Tuft and Needle Original Mattress Review

Based on Q&A session with our Chief Sleep Science Editor, www.SmartMattressBuy.com

Last updated | April 25, 2024

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Tuft and Needle Tuft and Needle Original Mattress


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Tuft and Needle Original Mattress

By Brand: Tuft and Needle
3.92 out of 5.0
$895 $716

Product Description

Looking for a mattress that offers pressure relief and cooling?

Meet Tuft and Needle Original Mattress!

The mattress feature 2 layers of advanced foam technology, it’s designed to provide you with the comfort and support you need for a restful sleep.

At SmartMattressBuy, let’s explore the features of the mattress to assist you in deciding if it’s a suitable fit for your needs. In this review, we’ll delve into its distinct characteristics, the materials, its benefits, and whether it aligns well with your sleeping position.

Let’s delve into whether this mattress fits your sleep needs.

Keep reading to discover more!

Q1. What is unique about the Tuft and Needle Original Mattress? Does it provide superior cooling, comfort, back support, and pressure relief?

Let’s dive into some of the cooling features of this mattress!


T&N Adaptive Foam: This layer is made of a foam that lets air flow through easily, keeping you cool while you sleep.

Cooling Gel and Graphite: The cooling gel and graphite right into the Adaptive Foam pulls heat away from your body. The graphite spreads out across the mattress, so you stay cool all night.

Together, these features make sure the mattress stays cooler than regular foam mattresses. Breathable open-cell foam keeps air flowing. Cooling gel removes heat from your body while graphite spreads out and dissipates heat.

Pressure Relief

Tuft and Needle Original Mattress offers pressure relief for sleepers. Here’s how it achieves that:

T&N Adaptive Foam: This is the main layer of the mattress. It’s dense yet flexible, supporting your body while also molding to its shape. This helps in reducing pressure points.

Firm Feel: The Original Mattress is a medium-firm mattress, which is good for relieving pressure. A firmer surface prevents your body from sinking too much, keeping your spine aligned and reducing pressure on your hips, shoulders, and lower back.

Body Conforming: Even though it’s firm, T&N Adaptive Foam still adjusts somewhat to your body’s contours. This distributes your weight evenly, easing pressure in specific areas.

If you tend to sleep on your back or stomach, this mattress could be suitable for you. It offers the firmness needed for pressure relief. However, if you’re a side sleeper, especially if you have curves, you might prefer a softer mattress that molds more closely to your body shape.

Tuft and Needle Original Mattress provides pressure relief through its supportive foam, firm texture, and ability to conform to your body. Just remember to think about your sleeping habits and individual requirements to ensure it’s the right choice for you.


Here’s a simplified breakdown of what the mattress offers:

  • This mattress offers a balanced feel. Engineered with Adaptive Foam, the mattress molds to your body, especially easing pressure points like hips and shoulders.
  • Infused with gel and graphite, the foam helps dissipate heat and enhances airflow. This cooling effect aids in regulating your body temperature during sleep, preventing overheating.
  • Maintaining a cooler body temperature can enhance your sleep quality and duration. The Original mattress features cooling gel, heat-wicking graphite, and breathable Adaptive foam construction to help you stay comfortably cool throughout the night, promoting a better night’s sleep.

To learn more about T&N Adaptive Foam, read on!

Back Support

  • Tuft and Needle Mattress helps to relieve back pain. If you experience back pain, sleeping on your back is generally advised as it helps maintain a neutral spine alignment.

When lying on your back on a Tuft and Needle Mattress, you’ll notice the top layer of foam filling in the space around your lower back, providing comforting pressure relief.

  • Additionally, the high-density poly foam base offers firm support, which is beneficial for back pain sufferers. However, it’s important to note that Tuft and Needle Original Mattress may feel unexpectedly firm, contrary to the assumption that all-foam beds would provide more cradling for shoulders and hips.
  • For individuals who sleep on their sides, a softer mattress might be preferable to alleviate pressure points at the shoulders. Likewise, if you suffer from hip pain, you may find Tuft and Needle Mattresses to be too firm.
  • In such cases, a softer mattress that offers better cushioning for sensitive hip pressure points would be more suitable.

Q2. How firm is this Tuft and Needle Original Mattress?

Tuft and Needle Original Mattress is a medium-firm mattress.

Q3. How thick is Tuft and Needle Original Mattress?

Tuft and Needle Original Mattress is 9.5 inches thick.

Q4. Is Tuft and Needle Original Mattress Safe?

