Brentwood Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress Review

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Brentwood Home Brentwood Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress


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Brentwood Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress

By Brand: Brentwood Home
4.21 out of 5.0
$1839 $1655

Product Description

The Brentwood Oceano is a luxury hybrid mattress manufactured by Brentwood Home, a California-based mattress manufacturer of luxury mattresses and sleeping accessories. Brentwood focuses on building mattresses with eco-friendly materials. Brentwood Home’s mattress lineup includes four signature mattresses: Cypress, Crystal Cove, Hybrid Latex, and Oceano.

This review highlights the key attributes, features, and pros and cons of the Oceano Luxury Hybrid mattress. It is also Brentwood Home’s premier offering.

Towards its goal of using environmentally friendly material, instead of using only petroleum-based chemicals for manufacturing memory foam, Brentwood Home has developed a proprietary memory foam formulation, which includes a mix of plant-based BioFoam®. Plant-based memory foam uses a portion of plant-based ingredients, typically soy, and makes up about 20% of the memory foam layer. Not only is this eco-friendly, but it is also more responsive than traditional memory foam and is significantly more porous and airy, which helps in cooling.

Oceano mattress uses this proprietary memory foam.

In addition to using eco-friendly materials,  Oceano Luxury Hybrid features a double coil construction. It has a top layer of 2.5″ tall micro-coils — miniature pocketed coils. This layer of micro-coil sits on top of the support layer, which comprises a 7.5″ pocketed coil unit. The pocket coil layer features unique zoned support – with heavier coils in the center and hird of the bed, along with firmer coils around the perimeter of the mattress for edge support. The double coil layer construction provides great pressure relief, responsiveness, and firm support.

The Oceano Luxury Hybrid provides a wonderful combination of pressure relief and lift. These qualities are especially beneficial for those who suffer from back discomfort when sleeping or heavy people who need durable support. It is the choice of back sleepers, hot sleepers, and even many side sleepers.

  • Material: Oceano Luxury Hybrid mattress has a complex build, which includes a top layer of Tencel cover tufted and quilted with organic wool, followed by a layer of memory foam with gel for additional cooling and a layer of micro coils. The micro pocketed coils provide additional pressure relief. The mattress’s main support or base layer is a 7.5″ pocketed coil unit with zoned support heavier coils in the central portion of the bed, along with firmer coils around the edge of the mattress for edge support.
  • Sizes: Oceano Luxury Hybrid is available in all regular sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • Pricing: Depends on size and variation (Hybrid and Hybrid Snow)
  • Shipping & Delivery: Free
  • Trial & Return: 365-day trial, full refund, and pickup
  • Warranty: 25 years limited mattress warranty

Pros & Cons


  1. Sleepers who like the combination of responsiveness of spring mattresses and softness of the foam
  2. If you tend to sleep hot
  3. Couples or those sharing a bed with a partner
  4. Those who are looking for a more eco-friendly mattress


  1. More expensive for shoppers with a limited budget
  2. Those who prefer a snug feeling for sinking into a mattress


Mattresses come in different shapes and sizes, but they should offer you comfort. Some people like them soft; others prefer a little more support; however, it should always provide comfort for sleeping soundly without any pain or discomfort when you lie down on the mattress! Firm mattresses provide support for your back, while soft ones make sleeping easier by cradling his or her body as no other object can do! Firmness is personal dependent and varies from person to person depending on what feels best when waking up after lying still throughout the night; some might prefer something more plush, whereas others may desire greater firmness.

Compared to the industry standard for defining firmness, Oceano Luxury Hybrid is classified as a medium-firm to slightly firmer. This makes it a great option for all sleepers, including those who weigh heavier than average. However, it may be a bit too firm for side sleepers to sink in.

Because of its unique construction with multiple layers of foam, coil-over coil foam, Oceano Luxury Hybrid offers a balance between softness and firmness and responsiveness. Even though it has a memory foam layer, the feeling is more of lying on top of the bed sensation versus sinking deeply in the mattress. The foam material is soft to the touch and provides some nice relief at the shoulders and hips; however, the micro-coil layer beneath provides a lift action, and it appears to lift the sleeper up and out of the structure. This creates more of an “on top” of the bed feel, which could work great for back and combination sleepers.

One of the unique features of Oceano Luxury Hybrid is that the bottom coil layer, rather than having uniform firmness across the entire layer, is split into separate zones for support. The zoned support provides different firmness across the layer- firmer under the hips, waist, and lower back while being softer under the shoulders and leg area to help support proper spine alignment.

