Benefits And Disadvantages Of An Orthopedic Mattress

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Orthopedic Mattress

Are you tired of waking up every morning with back pain or joint ache? I know I was.

That’s when I started looking into orthopedic mattresses, and sleeping on one has helped me to get some well-deserved sleep. Sleep is the foundation of a better quality of life, and selecting a good mattress can make all the difference. Chiropractors and medical practitioners often recommend orthopedic mattresses to treat various musculoskeletal issues, and I can see why.

These mattresses are designed to provide targeted support to pressure zones of your body, helping to alleviate discomfort in the shoulders, neck, joints, pelvis, back, and hips.

But then, how do you know if the mattress you buy is orthopedic? That’s a question that bothered me when I was shopping for one.

I wanted to invest in a mattress which would genuinely reduce my body aches and improve my sleep health. If you’re in the same fix as me, read this article.

Here I have detailed everything about orthopedic mattresses and provided a curated list of chiropractor-recommended mattresses with their key features, pros and cons. If you have some time to spare head to our Mattress Review section, to gain better understanding of these mattresses.

Now you don’t have to be overwhelmed by an abundance of choices. Instead wake up feeling refreshed as you catch up on your well-deserved Zzzzs!

The Inception of Orthopedic Mattress – How Is It Unique?

Orthopedic mattresses emerged in the late 1950s as a product of extensive research into bone and joint functionality. Following rigorous testing, numerous mattress manufacturers created specialized products designed to address the discomfort experienced by individuals dealing with joint pain and back pain due to their mattress choice.

Chiropractors and medical practitioners recommend an orthopedic mattress to treat pain in your joints, back, and the entire body. It is also helpful to treat abnormalities of the spine and posture. These mattresses are usually firm with targeted, customized support. Orthopedic mattresses work by adjusting the alignment of your spinal cord and rehabilitating joint problems and other ailments.

There’s no strict, set definition for what makes a mattress ‘orthopedic,’ but they’ve become well-known because of continuous advancements and enhancements. Furthermore, these beds and orthopedic mattresses are now being manufactured by all reputable mattress companies. The mattresses are of specific types, with each type promoting unique features. These are detailed below.

What Are The Different Types of Orthopedic Mattresses?

1. Open Spring Mattress

Generally, they are called open coil or continuous coil mattresses. These mattresses have a network of interconnected coil springs, which form the core support structure. Coil springs are made from tempered steel wire and are attached to a wire frame, creating rows of springs.

A border wire is usually added around the mattress to provide edge support and maintain the mattress’s shape. On top of the spring system, layers of padding, foam, or other materials are added for comfort and support.

The best feature of such mattresses is that they are significantly inexpensive. They are lightweight and mobile and can easily move from one location to another.

However, it has one major drawback: these mattresses are not long-lasting or durable, and metal springs also lose their support quickly.

2. Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket spring mattresses offer individualized support by using separate springs encased in fabric pockets. This design allows each spring to react independently to your body’s contours, reducing motion transfer and providing better support for different sleeping positions. These mattresses are known for their comfort and longevity.

One drawback of pocket spring bed and orthopedic mattresses is their cost, as they tend to be more expensive than traditional innerspring mattresses. Additionally, they may lack the durability of other premium options like memory foam or latex mattresses. The individual pocketed springs can also sometimes create pressure points if not designed properly.

3. Memory Foam Mattress

In recent years, this mattress has grown significantly in popularity. Since it is made from foam, it effortlessly adapts to your body’s shape. Memory foam cradles all your pressure points and joints and relieves pain. It ensures that your body is optimally aligned. As a result, it is best suited for individuals who suffer from joint and back pain. Memory foam absorbs motion and fairs well in its motion isolation abilities.

However, many dislike the sinking sensation of memory foam. Moreover, it retains body heat, making it uncomfortable for hot sleepers. Many manufacturers have come up with newly-researched versions of cooling gel memory foam mattresses which prevent heat buildup and keep the mattress surface cool.

Gain clarity on Memory Foam mattresses. Read our mattress guide.