Tuft and Needle Original Mattress is absolutely safe for your use. Let me explain why:

  • Firstly, it proudly holds the prestigious GREENGUARD Gold Certification. This means that it has undergone thorough testing for over 10,000 harmful chemicals and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

This certification ensures that the air quality in your home remains good, promoting a healthier environment for you and your loved ones.

  • Secondly, the mattress is CertiPUR-US® This guarantees that the foam is completely free from harmful chemicals and gases. This meticulous crafting ensures that both the mattress and bedding are safe and free from any substances that could be harmful to your health.
  • CertiPUR-US® Certification involves strict checks for various substances, including ozone depleters, heavy metals, flame retardants, phthalates, and low VOC emissions.

All of these factors can negatively impact indoor air quality, so you can have peace of mind knowing that the Tuft and Needle Original Mattress meets stringent safety standards.

Q5. What sizes are available for Tuft and Needle Original Mattress?

Tuft and Needle Original Mattress comprises 6 different sizes which include Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King.

Q6. Briefly discuss Tuft and Needle Original Mattress’s policy on shipping, delivery, risk-free trial, and warranty.

Shipping and Delivery:

Tuft and Needle ensure your mattress is delivered straight to your doorstep in a box within 2 to 5 business days, and there are no extra charges for this service. If you’re in Alaska or Hawaii, there’s a shipping fee, though. And if you’re in California, they even haul away your old mattress for free.

Risk-Free Trial:

Take a full 100 nights to try out the products and make sure they’re exactly what you’re looking for. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied, returning them is easy and stress-free.


It offers a 10-year limited warranty, which covers any manufacturing or workmanship issues that may arise.

Pros & Cons

Q1. Who would you recommend a Tuft and Needle Original Mattress to?

Tuft and Needle Original Mattress is a budget-friendly option, priced lower than many other foam mattresses on the market. It’s made of 2 layers of dense foam designed to reduce motion transfer and conform to your body for a comfortable sleep experience, all while preventing heat buildup.

Now, let’s figure out if this mattress is the right choice for you.

It’s ideal for individuals who:

  • Are back and stomach sleepers.
  • Sleep cool.
  • Are suffering from back pain.

Q2. Who should avoid Tuft and Needle Original Mattresses?

Tuft and Needle Original Mattress may not be suitable for:

  • Heavy-weight individuals weighing over 250 pounds.
  • Individuals who are looking for good edge support.


Have you ever noticed how some mattresses contour you gently while others feel firmer?

This difference is all about mattress firmness, which is important for good sleep.

Mattress firmness is rated on a scale ranging from 1 to 10, where 1 is soft, and 10 is firm. Softer mattresses give you a cozy, plush feeling, while firmer ones offer more support.

But how do you pick the right one?

Well, it depends on how you sleep and your body type. If you’re a side sleeper, softer mattresses are often better because they mold to your body shape, relieving pressure around your shoulders and hips. But if you sleep on your back or stomach, you might prefer a medium-firm or firm mattress to keep your spine aligned.

And if you’re on the heavier side, a firmer mattress usually gives you the support you need.

Choosing the right firmness isn’t just about comfort—it affects your sleep quality and health, too. A mattress that’s too soft can mess up your spine and lead to back pain. But if it’s too firm, you might not get enough pressure relief, causing you to toss and turn all night.

So, by paying attention to firmness, you can get a mattress that’s comfortable and supportive, giving you good sleep.

To learn more about mattress firmness, read on!

In this Tuft and Needle Mattress review, let us explore the firmness level of Tuft and Needle Original Mattress!

Tuft and Needle Original Mattress – Firmness

Tuft and Needle Mattress is designed with one firmness level, which is a medium firm. This means it offers a balanced feel that combines softness with support, aiming to provide comfort for most individuals.

The mattress cover has a soft texture and is designed to allow airflow, helping to keep you cool throughout the night.

Inside, the mattress features a comfort layer made of 3 inches of T&N Adaptive Foam. This foam is crafted to be durable and supportive while gently cradling your body to relieve pressure points. Plus, it’s infused with graphite and ceramic gel to help dissipate heat, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable while you sleep.

Supporting the mattress is a 6.5-inch layer of polyfoam designed to provide stability and even support. This layer is engineered with an open-cell structure to promote airflow, preventing the mattress from trapping heat. Its high density helps resist sagging and ensures long-term durability, so you can enjoy a supportive sleep surface for years to come.

Material & Construction

Q1. What are the unique technology, design, and materials used in the construction of the Tuft and Needle Original Mattress?

