Best Mattress For Couples With Different Sleeping Preferences

Mattresses for Couples

Are you looking for a new mattress that can accommodate you and your partner?

We understand that compromise is key to a relationship, but not when it comes to your sleep comfort. Discovering the perfect mattress for you and your partner is a vital quest, as it significantly impacts the quality of your shared rest.

Do you know which mattress type is ideal for you and your partner?

There is an extra strain to choosing a mattress for couples wanting diverse firmness options or sleeping in different positions. In 2019, studies showed that 37% of shoppers preferred foam mattresses without supportive coils. Your preferred materials (innerspring, memory foam, latex) are some other crucial factors that need to be considered. Together with your budget they’re all significant aspects to selecting the best mattress for couples.

So, with our team of expert editors, we’ve curated a selection of today’s top mattresses for couples with some of the best mattress reviews. This article caters to your diverse needs such as firmness options, sleeping positions, and budget preferences. From motion isolation, responsiveness for intimate moments, to mattress breathability, cooling gel properties and types we’ve got you covered.

So, let us lead you and your partner towards a more relaxed sleep and a rejuvenating night’s experience!

10 Best Mattresses for Couples!

Here is our top 10 curated list of sleep mattresses for couples to ensure you both enhanced sleep comfort.

  1. Helix Midnight (Editor’s Choice) – Best Mattress for Couple Comfort (Side Sleepers)
  2. Nectar Premier Copper – Best Mattress for Couple (Motion Isolation)
  3. Casper Snow – Best Cooling Mattress for Couples
  4. Avocado Green – Best Organic Mattress for Couples
  5. DreamCloud Premier – Best in Value for Couples
  6. Bear Hybrid – Best Mattress for Sex
  7. WinkBed EcoCloud Hybrid – Best Innerspring Mattress for Couples (Support)
  8. Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid – Best Mattress for Couples (Combination Sleepers)
  9. Purple Restore – Best for Couples (Back Sleepers)
  10. Saatva Solaire – Best Mattress for Couples (Hot Sleepers)

Our Recommendation – Editor’s Pick!

Most Comfortable Sleep Mattress for Couples – Helix Midnight Mattress

Helix Sleep’s top choice, the Midnight Luxe, appeals especially to side-sleepers but accommodates all sleeper types, making it a great option for couples. The mattress features a cooling cover and airflow tech for hot sleepers. It is budget-friendly for a hybrid mattress model.

Why Midnight Luxe?

This version includes zoned support for varied body comfort, making it suitable for a range of sleepers, including couples. Helix provides free US shipping, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty.

With a balanced medium firmness and reasonable cost, the Midnight suits many. It targets side sleepers of 130-230 pounds, excelling in motion isolation and temperature control.

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Shopping Guide – 10 Best Mattress for Couples

1. Helix Midnight Luxe (Editor’s Choice)

Best Mattress for Couple Comfort (Side Sleepers)

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Warranty Period: 15 Years
  • Mattress Size: Twin, Twin XL, King, Full, Queen, California King

Smart Mattress Buy’s Review

The Helix Midnight Luxe mattress is perfect for couples or those who sleep together and prefer lying on their sides. It provides good edge support. Once you lie down pressure on the mattress edges remain minimal, no matter your body size. It’s great at reducing movement transfer, which matters for sharing a bed.

This mattress is also durable, relieves pressure, stops motion from spreading, and keeps mattress sleep surface cool and comfortable. Though it is suggested for side sleepers, it suits all sleeping styles—great for couples with different sleeping positions.


The Helix Midnight Luxe mattress boasts a hybrid design that combines the best of both worlds for a truly remarkable sleep experience. With a medium-firm feel, it scores a “6 out of 10” on the firmness scale. This makes it suitable to a wide range of preferences and sleeping styles.

You’ll have the luxury of trying it out for a substantial 100 nights during the trial period, ensuring ample time to decide if it’s your perfect match. Plus, convenience comes standard with free shipping, making the process even more enjoyable.

And to top it all off, the mattress is backed by a generous 15-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind and the assurance of its quality craftsmanship.


This mattress is a great choice for various types of sleepers.

  • Side Sleeper: If you’re a side sleeper, this mattress is designed to provide the right amount of cushioning and support for your preferred position. This is irrespective of whether you have an average weight or are on the heavier side.
  • Back Sleeper: It’s particularly well-suited for both average weight and heavyweight back sleepers, ensuring a comfortable and supportive rest.
  • Stomach Sleeper: Lightweight individuals who prefer sleeping on their stomach will find this mattress to be an excellent match, offering the necessary firmness to promote proper spinal alignment. Thus it is often considered the best mattress: stomach sleeper, back pain, side sleeper, back sleeper & pressure relief.


  • Versatile for All Sleeping Positions: The mattress is an excellent choice for side, back, stomach and combination sleepers. This is because it accommodates various sleeping positions and ensures a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Effective Cooling Features: With its cooling properties, the Helix Midnight Luxe helps regulate your body temperature, preventing overheating and promoting a refreshing sleep environment.
  • Pressure Relief for Back Pain: Designed to provide effective pressure relief, this mattress can be especially beneficial for individuals dealing with back pain, ensuring a supportive and comfortable sleep surface.