4. Gel Mattress

Gel mattresses are quite similar to memory foam. The foam, laced with gel, makes it both supportive and moldable. Gel also helps in keeping the mattress cool.

We have a curated list of popular cooling gel memory foam mattresses in the industry. If you draw an interest in this subject, give it a read.

5. Latex Mattress

Latex is a great material for the preparation of mattresses. It is a naturally hypoallergenic and very breathable substance, which is both long-lasting and durable. Aerated latex is used to create foam that adapts to your body’s contour and delivers orthopedic support. Moreover, a latex mattress is a smart investment as they highly durable mattresses.

The downside of latex mattresses is that it is difficult to move and reposition due to its weight and thickness.

Wondering how to choose the right mattress that is also durable? Read more about durability of different types of mattresses.

6. Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are a suitable choice when it you consider its value for money. A hybrid mattress is a combination of two types of mattresses that offers the benefits of each. They usually have an innerspring and a foam substance combined to provide optimum spinal support and pressure relief to your joints. They are crafted to provide support and comfort and thereby make the finest orthopedic mattresses.

However, one drawback of hybrid mattresses is that they can be relatively expensive compared to traditional innerspring or foam mattresses. In today’s competitive mattress market, the wide variety of bedding options can make it challenging to find the perfect mattress that truly caters to your unique needs.

To make your decision easier, I’ve compiled a list of the top orthopedic mattresses available. Keep reading to find your ideal match.

10 Best Orthopedic Mattresses – Curated Just For You!

Explore our thoughtfully selected compilation of the top orthopedic mattresses as recommended by chiropractors.

  1. Helix Midnight  – Best Orthopedic Mattress for Side Sleepers
  2. Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid –  Best Overall
  3. Brooklyn Bedding Sedona – Best in Pressure Relief
  4. Nolah Evolution 15 – Best for Posture & Spinal Alignment
  5. PlushBeds Botanical Bliss – Best for Pelvis Pain
  6. Tempur Adapt – Best for Couples
  7. Casper Wave Hybrid – Best For Back Pain
  8. Saatva Classic – Best Mattress For Adjustable Beds
  9. Puffy Lux Hybrid – Best Mattress For Back Sleepers
  10. Purple Hybrid Premier – Best Orthopedic Mattress For Heavyweight Individuals

Best Orthopedic Mattresses – Our Shopping Guide!

1. Helix Midnight Mattress

Best Orthopedic Mattress for Side Sleepers

Helix Midnight strikes a good balance between comfort and support, making it ideal for side sleepers. The Helix Midnight could be the appropriate mattress for you if you are looking for a supportive orthopedic mattress. On top of that, a memory foam layer will help ease pressure on your pressure zones – shoulders, neck, hips and pelvis. At the same time, the coils support your body by maintaining a good alignment.

The top layer gives a memory foam feel to it, which is relaxing. This is a desired orthopedic mattress in Queen, King, Full, Twin XL, Twin and Cal King sizes. Further a Luxe version of Helix Midnight is also available, which provides extra comfort and cooling.

Key Features

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid/Innerspring
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Mattress Height: 11.5-inch
  • Warranty Period: 10-year
  • Trial Period: 100 Nights
  • Shipping: Free


  • Side Sleepers: This mattress is ideal for side sleepers as it effectively cradles the pressure zones of your body when you sleep on your side.
  • Memory Foam: Features comfortable memory foam.
  • Ideal Level of Firmness: Helix Midnight offers a medium firmness level which is recommended by chiropractors for people with painful pressure points.
  • Temperature Regulation: Provides a cooling sleep experience.


  • Not suitable for heavyweight stomach sleepers.
  • Not recommended for individuals weighing over 250 pounds.

Learn More About Helix Midnight Mattress From Our Comprehensive Mattress Review.

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2. Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid 

Best Overall

Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid mattress balances comfort and support through its combination of coils and gel memory foam. This mattress has a medium level firmness and is recommended by chiropractors for specific sleeper types, particularly back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

This mattress is ideally suitable for individuals who predominantly sleep on their backs, delivering an optimal balance of soft contouring and support. It accommodates both lightweight and average weight individuals who are back sleepers.

