WinkBed EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress Review

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WinkBed EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress


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WinkBed EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress

By Brand: WinkBed
4.25 out of 5.0
$1999 $1699

Product Description

The New York based brand Winkbeds started its journey in 2014. It is a direct-to-consumer mattress and bedding brand. Winkbeds is an e-com company that creates luxury mattresses at an unbelievable price tag.

Winkbeds deals with the following mattresses

  • GravityLux- all-foam model
  • Eco Cloud- latex hybrid mattress
  • WinkBed– Hybrid Model

The EcoCloud Hybrid is manufactured by seasoned mattress professionals who have been designing and producing mattresses for decades. The Winkbeds is committed to improving sleep quality. The EcoCloud Hybrid features a 5-zoned innerspring system with two textured layers of natural Talalay latex. This unique construction allows the Mattress to conform to the shoulders and hips, pushing the lower back and lumbar region.

This article will look deeply into The EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress‘s construction performance for various sleeping positions.

The Eco engineered design. This EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress is one of two new add-ons to the WinkBed lineup- Built with the world’s finest 4” of all-natural Talalay Latex sleep material, zoned support spring system, so you get the healthiest restorative sleep.

  • Material: Hybrid
    The EcoCloud Mattress is an eco-friendly offering from the brand. In contrast to its all-foam beds, this is a hybrid mattress with an organic wool cover, Talalay latex, and pocketed coils. This Mattress has been designed by keeping in mind the growing consciousness amongst people for environment-friendly mattresses, free of any toxins. The Mattress is available in 6 sizes.
  • Sizes: GravityLux is available in all regular sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King.
  • Pricing: Depends on size
  • Shipping & Delivery: Free
  • Trial & Return: 120-day trial, full refund, and pickup
  • Warranty: Lifetime mattress warranty

Pros & Cons

The EcoCloud is a hybrid design that combines coil support with the pressure relaxation of Talalay latex. It comes with OEKOTEX100 certified Talalay latex, which is sustainably extracted and naturally breathable. Plus, there’s pure organic cotton and sustainable New Zealand wool. With a 5-zoned individually wrapped innerspring support system, EcoCloud is Baby safe certified & hypoallergenic.

Besides, it offers a lot.

EcoCloud Hybrid is Ideal for folks.

  • Combination Sleepers who frequently switch positions in sleep
  • Shoppers searching eco-friendly materials
  • Hot sleepers
  • Searching perfect equilibrium in bounce, pressure relaxation

 Not so ideal for the persons

  •  Couples getting easily disturbed by partners’ movement
  • Searching budget-friendly Mattress
  • Searching for extreme pressure relaxation


Whether a mattress is firm or soft is relatively subjective. All mattresses should support body weight, promote healthy spinal alignment, and ensure comfortable and restful sleeping. Whether a bed is fluffy and plush (what mattress companies call soft) or less so (what companies call firm) is purely defined based on personal preferences.

The EcoCloud is with medium firmness. The rating is on the firmness scale of 1-10. The Medium is at a 5, ideal medium firm.

Designed for sleepers who prefer a medium feel that cushions and supports any sleep position.

Talalay natural latex fits where you want it and pushes back where you need it for a perfect sensation.

Material & Construction

The EcoCloud is a 13-inch tall hybrid Mattress. It comes with an organic cover for improvising sleep. The bed has a simple design yet a responsive, durable structure. The natural latex top layer will give comfort to all sleeper types, and the firmer pocketed springs provide noticeable, instant pushback to create a comfortable yet lifted feel.

Let’s dig into the details of the constitution of the Mattress –

  •  Layer 1: ORGANIC COTTON COVER & NEW ZEALAND WOOL: The Mattress comes with a soft quilt cover made from pure organic cotton and sustainable New Zealand wool, ensuring you sleep cool clean, and dry.
  • Layer 2: TALALAY LATEX COMFORT LAYER:  This layer below the cover consists of 4″ of natural Talalay is infused into targeted comfort layers to provide firmer support for the low back & lumbar. Along with softer support in the shoulders & hips, for an unparalleled zero-pressure experience.
  • Layer 3: Support System: This 8-inch layer is created from recycled steel. The innerspring is tempered three times and provides targeted pushback support for heavier areas of the body. The springs are also divided into five zones.
  • Layer 4: EXTRA-EDGE™ ANTI-SAG SUPPORT SYSTEM: This layer with a proprietary innerspring support base is firmer and more supportive along the border, allowing you to sleep at the periphery without any sag.
EcoCloud Hybrid


WinkBed EcoCloud Hybrid Mattress
Materials & Construction (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.50/5)
Repositioning (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.25/5)
Comfort (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.25/5)
Cooling (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.25/5)
Motion Isolation (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.00/5)
Edge Support (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.25/5)
Overall Rating 4.25/5
Rating Scale: 1 = Average, 2 = Good, 3 = Very Good, 4 = Excellent, 5 = Winner



Repositioning means sleepers can change position quickly. Many people frequently toss and turn while sleeping.