Material & Construction

This Oceano Luxury Hybrid mattress consists of 5 layers enclosed in a durable and environmentally friendly mattress cover. The Oceano Luxury Hybrid’s cover is made from Tencel blend, then stitched with wool. Both Tencel and wool are derived from natural materials, and Tencel is known for its breathability and wool is a natural heat-regulating material that can help keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer.

  • Layer 1: Below the Oceano’s tufted cover, there is a 2″ of gel-infused memory foam. The thin layer of cooling gel material helps regulate body temperature by absorbing excess heat. This is crucial for those who tend to sleep hot or live in warmer climates.
  • Layer 2: The layer of memory foam sits on top of the micro coils. The micro pocketed coils beneath the memory foam layer provide additional pressure relief and a little bounce to prevent that stuck-in bed feeling.
  • Layer 3: Below the micro-coils, there is a thin layer of poly foam. This layer rests between the micro coils above it and the support coils below it. , It helps transition the sleeper from the comfort of the pillow top to the support of the larger pocketed coils.
  • Layer 4: The main support core of the mattress at the bottom is a 7.5″ pocketed coil unit with zoned support (heavier coils in the central third of the bed), along with firmer coils around the perimeter of the mattress for edge support. It provides ‘lift, support, and airflow.’
  • Layer 5: Beneath the support layer, there’s a base layer of high-density polyfoam, which provides support for the pocketed coils above it.
Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress


Brentwood Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress
Materials & Construction (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.25/5)
Repositioning (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.25/5)
Comfort (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.00/5)
Cooling (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.25/5)
Motion Isolation (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.00/5)
Edge Support (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.50/5)
Overall Rating 4.21/5
Rating Scale: 1 = Average, 2 = Good, 3 = Very Good, 4 = Excellent, 5 = Winner



Repositioning means that sleepers can change position easily. Memory foam mattresses and softer foam mattresses make it harder for the sleeper to shift positions with the sinking-in feature. With Oceano Hybrid, the memory foam layer is not too thick, which benefits body contouring, but retains the responsiveness of latex foam. The base layer with pocket coil layers and the micro-coil layer on the top provide significant bounciness and responsiveness to the mattress. If a sleeper likes to shift his/her position throughout the night, sleepers will not have difficulty rolling over or switching positions.

Comfort, Back Support, Pressure Relief


The spinal alignment and pressure relief of a mattress are important in deciding which one to buy. To maintain good back support while you sleep, your spine must remain straight, similar to when you are standing.

For a given mattress to do this will generally depend on your weight, sleep position, and body shape. When a mattress, which could be extra firm, rather than absorbing body weight, may push back against your body with too much force in a focused area resulting in pain, soreness,  and other problems.

In general, “pressure points” are of greatest concern for side sleepers since the body’s weight is distributed over the smallest surface area. Pressure points are less of a concern for back sleepers as the body’s weight is distributed over the entire body area, and force per unit area is minimized, creating fewer acute pressure points. Pressure relief refers to a bed’s ability to alleviate tension at the pressure points concentrated in the shoulders, hips, and lower back region of the body. Unfortunately, no mattress delivers these two things equally well for all sleepers. Spinal alignment and pressure relief capabilities vary with weights, body shapes, and sleep positions across sleepers.

Generally, foam mattresses, particularly memory foam mattresses, tend to cradle the sleeper’s body, redistributing body weight. This can help relieve aches and pains in the areas that exert the most force on the mattress.

One of the unique features of Oceano Luxury Hybrid is that the coil layer, rather than having uniform firmness across the entire layer, is split into separate zones for support. The Zoned support feature allows for different firmness across the layer- firmer under the hips, waist, and lower back while being softer under the shoulders and leg area to help support proper spine alignment. This combo is especially nice for any sleepers suffering from lower back or shoulder pain as it will help keep the spine in a normal, regular alignment without creating stiffness in the shoulder area. Resilient springs provide your ideal mattress with a little extra lift, support, and ventilation.

  • Back Sleepers: People who sleep on their back tend to require more support — particularly around the hips, which may sink into softer mattresses creating a bow and preventing proper spinal alignment. Back sleepers sleeping on Oceano Luxury Hybrid mattress feel sinking into the memory foam layer just a little bit, but the micro-coil and the pocket coil layer provide excellent firmness or back support. Individuals with heavier body types would like the balanced firmness offered by Oceano Luxury Hybrid.
  • Side sleepersEven though spinal alignment while asleep was good and the memory foam layer would well serve them in this bed, light sleepers might find it too firm for side sleeping since there isn’t any give to allow them to sink into their mattress enough.
  • Stomach sleepers: The hip area is likely to sink too far with some mattresses for stomach sleepers. Support is critical for “stomach sleepers” to not cause back or hip pain. With a firm configuration, Oceano Luxury Hybrid is good for both lightweight and heavy-weight stomach sleepers.
  • Heavy sleepersFor sleepers with heavier body type, the softness of the top with a two-layer of innerspring coil layer provide superior uplift balancing comfort and pressure relief.