Additionally, Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid mattress caters to the needs of lightweight and average weight stomach sleepers, ensuring a well-rested and rejuvenated awakening. Whether you prefer sleeping on your back or stomach, this mattress is designed to enhance your sleep quality and overall well-being.

Key Features

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Mattress Height: 11.5-inch
  • Warranty Period: Lifetime
  • Trial Period: 365 Nights
  • Shipping: Free


  • Ideal for Back Sleepers: This mattress is designed to promote spinal alignment and relieve back pain for back sleepers.
  • Suitable for Combination Sleepers: If you shift between sleeping on your side and back, this mattress offers comfort and ease of movement.
  • Couples: The mattress provides a sturdy and cooling surface, allowing couples to use the entire bed without overheating.


  • Feel: If you’re a fan of the classic sinking-in sensation offered by memory foam mattresses, this mattress, with its combination of foams and coils, may not provide that specific feel.

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Saatva Memory Foam Mattress

3. Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Hybrid

Best in Pressure Relief

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona is a budget-friendly luxury mattress that is designed to provide pressure relief. The mattress keeps your shoulder and hip well supported and is a comfortable option for side sleepers. In addition, if you have shoulder pain, a balanced combination of memory foam and coils provide relief from sores and sharp pains. Four comfort layers of memory foam add up to 5-inch, giving you excellent relief on those pressure points.

The 8-inch thick coil layers help prevent sinking feeling of all-foam mattresses. Thus, Sedona balances comfort and support pretty well and is a desired orthopedic mattress. Now, let’s get into the pros and cons of Sedona as an orthopedic mattress.

Key Features

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid/Innerspring
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Mattress Height: 14-inch
  • Warranty Period: 10 Years
  • Trial Period: 120 Nights
  • Shipping: Free


  • Effective Pain Relief: The mattress is well-suited for individuals who suffer from hip or shoulder pain, as it cushions these sensitive pressure points, offering relief and comfort.
  • Ideal for Side Sleepers: The softness of Sedona mattress allows side sleepers to sink in, providing excellent pressure relief at the hips and shoulders, promoting a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.
  • Low Motion Transfer: Couples will appreciate the low motion transfer of the Sedona, ensuring that one’s movements are less likely to disturb the partner.


  • Inadequate Support for Heavier Sleepers: Heavier individuals may find Sedona lacking the necessary support.

 4. Nolah Evolution 15

Best for Posture & Spinal Alignment

It is a hybrid mattress with three firmness levels to provide optimal spinal alignment. The bed’s quilted Euro-top is suitable for sleepers looking for a cushioned surface to cradle parts of the body that are prone to unpleasant pressure accumulation.

The Evolution comes in plush (5), luxury firm (6), and firm (8) models. The luxurious Euro-top is quilted with a layer of patented AirFoamICE polyfoam, followed by cooling foam that adapts to the body. These layers work together to provide enough contouring for pressure-relieving areas like the hips, shoulders, and spine.

Your lower back is protected from sinking into the bed by a firmer foam layer followed by high-density foam for additional support. Finally, a thick coil structure provides firm support and generates pressure alleviation.

This bed should be pleasant for sleepers of different weight categories and positions, as there are three firmness settings to select from. The softer variants will generally appeal to side sleepers, while the firmer models would appeal to stomach sleepers.

Additionally this mattress provides cooling features for sleepers who tend to sleep warm. The Euro-top and AirFoamIce features are designed to dissipate heat away from a sleeper’s body during the night. A permeable gusset aerates the foam comfort layer, and the coils inside allow air to circulate throughout the bed’s core.