WinkBed’s EcoCloud is excellent for the Combination sleepers switching sleeping positions. The natural latex keeps sleepers on the bed’s surface, and the springs provide some bounce. Collectively, these two materials provide a responsive surface that scarcely constrains movement at all.

Comfort, Back Support, Pressure Relief


Generally, foam mattresses, particularly memory foam mattresses, tend to cradle the sleeper’s body, redistributing body weight. It can help relieve aches and soreness in the Mattress areas that exert the most force.

Talalay natural latex is often suggested by medical experts such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, and osteopaths to counter back pains and muscle aches. It keeps your spine aligned no matter which position you sleep in.

  • Back Sleepers: People sleeping on their back tend to require more support — particularly around the hips, which may sink into softer mattresses and prevent proper spinal alignment. Sleepers sleeping on EcoCloud mattresses having zoned support will get enough firmness or back support.
  • Side sleepers:Side sleepers will greatly appreciate EcoCloud. The zoned support in the core allows the mid-section and the shoulder to sink appropriately for optimal pressure relaxation.
  • Stomach sleepers: Attaining good spinal alignment for stomach sleepers can often be trickier as the hips can tend to sink too far with some mattresses. Stability and support are crucial for “stomach sleepers” not to cause back or hip pain. EcoCloud is suitable for the majority of stomach sleepers but may create challenges for heavy sleepers who select the firmer models.
  • Combination Sleepers:  EcoCloud is quite comfortable for most combination sleepers in any weight group. Particularly for sleepers who switch positions from side and back.
  • Heavy sleepers: These categories need firmer beds to avoid getting too deep into the Mattress. The EcoCloud supports folks with individual weights of 230 pounds, but anyone significantly heavier might opt for the Winkbed Plus for more support.

Cooling & Temperature Control


The EcoCloud with breathable organic cotton and wool helps the Mattress stay cool throughout the night. The organic cotton and wool layer wicks moistness away from the sleeper’s body. It eventually dissipates through the aerated, open-cell Talalay latex. The core with wrapped coils provides enough space for air circulation to prevent residual heat build-up.

Talalay Latex’s unique natural open cell structure design and pinhole patterns created during manufacturing allow superior airflow and ventilation. Unlike other materials that store heat, Talalay stays at a neutral temperature while you sleep.

Thus, the EcoCloud is an excellent choice for people who tend to sleep hot due to its hybrid constitution.

Motion Isolation and Sharing a Bed


This category rates how well a mattress can prevent other sleepers in a bed from feeling when their sleep partner rolls over, shifts, or changes positions.

Generally, latex mattresses aren’t known for offering excellent motion isolation, and the Ecocloud Mattress is no exception to the rule. Since it is a hybrid mattress, it also has pocketed coils that support the Mattress but enhances motion transfer. So if you have a partner to share your bed with, you might feel each other’s movement during the night.

Natural Talalay is frequently called “the gold standard of latex.” One of its main merits is its elasticity, permitting the Mattress to conform nicely to the sleeper’s body shape and keeping motion from transferring. It helps one get a blissful night’s sleep even with the most restless partner.

Edge Support


The Ecocloud Mattress offers excellent edge support due to coils, a supportive layer of latex, and the firmer coils near the edge of the Mattress. One feels safe while sitting or lying down near the edges of the Mattress.

Recommendation based on sleeping style

Young or old, nobody is immune to back pain, whether chronic or temporary. It is essential to pay attention to where you put your head (and back).

Let’s get a detailed idea about the Sleeping style depending on the firmness variations.

  • Side sleeper: Heavy-weight side sleepers might experience some pressure on their shoulders while sleeping on their sides. It is because they will press into the softer layers of the Mattress, which will exert pressure and may cause slight pain. Average weight side sleepers could experience mild pressure on their shoulders and hips, but nothing too much to be concerned about. Light weight side sleepers shall find optimum comfort while sleeping on this Mattress, as they won’t exert pressure on the supportive layers of the Mattress.
  • Back sleeper: Heavy-weight back sleepers will find comfort, pressure relief, and spinal support on the Mattress while sleeping on their back. Average weight back sleepers, too, shall enjoy proper spinal support and pressure relief while sleeping in this position. Lightweight back sleepers shall enjoy optimum pressure relief, support, and comfort while sleeping in this position.
  • Stomach sleeper: Heavy-weight stomach sleepers shall find the Mattress too soft for comfort. Their hips shall sink into the Mattress while sleeping in this position; we suggest you look for other options available in the market for heavier stomachs sleepers. Average-weight stomach sleepers might sink a bit into the Mattress; this might affect their spine alignment. Lightweight stomach sleepers will find decent support on the Mattress.


SizeDimensionsWeightPriceSale PriceDiscount
Twin12.5 x 38 x 7578 lbs$1399$1099 21%
Twin XL12.5 x 38 x 8081 lbs$1499$1199 20%
Full12.5 x 54 x 75100 lbs$1699$1399 18%
Queen12.5 x 60 x 80117 lbs$1999$1699 15%
King12.5 x 76 x 80135 lbs$2399$2099 13%
Cal King12.5 x 72 x 84135 lbs$2399$2099 13%
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