Cooling & Temperature Control


Memory foam mattresses are generally thought of as retaining heat. The sleepers sink into the memory foam layer, creating a snug feeling and traps heat. However, the memory foam layer is not thick with the Oceano Luxury Hybrid mattress. A cooling gel coating provides a cooling sensation to the body. The largest source of airflow comes from the support coil. As with other hybrids, the bed is significantly cooler than other foam models.

Motion Isolation and Sharing a Bed


Motion Transfer is a really important thing to consider when buying new bedding. If you share your space and wake up every time their movements jostle the mattress, then it’s obvious that without proper isolation,  motion transfer will occur, and the sleeper can feel when his or her partner moves or changes position.

Generally, hybrid mattresses with their innerspring coil structure reflect pressure and movement. However, the motion isolation on the Oceano Luxury Hybrid is excellent. However, Oceano Luxury Hybrid appears to be an exception. Due to the individually pocketed coils, the coil motions are not transmitted. Plus, the motion of the micro-coil at the top dampens the motion of the bottom layer of the coil. This indicates that the mattress could be good for sleepers who share a bed with their partners, kids, and/or pets.

Edge Support


Edge support is important for all and, more importantly, for couples, as deficient performance limits both sleeping and sex to closer to the center of the bed, rather than its perimeter. Getting in and out of bed may also disturb your partner since the bed may bend when sitting on the edge. Also, it may reduce available sleeping areas, as sleepers may tend to huddle near the center rather than feel as if he/she will slip when sleeping on the edges. However, the Oceano Hybrid with pocketed coils layer has firmer coils around the edges, making it firmer more robust edge support than all-foam mattresses. Even with the softer foam in the upper comfort layer, Oceano Luxury  Hybrid’s base support could work well to keep the edges secure so that there is no risk of slipping off if you sleep on the edge of the mattress. The memory foam layers may allow some sinking, and most individuals are likely to feel safe when sitting or sleeping near the edge. The mattress’s firm coils around the edges help to reinforce the circumference. A stronger border gives edge support, making it easier to get in and out of bed.

Recommendation based on sleeping style

Young or old, nobody is immune to back pain, whether chronic or temporary.

Oceano Hybrid is specially made to help with adjustment of the spine and combines memory foam and two-layer of coil and pocket coils to create a bed that is responsive, supportive, and cuddly at the same time.

  • Side Sleepers: Oceano Hybrids’ closely adapted comfort system acts in combination with the targeted support of its zoned layers. It can relieve sharp pressure points from side sleep while encouraging good spine alignment.
    However, lightweight sleepers; might find the mattress extra-firm for side sleeping since the foam layer is not too deep, and it does not provide the give to allow them to sink into their mattress enough.
  • Back Sleepers: Ocean Luxury Hybrid provides the best support for back sleepers across the entire weight spectrum.   Back sleepers also require less pressure relief, as the position causes fewer pressure points than other sleep styles. Oceano Hybrid with superior all zone pocket coil layer provides excellent body contouring and responsiveness. All help to provide an extremely satisfying sleep experience.
  • Stomach sleepers: Firmness and support are predominantly important for “stomach sleepers” so as not to cause back or hip aches and pain. Appropriate spinal alignment is critical for sleepers who primarily sleep on the stomach as the hips and waist, which are the heaviest portion of the body, tend to sink in too far into the mattresses. Stability and support are particularly important for “stomach sleepers” to not cause back or hip pain. With a firm configuration, Oceano Luxury Hybrid is good for both lightweight and heavy-weight stomach sleepers.
  • Combination Sleepers: Oceano Luxury Hybrid makes it easy to change postures during the night—at no point does the sleeper gets a stuck feeling. This ensures more restful sleep without compromising the sleeping style. Oceano Luxury Hybrid is well suited to the person tossing and frequently turning at night.
  • Heavy sleepers: Heavy individuals apply a lot of force and pressure on the bed. The Oceano Luxury Hybrid, with two layers of pocketed coil springs and one layer of all surface pressure-relieving memory foam, is excellent in absorbing the weight and providing comfortable sleep all night.


Size Price Sale Price Discount
Twin $1269 $1142 10%
Twin XL $1499 $1349 10%
Full $1599 $1439 10%
Queen $1839 $1655 10%
King $2399 $2159 10%
Cal King $2399 $2159 10%
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  • Save 10% on our #1 best-selling Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress and our Hybrid Latex Mattress.
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