Key Features

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid/Innerspring
  • Firmness: Multiple Firmness Option
  • Mattress Height: 15-inch
  • Warranty Period: Lifetime
  • Trial Period: 120 Nights
  • Shipping: Free


  • Back Sleepers: Back sleepers will appreciate the hybrid construction of the mattress, which offers a balance of support and softness. It helps to align the spine when you lay on your back, promoting a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Suitable for Couples: This is a good choice for couples due to its edge support and decent motion isolation ability. This means that couples can sleep together without easily disturbing each other during the night.
  • Side Sleepers: Nolah Evolution 15 provides a comfortable experience for side sleepers too, relieving pressure at the shoulders and hips while providing a satisfying level of sinkage.


  • Not Recommended for Stomach Sleepers: Luxury Firm version of the Nolah Evolution may be too soft for most stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers typically need a firmer mattress to maintain even alignment of the shoulders and hips.

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5. PlushBeds Botanical Bliss

Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress

Best For Pelvis Pain

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss conforms to the body and relieves pressure and pain from the hips and pelvis. Its resilient latex also resists sagging to support your spine. Since this material springs back to its original shape quickly, those who often change positions due to pain will not feel trapped or sink in the bed.

Botanical Bliss is an orthopedic mattress which uses eco-friendly materials, and holds certifications like GOLS-certified natural latex, GOTS-certified New Zealand wool, and GOTS-certified cotton. Additionally, it has other certifications, including GreenGuard Gold, OEKO-TEX, and eco-INSTITUT. The mattress is also hypoallergenic.

It is a customizable mattress wherein you can rearrange the latex layers to adjust the firmness level, thereby accommodating your personal needs.

Each option has a support core of two layers of 3-inch Dunlop latex. The 9-inch and 12-inch beds each have a 2-inch organic Talalay latex layer, while the 10-inch mattress has 3 inches of organic latex. Further, the 12-inch mattress incorporates an additional layer of Dunlop latex (3-inch) to add height and provide a wider variety of customizable firmness.

An organic cotton cover wraps the mattress, and a layer of organic wool cushions the surface to wick away heat and moisture.

Although PlushBeds Botanical Bliss is expensive, its durability makes up for the high price. The Botanical Bliss has a bounce when you lie atop it, and it’s easy to move around while changing positions.

Key Features

  • Mattress Type: Latex/Organic
  • Firmness: Multiple Firmness Option
  • Mattress Height: 9-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch
  • Warranty Period: Lifetime
  • Trial Period: 100 Nights
  • Shipping: Free


  • Ideal for Combination Sleepers: The latex construction of this mattress provides a bouncy and responsive feel, making it well-suited for combination sleepers who switch positions during the night. It allows for easy movement and comfort.
  • Pelvis Pain: People with pain in their pelvic joint or hips can benefit from Botanical Bliss’s combination of springy support and gentle pressure relief. It promotes proper spinal alignment and comfort, making it a good choice for those who have painful pressure points in their lower back.
  • Hot Sleepers: The all-natural latex layers in the Botanical Bliss mattress are excellent for temperature regulation. Hot sleepers will appreciate how the mattress helps prevent overheating during the night, ensuring a more comfortable sleep experience.
  • Organic and Eco-Friendly: Botanical Bliss mattress is an excellent option for organic and environmentally-conscious shoppers. It is made from all-natural materials and is considered one of the best mattresses for those who prioritize sustainability in their bedding choices.


  • Heavy and Difficult to Move: Botanical Bliss mattress, like most latex mattresses, is a heavy mattress. This weight can make it challenging to move, especially if you need to relocate the mattress frequently or plan to set it up on your own. It is recommended to hire professional movers or enlist the assistance of at least two friends when handling this mattress.

6. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Adapt

Best For Couples

TEMPUR-Adapt mattress has a luxurious construction and cloud-like comfort that is desirable for couples. Due to its flexible all-foam design and pressure relief abilities, the mattress is also suitable for an adjustable bed base. Couples with different preferences can buy the TEMPUR-Adapt Split king or Split California king.

Apart from the king size option this mattress is available in 6 standard sizes. In terms of firmness, the TEMPUR-Adapt mattress has a medium (5) level firmness.

