Best Mattress for People with Insomnia

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Insomnia is a sleep disorder that disrupts the normal sleep cycle, leaving you exhausted the whole day. For some, it’s chronic, and few experience it over a short time. Several factors lead to insomnia. Stress and anxiety over family conflicts or other troubles is the leading cause of insomnia. Other factors that cause insomnia include health conditions like back pain, arthritis, acidity, etc. Medications, depression, and unhealthy lifestyles are some other causes that interrupt your sleeping. When you spend too many nights without sleeping, it will affect your health. While treating insomnia may need professional help, a few lifestyle changes can help to get better sleep.

Tips for Fighting Insomnia

Insomnia is difficult to live with and can be very challenging, but few changes can improve it.

    • Sleep Routine: Maintain a sleep routine such that you go to bed every day at the same time and wake up the next morning at the same time. Maintain the routine even on weekends and holidays.
    • Create a soothing environment: A comfortable temperature, silence or low noise level, and covering light sources helps in creating a sleeping environment. Make sure all your electronic gadgets are switched off before going to bed.
    • Keep away from stimulants: Before bedtime, avoid caffeine and alcohol, as these interfere with your sleep cycle.
    • Upgrade your bed: A bed is essential to fight insomnia, so invest in a good mattress with breathable materials that will maintain a neutral temperature throughout the night.

The above tips may help you get over sleepless nights. While the choice of lifestyle changes depends on you, we can help you choose a good mattress to manage insomnia. Below is a list of a few good mattresses recommended by our team of sleep experts.

Saatva Classic Mattress

The Saatva Classic is an innerspring mattress made of durable coils, polyfoam, and memory foam layers to provide support and comfort, which promotes deep and relaxed sleep. The mattress cover made of organic cotton is treated with Guardian botanical antimicrobial solution and stacked with soft foam, providing a pillow-top look and feel. This allows for contouring which helps in falling asleep.

Saatva Classic comes in three different firmness of plush soft, luxury firm, and firm, giving options to choose from as per your sleeping preferences. It has excellent edge support, so you will never feel like rolling off the bed.

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DeamCloud Premier Mattress

DreamCloud Premier is a luxury hybrid mattress featuring foam for pressure alleviation and coils for support and mobility. The Euro Top design, seven-layer construction, and individually wrapped coils ensure a comfortable sleep and restful rejuvenation. The mattress cover is made of a special Cashmere blend that is soft and luxurious, offering a good night’s sleep. The Euro pillow-top layer is constructed of high-loft memory foam and soft foam. This comfort layer comprises contoured memory foam to keep pressure off delicate joints. Between the foam layers and the coils, another layer of supporting foam serves as a transition. Individually wrapped coils give support and flexibility separately, making this layer more contoured and motion-isolating than standard interlaced coils. A layer of polyfoam at the bottom of the DreamCloud Premier increases support and stability. This hybrid mattress allows for cool sleep with strong edge support and superior motion isolation.

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The WinkBed

The WinkBed mattress is designed by professionals with decades of experience producing mattresses, thus creating beds that improve sleep quality. Innovation in design lies in lifetime-durable hybrid design, 3-step back-relief system™, Triple-Layer HeatDisperse™ material, and patented CoolControl™ base. The WinkBed has four firmness choices: Softer, Luxury Firm, Firmer, and PLUS (for heavier people), making it ideal for sleepers sleeping in different positions. The Softer, Luxury Firm, and Firmer options contain polyfoam, micro-coils, and a pocketed coil core. Only the PLUS version includes latex, polyfoam, and a pocketed coil core. The Softer variant is ideal for lightweight sleepers; Luxury Firm is for lightweight back sleepers and average-weight side sleepers. Firm variant will be preferred by heavy people sleeping on their back or stomach, while the PLUS variant is designed for heavy plus-size individuals. The WinkBed mattress helps relieve muscle pain, provides targeted support to sensitive areas like hips, shoulders, and back, limits motion transfer, and enables a night of cool sleep. If you or someone close have insomnia, then The WinkBed is a good choice. Gift yourself or your loved ones to get adequate sleep and keep away restlessness.

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Level Sleep Mattress

The Level Sleep is a scientifically designed 11-inch thick mattress with the patented TriSupport design to support the body. It provides comfort where people like it the most, i.e., soft where it should be soft and firm where it should be firm. This makes the mattress distinctive and impressive. The foams used in the Level Sleep are CertiPUR-US certified, implying harmful chemicals are not used in the making.

The Level Sleep offers a soft, medium, and firm feel in the same mattress. The different degrees of firmness provides the right amount of firmness and support required in various body parts. Level Sleep is patented and experimented with a three-zone design that maintains neutral body alignment regardless of the sleeping position at night. With perfect body alignment, the pressure under the hips and shoulders is reduced. This helps in falling asleep fast and improves the quality of sleep. The mattress is intricately designed, with the cover made of polyester and rayon, which is stretchy enough to be removed and washed. Materials like Enduroplush HR foam (polyfoam) are used in the top layer, Energex polyfoam in the second layer, and extra firm polyfoam in the base. The different foam layers make the mattress highly responsive, allowing easy changing positions at night. The mattress is ideal for those who sleep hot. The zoned construction of the mattress offers good motion isolation, so you will never be disturbed by your partner’s movement. With Level Sleep, you can share your bed with your partner and enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

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Helix Dawn Mattress

The Helix Dawn is a firm-feel mattress with body contouring features and back and stomach sleeper support. It comes in Standard and Luxe variants, which gives sleepers an option to choose between the affordable and the luxury version. The mattress uses high-quality materials, including Helix’s Dynamic foam, premium polyfoam, and up to 950 individual coils in the Standard variant. The breathable mattress cover is soft to the touch and stretches slightly. It is designed to allow maximum airflow to keep the person and the mattress cool throughout the night. The cover prevents sweaty nights. Luxe also includes high-quality features like a premium pillow top, a Tencel cover, zoned lumbar support, and other added features. The cover of Dawn Luxe is super soft and is a quilted premium pillow top made up of high-density polyurethane foam. It comes in two options: an Ultra-breathable TENCEL cover, designed for maximum airflow, or a GlacioTex Cooling cover made with fibers with a high thermal conductivity that wicks heat away from the body, giving a comfortable sleep. Both variant’s base layer consists of a DuraDense Foam layer that helps stabilize the mattress, aids motion isolation, and adds durability to the mattress. Helix Dawn is a good choice with the best in comfort, motion isolation, and edge support if you or your relatives suffer from insomnia.

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The mattresses recommended for overcoming insomnia are put forth after intense research by our experts. Choose the one that best suits you as per your sleeping position, firmness, cooling preferences, and budget. In case of queries, feel free to contact us.