination sleepers a wide array to select their preferred bed.

The CX-Class, featuring Self-Response™️ Latex in the comfort layers, swiftly adjusts to the changing positions, making it a choice for combination sleepers. Meanwhile, the KX-Class, with additional memory foam, optimizes every movement while ensuring conforming back support. Across all Classes, the pocketed coils support the body in different sleeping positions.

In essence, the Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress collection is designed so that there’s a suitable bed for everyone, including combination sleepers.

Hope the comprehensive Simmons Beautyrest Black® Hybrid Mattress review decoded all the intricate details and addressed all your queries. Additionally, you can earn  Cashback Rewards on your purchase and enjoy sleeping on one of the top mattress models.


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