For side sleepers, especially those weighing up to 230 pounds, and back sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds, the mattress provides suitable comfort and orthopedic support. The TEMPUR-Adapt isolates motion extraordinarily well as it is an all-foam mattress with deep layers. When your partner changes positions, tosses and turns, or gets up in the middle of the night, the motion isolation ability of this mattress will prevent you from waking up.

If you require more support, a hybrid version of the mattress is available, which replaces the polyfoam base layer with a pocketed coil system. The coils support the sleeping surface with minimal motion transfer. There are also two upgrades available – a) TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt, which has 40% more TEMPUR foam than TEMPUR-Adapt, and b) TEMPUR-ProAdapt which has 20% more TEMPUR foam than the TEMPUR-LuxeAdapt.

While TEMPUR-Adapt is on the pricey side, it comes with complimentary White Glove delivery throughout the contiguous United States. Now let’s read about the pros and cons of TEMPUR-Adapt mattress.

Key Features

  • Mattress Type: Foam
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Mattress Height: 11-inch
  • Warranty Period: 10 Years
  • Trial Period: 90 Nights
  • Shipping: Free (White Glove Delivery)*

* White Glove Delivery means that delivery executives will bring your new mattress to your home, set it up where you want, and even take away your old mattress and box spring (if required). However, this service is applicable only when you buy specific mattresses.*


  • Memory Foam Lovers: If you enjoy the classic feel of memory foam that slowly conforms to your body, the TEMPUR-Adapt mattress is a reliable mattress to consider.
  • Back Sleepers: Back sleepers, especially those dealing with lower back pain, can find comfort and proper support on this mattress.
  • Motion Isolation: Couples will appreciate the mattress’s motion isolation ability, ensuring that one partner’s movements do not disturb the other during sleep.


  • Stomach Sleepers: Stomach sleepers may not find the TEMPUR-Adapt comfortable, as it allows the hips to sink into the foam, potentially misaligning the spine.
  • Heavier Individuals: Heavier individuals typically require a firmer, coil-based mattress for better support, which the TEMPUR-Adapt may not provide.

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7. Casper Wave Hybrid

Best Orthopedic Mattress For Back Pain

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress is a highly recommended orthopedic mattress for back pain. It has received the prestigious endorsement of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), highlighting its exceptional balance of firmness and its ability to relieve pressure.

What’s more, the mattress proudly boasts the “Seal-of-Approval” from the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations (COCSA), indicating that it meets the essential criteria for promoting spinal health. This versatile mattress caters to a broad spectrum of sleepers, making it an excellent fit for those with back pain, back-sleepers, and side sleepers alike.

Many hybrids on the market now are medium-firm or hard, thanks to their pocketed coil systems, which provide above-average support. Many of its competitors are noticeably softer than the Casper Wave Hybrid. The deep comfort system, which consists of four distinct layers that mold tightly to the body, gives this mattress a medium (5) feel.

People who have pain or pressure buildup in sensitive parts of the spine, such as the shoulders, lumbar region, or hips, may benefit from this deep cushioning.

Despite its soft appearance, the Wave Hybrid is built to offer adequate support. The top layer of polyfoam conforms to the body without sinking too deeply, while the following comfort layer is constructed of latex, which gives the surface a distinct bounce.

The memory foam and polyfoam layers that follow are zoned to feel stronger in the middle and gentler elsewhere, providing extra support where people tend to carry extra weight.

Pocketed coils are strengthened with high-density foam in the support core. These components push back against body compression to keep you on an even plane and protect the perimeter significantly, yet without stiffening the mattress or causing excessive motion transfer. The coils also assist the Wave Hybrid in maintaining a comfortable interior temperature by circulating air.

In addition, a surface-level infusion of phase change material absorbs body heat on contact, keeping you cool all night. These qualities make Casper Wave Hybrid a popular orthopedic mattress. Queen, King, Full, Twin, Twin XL, and Cal King sizes are all available for this mattress option.