Tuft and Needle Mattress is designed with 2 foam layers. Despite its simple design, it offers impressive support, gently lifting your body for a comfortable feel. Plus, the foams are CertiPUR-US® Certified, ensuring they’re safe from harmful chemicals.

In this Tuft and Needle Mattress review, let’s dive into what makes up these layers!

  1. Cover

The cover of Tuft and Needle Original Mattress is crafted from polyester. Its thin texture is designed to encourage smooth airflow within the mattress, promoting a comfortable sleeping experience.

  1. Layer 1: Comfort Layer

Underneath the cover, you’ll find a 3-inch layer of exclusive Adaptive® foam. This foam quickly adjusts to pressure, providing good mobility and bounce. Additionally, it has infused cooling gel and graphite into this layer to help absorb and disperse body heat effectively.

  1. Layer 2: Base Layer

The main part of the mattress is a 6.5-inch layer of strong high-density poly foam. This material is firm, giving solid support. It’s designed with open cells to help keep the mattress cool. However, because there are only 2 layers, heavier people might feel like they sink too much, reaching the very firm bottom layer, which could be uncomfortable.

Interested in learning about how the structure of mattress bedding layers impacts pressure relief performance? Keep reading to find out!


Tuft and Needle Original Mattress
Materials & Construction (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.25/5)
Repositioning (1=Least, 5=Best) (3.75/5)
Comfort (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.00/5)
Cooling (1=Least, 5=Best) (3.75/5)
Motion Isolation (1=Least, 5=Best) (4.00/5)
Edge Support (1=Least, 5=Best) (3.75/5)
Overall Rating 3.92/5
Rating Scale: 1 = Average, 2 = Good, 3 = Very Good, 4 = Excellent, 5 = Winner



Q1. How would you rate Tuft and Needle Original Mattress from a repositioning & responsiveness perspective?

Let’s talk about 2 main factors when selecting a mattress: repositioning and responsiveness.

Repositioning: Changing your sleeping position during the night is important for your health. It helps prevent too much pressure on certain parts of your body and reduces the risk of getting sores from lying in one position for too long. When you’re choosing a mattress, make sure it lets you switch positions easily without feeling stuck.

Responsiveness: By responsiveness of a mattress, we mean how well it adjusts to your body as you move. A highly responsive mattress quickly shapes itself to fit your body’s curves, giving you immediate support and easing pressure when you change positions.

It moves and adapts with you, making sure you feel comfortable and fully supported by fitting your body’s natural shape.

Tuft and Needle Original Mattress is designed with your comfort in mind. Unlike many memory foam mattresses, the polyfoam comfort layer is quick to respond to your movements. This means you can easily change positions or move around on the bed without feeling stuck.

Memory foam tends to be slow to bounce back, but polyfoam springs back quickly, preventing that sensation of being “trapped in the bed.” Plus, the medium firm feel minimizes sinkage, making it even easier to move around.

With this combination of materials and firmness, Tuft and Needle Mattress offers a more effortless experience when it comes to moving around compared to most other all-foam mattresses on the market.

Comfort, Back Support, Pressure Relief


Q2. How would you rate a Tuft and Needle Original Mattress for providing comfort and pressure relief to sleepers?

When choosing a mattress, it’s important to think about how comfortable it feels and how well it supports your body. A comfortable mattress should evenly distribute your weight so you don’t feel too much pressure on areas like your hips and shoulders.

This can help prevent any discomfort. A comfortable mattress keeps your spine aligned properly, which can lower the chance of having aches and pains.

Foam mattresses, like Tuft and Needle Mattress, contours to your body, providing good pressure relief. With its 3-inch layer of T&N Adaptive Foam, this mattress gently supports your body, reducing pressure points that commonly occur around your shoulders and hips.

While it doesn’t give you that sinking feeling you might get from memory foam, it still offers a comfortable sleeping experience where you feel supported on the mattress rather than sinking into it.

Back and neck pain keeping you awake at night? Know the 10 best mattresses for pain relief!

Cooling & Temperature Control


Q3. How would you rate the cooling and overall temperature control characteristics of the Tuft and Needle Original Mattress?

While many foam mattresses tend to hold onto heat, Tuft and Needle’s design keeps you cool as you sleep.

The mattress cover features a breathable blend of micro polyamide and polyester, encouraging air to flow steadily through.

Inside, the T&N Adaptive Foam in the comfort layer contains special additives like ceramic gel and graphite. These help absorb and spread out heat, preventing it from getting trapped against your body.

Plus, the mattress core features open-cell polyfoam, allowing air to circulate freely and further dissipate heat.