Key Features

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Mattress Height: 13-inch
  • Warranty Period: 10 Years
  • Trial Period: 100 Nights
  • Shipping: Free


  • Back Pain Relief: Casper Wave Hybrid is a suitable choice for individuals dealing with back pain. It promotes proper spinal alignment and actively relieves tension at the shoulders, hips, and lower back.
  • Ideal for Combination Sleepers: If you’re a combination sleeper who changes positions during the night, this mattress offers mobility, making it easy to move around and find a comfortable position.
  • Suitable for Heavier Sleepers: Those weighing over 250 pounds can find comfort in the Casper Wave Hybrid. It provides robust support while still offering joint pain relief.


  • Memory Foam: If you prefer the deep, enveloping feel of a memory foam mattress, the Casper Wave Hybrid may not provide that sinking sensation. It offers more of an “on top” feel when you lie down on it.


Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

8. Saatva Classic

Best Orthopedic Mattress For Adjustable Beds

Saatva Classic Mattress holds the prestigious “Seal of Approval” from the Chiropractic State Associations Congress, making it a trusted choice recommended by chiropractics.

The Saatva Classic’s Plush Euro Pillow Top feature ensures not only a luxurious feel but also effective relief from joint and back pain. Additionally, its Spinal Zone Technology and CertiPUR-US® certified Memory Foam work together to reduce pressure on the lower back and promote proper spinal alignment.

Furthermore, the versatility of this orthopedic mattress extends to being suitable for adjustable beds, making it an excellent choice for those seeking both comfort and support. Saatva Classic comes with a thick Euro-top and two coil layers that balance pressure relief, breathability, edge support, and bounce.

This innerspring type comes in three firmness options: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. The memory foam layer is present only in the center of the bed to assist spinal alignment and cradle the hips.

Saatva Classic mattress is good in pressure relief. The Euro-top and pocketed coil layer provide intimate contouring for better spinal alignment, while the coil core adds to the surface’s supportiveness and responsiveness.

A reinforced foam edge provides a comfortable boundary for people who sit or sleep at the bed’s edge. Sleepers of all body shapes and sleeping positions appreciate Saatva Classic for pressure relief capabilities.

Key Features

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid Innerspring
  • Firmness: Multiple Firmness Options
  • Mattress Height: 11.5-inch and 14.5-inch
  • Warranty Period: Lifetime
  • Trial Period: 365 Nights
  • Shipping: Free (White Glove Delivery)


  • Back Sleepers: The Saatva mattress, especially the Luxury Firm model, offers a good option for back sleepers. It provides adequate lumbar cushioning and support for maintaining proper spinal alignment.
  • Heavier Sleepers: Heavier individuals can benefit from the Saatva’s sturdy construction, which enhances support and durability.
  • Combination Sleepers: The mattress’s coil layers create a bouncy surface, making it easy for combination sleepers to switch positions comfortably during the night.


  • Motion Transfer: If you’re easily disturbed by your partner’s movements during sleep, you might want to consider a mattress with lower motion transfer.

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9. Puffy Lux Hybrid

Best Mattress For Back Sleepers

The Puffy Lux Hybrid is a luxury orthopedic mattress that provides pressure relief, especially for back and side sleepers. If you want a Queen-size mattress, you might want to check out the Puffy Lux Hybrid.

Back sleepers with back pain or side sleepers with shoulder and hip pain will find optimum pressure relief in this mattress. Being an all-foam and softer model, it offers comfortable sinkage when you lie down on it alongside a desirable level of body contouring.

It has several comfort layers to dissipate heat: a layer of Cooling Cloud foam, a layer of Dual Cloud foam, and Climate Comfort foam. All these features make Puffy Lux a desirable orthopedic mattress for back pain and pressure relief.

Key Features

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid/Innerspring
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Mattress Height: 12-inch
  • Warranty Period: Lifetime
  • Trial Period: 101 Nights
  • Shipping: Free


  • Back Sleepers and Side Sleepers: This orthopedic mattress is an excellent choice for back sleepers and side sleepers who benefit from the cushioning of sensitive pressure points around their shoulders and hips, ensuring a comfortable and pain-free sleep.
  • Soft and Plush Comfort: Puffy Lux Hybrid offers a soft and plush feel, making it suitable for sleepers who enjoy some sinkage without feeling completely enveloped by their mattress.
  • Shoulder Pain and Hip Pain: Individuals dealing with shoulder pain can find relief with the Puffy Lux Hybrid. Its foam layers allow for gentle sinking without exerting excessive pressure on the shoulders and hips, potentially reducing pain and discomfort.


  • Stomach Sleepers: The softness of Puffy Lux Hybrid may not be suitable for stomach sleepers. It can cause their hips to sink too deep into the mattress, leading to improper spinal alignment. Stomach sleepers should consider mattresses designed for their sleeping style and comfort.

If You Want To Learn More About Puffy Lux Hybrid, Read Our Comprehensive Review.

10. Purple Hybrid Premier

Best For Heavyweight Individuals

Purple Hybrid Premier is desirable for heavyweight sleepers as it is a supportive mattress. It supports all the pressure points of your body as you sleep. The brand’s cooling, flexible gel grid increases the comfort and durability of the mattress.

Additionally, you can select between 3 or 4 inches of the grid as part of the design. The company recommends the larger grid size if you are a side sleeper or if you have more weight.

Key Features

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid/Innerspring
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Mattress Height: 12-inch and 13-inch
  • Warranty Period: 10 Years
  • Trial Period: 100 Nights
  • Shipping: Free


  • Support for Larger Individuals: Larger individuals who require strong support will find the Purple Hybrid Premier to be a suitable choice, thanks to its supportive construction.
  • Pressure Relief for Side Sleepers: This mattress is particularly well-suited for side sleepers as it provides excellent pressure relief for the shoulders and hips, enhancing comfort during the night.
  • Quality: Purple Hybrid Premier is a premium mattress that’s perfect for individuals looking for a high-quality and luxurious sleeping experience.


  • Luxury Price Tag: Keep in mind that this mattress is considered a luxury product from the Purple brand, so it comes with a higher price point.

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What Are the Advantages of Orthopedic Mattresses?

Orthopedic mattresses are suitable for people with arthritis, muscular pains, joint pain and spinal discomfort.

  • Support

Orthopedic mattresses provide proper spinal and lumbar support as they do not let your body sink. Rather the firm yet comforting support of these mattresses elevates your hips and keeps your spinal cord aligned. Orthopedic mattress makers attempt to create firm mattresses that do not sink beneath your weight causing your spine to curve.

Over time, sleeping with your spine in a bent position for 8 hours can cause major harm and result in back pain. One of the key benefits of orthopedic mattresses is spinal alignment and posture correction. An orthopedic mattress is a desirable option for people who have back problems.

  • Designed With Ergonomics in Mind

An orthopedic mattress has an ergonomic design that supports your body form and distributes your weight evenly. Further, it is good for your spine, which isn’t the case with a standard mattress. Buying an orthopedic mattress from a trusted brand assures better sleep support. This is mainly because such mattresses are tailored keeping the physiology of the human body in mind, something that is missing in other mattresses.

  • Roll-Together Effect

You will notice a roll-together effect when you share your bed with your partner in an ordinary mattress. Regular mattresses sink under the weight of your body, resulting in depression. This depression further expands when your partner shares your bed, leaving little space between two people.

This can be pretty inconvenient during the summer; no matter how hard you try to retain the distance between yourself and the other sleeper, the roll-together effect make things uncomfortable. Orthopedic mattresses help get rid of such discomfort by providing robust support added with cushioned contouring.

  • Sleep Health

Sleeping on a standard mattress may result in restlessness, back pain, pressure sores and discomfort over time. This causes a lack in sleeping hours and builds up anxiety and muscle tension or spinal issues. What you need is an orthopedic mattress as it provides uninterrupted sleep. Cutting on your sleep disrupts healthy functioning of your body and builds of toxin. Sleep nonstop and relax to gain back your sleep health, correct your position and modify your resting posture with an orthopedic mattress.

  • Body Pain

Sleep on an orthopedic mattress to relieve joint discomfort and body aches. You sleep sound when your spine is adequately supported and your body is well rested. Orthopedic mattresses are approved by chiropractors as they relief pressure from sore parts of your body, elevate your hips, and keep the spine neutrally aligned.