Motion Isolation and Sharing a Bed


Q4. Does the Tuft and Needle Original Mattress provide reasonable motion isolation when sharing a bed with others?

Motion isolation in a mattress means how well it stops movement on one side from affecting the other side. It’s good for couples because if one person moves around during sleep, it won’t disturb their partner and ruin their sleep.

Polyfoam in Tuft and Needle Original Mattress is good at absorbing motion. This means that when one person moves on the bed, it minimize vibrations. If you’re someone who wakes up easily, this feature can make your sleep more peaceful and uninterrupted.

When it comes to isolating motion, Tuft and Needle Mattress perform similarly to other foam mattresses available.

Discover how lateral motion transfer affects your sleep quality!

Edge Support


Q5. How would you rate the edge support of Tuft and Needle Original Mattresses?

Ensuring strong edges on your mattress is important for stability and support. When the edges are robust, they keep the mattress firm. This means that whether you’re sitting or lying on the edge, it stays steady and doesn’t sag.

This helps you feel secure and stops you from feeling like you might roll off the bed. With sturdy edges, you can make the most of your entire mattress and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

In most all-foam mattresses, the edges aren’t typically reinforced, which might lead to a less stable feeling when you sit or sleep near the edge. This is the case with Tuft and Needle Mattress.

While Tuft and Needle Original Mattress uses high-density polyfoam in its core, which can provide a bit more stability compared to other foam mattresses, you may still notice some sinking, especially if you’re on the heavier side.

This might make it a bit challenging to sit or sleep comfortably near the edge, reducing the usable surface of the mattress.

Recommendation based on sleeping style

Have you ever considered how your sleeping habits affect your health?

Surprisingly, the way you sleep can have a significant impact on how you feel overall. Understanding the different sleeping positions and their benefits can help you make the most of your sleep.

Let’s explore the main sleeping positions and what they can offer you:

Side Sleeping:

  • This is the most common sleeping position.
  • It can help reduce snoring and mild sleep apnea by keeping your airways open.
  • Sleeping on your left side may ease heartburn.
  • It promotes proper spinal alignment when you have the right head and neck support.

Back Sleeping:

  • Back sleeping can be beneficial for relieving back pain as it distributes your body weight evenly.
  • It helps alleviate neck pain by maintaining a neutral position for your head and neck.

Stomach Sleeping:

  • While not often recommended, stomach sleeping may reduce snoring for some individuals, similar to side sleeping.
  • However, it’s not suitable for everyone and may worsen snoring for others.

The quality of your mattress is essential in supporting your body properly while you sleep. In this review of Tuft and Needle Mattress, we’ll explore how it accommodates all types of sleepers.

Tuft and Needle Original Mattress and Side Sleepers

Tuft and Needle Mattress offer a balanced medium firmness. With its 3-inch polyfoam comfort layer, it provides good support while cradling your body. If you weigh more than 130 pounds, you’ll likely experience optimal pressure relief and spinal alignment.

The mattress allows just the right amount of sinkage to ease pressure on your hips and shoulders while keeping your spine in alignment. However, if you weigh less than 130 pounds, you may find the mattress a tad too firm for sufficient sinkage and pressure relief.

Are you a side sleeper with lower back pain? Know your right mattress!

Tuft and Needle Original Mattress and Back Sleepers

Tuft and Needle Mattress have a medium firmness, which is good for back sleepers as it helps keep their spines aligned properly. The top layer of foam provides cushioning without sinking too much, especially around the middle of the bed. Plus, because of the high-quality materials, it’s built to last without losing its shape.

If you weigh less than 230 pounds and sleep on your back, this mattress is likely to provide good support. However, if you’re heavier, you might notice some sinking around your hips, which could affect your spinal alignment a bit.

Tuft and Needle Original Mattress and Stomach Sleepers

Tuft and Needle Mattress’s foam layer offers comfortable cushioning, especially for stomach sleepers. However, its medium firmness might not fully support heavier individuals’ hips, potentially causing some sinking, especially around the midsection.

For stomach sleepers weighing under 230 pounds, the support should be adequate. While there might be slight dipping around the hips, it’s unlikely to cause any noticeable strain on the spine. However, for those over 230 pounds, there may be more sagging around the midsection, which could affect spinal alignment.

Hope our comprehensive mattress review has aided you in discovering a suitable match! If you’re still considering your options, explore our Mattress Review Page for additional choices. There, you’ll find a diverse range of options tailored to your preferences. And remember to make the most of our current Cashback Rebate offer!


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