A standard mattress may lead to aching joints and muscles due to insufficient support during 8 hours of sleep, or it may aggravate existing back pain and joint problems. On the other hand, an orthopedic mattress prevent bed sores, body aches, evenly adjust to the curves and spread your body weight evenly, to provide firm support to your entire body. This mattress helps you sleep for as long as you want and relieve pressure pain so that you wake up refreshed in the morning.

  • Chiropractor Recommended

Medical practitioners and chiropractors often recommend this type of mattress for people with back pain or lasting orthopedic conditions. It is also a good choice for providing correct posture and spinal support when sleeping.

An orthopedic mattress is a reliable option for folks who find it difficult to sleep on a regular mattress due to medical conditions. Doctors frequently prescribe orthopedic mattresses for those who suffer from chronic back discomfort. However, like any other mattress, an orthopedic mattress has drawbacks and adverse effects. We have detailed them below. Read on.

What Are The Disadvantages of Orthopedic Mattress?

Orthopedic mattresses have a few drawbacks. They are heavyweight, thick, and expensive in comparison to standard mattresses.

  • Expensive

The price of an orthopedic mattress is higher than that of a standard mattress. As a result budget shoppers may seek other options as an orthopedic mattress might cost up to 50% more than a traditional one.

  • Heavyweight

An orthopedic mattress is thick-set and heavy, making it difficult to move from one location to another. You may require additional help to set-up the mattress and I would suggest you read our mattress set up guideline to place your mattress in a hassle free manner.

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Smart Take!

In this article I detailed into the topic of orthopedic mattress, the types, benefits and disadvantages, and unique features that make a mattress not appropriate to some but desirable to another. Now that we are at the bottom of the article lets revise on some tips to choose the right mattress.

Orthopedic mattresses are designed to make your body feel better and relieve you from pressure pains. These mattresses are all about easing those aches in your shoulders, neck, and hips. They are supportive yet soft to cushion painful pressure sores your body; while their supportive firmness keeping your spine aligned in a nice, straight line.

If you’re dealing with back pain, orthopedic mattresses can alleviate pain from your neck, shoulders, and joints. Often times they have a medium level of firmness and are chiropractor recommended. So, here are some smart tips before you choose the right mattress. Check your needs; first things first, figure out what you need. Different brands offer different options, so pick the one that suits your sleep style. Test it out; don’t be shy to lie down on a few mattresses in the store. You’ll be spending a lot of time on your new mattress, so make sure it feels just right.

Read reviews; take a peek at what others are saying. Sometimes, real experiences or expert viewpoints can really make a difference in making your choice. Follow a mattress set up manual; when it comes to setting up a mattress at home, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s usually not hard, but it’s best to do it right.

So there you go! Choose your orthopedic mattress wisely, and you’ll be all set to experience pain-free nights.

FAQs on Orthopedic Mattresses

Q1. What type of mattress do orthopedic experts recommend for joint pain?

  • Orthopedic professionals typically recommend mattresses that offer medium-firm or firm support to maintain proper spinal alignment. These mattresses should also have reinforced padding, foam, or coils in the middle third to support your lower back.

Q2. What is the optimal thickness for an orthopedic mattress?

  • For orthopedic purposes, the desirable mattress thickness generally falls within the 6-7 inch range.

Q3. Which is better, orthopedic foam or memory foam?

  • Memory foam beds and orthopedic mattresses offer health benefits in specific ways. Memory foam molds to your body, offering support and pressure relief, while orthopedic mattresses provide firm spinal support. If you suffer from joint pain, orthopedic mattresses are a better choice. However, if you prefer a softer feel and want relief from back pain or pressure points, memory foam may be more suitable.

Q4. Are orthopedic beds firm or soft?

  • Orthopedic beds are typically medium-firm. It’s important to note that orthopedic doesn’t mean extra-firm. Extremely hard mattresses can lead to back pain by creating pressure points and misaligning your spine during sleep.

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