  • Not Budget-Friendly: One drawback of the Helix Midnight Luxe is that it might not fit into everyone’s budget, as it falls into a higher price range compared to some other options on the market.

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2. Nectar Premier Copper

Mattresses for Couples

Best Mattress for Couple (Motion Isolation)

  • Mattress Type: Foam
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Warranty Period: Lifetime
  • Mattress Size: Twin, Twin XL, King, Full, Queen, California King

Smart Mattress Buy’s Review

The Nectar Copper Premier mattress is an excellent choice for couples who tend to wake the other due to movement. This mattress has excellent motion isolation, with hardly any movement transfer across the mattress surface. This is due to its thick foam layers that work effectively to keep movements isolated.


  • The Nectar is a low-cost memory foam mattress that excels in pressure relief and motion transfer reduction. The medium-firm texture is good for supporting pressure points. It also has a one-year trial period and a lifetime warranty.
  • Three foam layers and a quilted memory foam cover make up the Nectar mattress. The top layer of foam is infused with gel, which helps to keep you cool by wicking heat away from your body. Couples who are concerned about overheating would like this option.
  • In addition, the Nectar has outstanding cushioning around pressure areas. Sleepers with varying comfort preferences will enjoy both support and the comfort of a traditional memory foam embrace on this medium-firm foam mattress. Overall, the Nectar is best suited to side and back sleepers, especially those weighing less than 230 pounds.
  • For added convenience, Nectar provides free shipping of their mattress within the U.S., and offers customers an incredibly generous 365-night sleep trial. To ensure peace of mind, the mattress is covered by a lifetime limited warranty that includes protection against impressions deeper than 1.5 inches and any manufacturing defects.


  • The Nectar Premier Copper offers a luxurious experience with its all-foam construction, combining pressure relief and support in one. Its medium-firm feel (rated 6 out of 10) and contouring memory foam make it particularly comfortable for side sleepers. Even back sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds found it appealing.
  • All-foam mattresses typically stand out for their ability to prevent motion from spreading, and the Nectar Premier Copper is a prime example. Unlike innerspring or highly responsive mattresses where you might feel your partner’s movements on their side, the Nectar mattress lets you change sleeping positions without disturbing your partner’s sleep. The foam layers effectively absorb movement right where it happens, stopping it from traveling across the bed.


  • Effective Motion Isolation: Thanks to its all-foam construction, the mattress excels at isolating motion, minimizing disturbances caused by partner movement during the night.
  • Advanced Cooling Technology: The cover of the mattress incorporates copper and other heat-wicking technology, helping to maintain a cool and comfortable sleep surface throughout the night.
  • Exceptional Pressure Relief: The gel-infused memory foam used in the mattress delivers outstanding pressure relief, cradling the body for a comfortable and pain-free sleep experience.


  • Limited Support for Back and Stomach Sleepers: Back and stomach sleepers might find that the mattress lacks the level of support they need, as it’s more catered towards side sleepers.
  • Potential Movement Restriction: The multiple foam layers in the mattress could potentially restrict movement and lead to sinking along the edges, which might be a concern for some sleepers.

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3. Casper Snow

Best Cooling Mattress for Couples

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Warranty Period: 10 Years
  • Mattress Size: Twin XL, King, Full, Queen, California King

Smart Mattress Buy’s Review

In the genre of plush foam mattresses, it is common to feel concerned about a mattress’s heat retention ability. However, the Casper Snow stands as an exception. It is thoughtfully designed to prioritize cooling. For those who value the comfort of foam but are wary of getting too hot during sleep, this model could offer a well-suited solution.

The Casper Snow takes the form of a hybrid mattress, incorporating a substantial foam comfort system. This plush iteration excels at cradling the body to provide effective pressure relief. What sets this mattress apart is its cooling features. It works diligently to mitigate the accumulation of excess heat, ensuring you a more comfortable sleep experience!


  • The Casper Full mattress size boasts a 12-inch thickness and is built for enhanced comfort. Its top layer features AirScape polyfoam with perforations to encourage better airflow. Underneath, a memory foam layer has a special zoned construction that provides extra support for the lower back while offering added cushioning for the head and sensitive joints.
  • To manage heat, HeatDelete Bands are strategically placed between the foam layers. The support core is comprised of pocketed coils that offer robust support, along with a high-density foam perimeter that reinforces the edges. The mattress cover is made from cooling fabric designed to minimize heat retention.
  • When you order the Casper Snow Mattress, shipping is free for customers in the entire U.S. and provincial Canada. You’ll also have the chance to experience the mattress with a 100-night sleep trial in the comfort of your home. Plus, the mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty, providing peace of mind for your investment.


  • This mattress draws special attention among couples due to its effective temperature-regulating design. Despite foam’s reputation for retaining heat, the Snow mitigates overheating concerns. This is by the use of phase change material and strategically positioned HeatDelete bands within its comfort system. The incorporation of the proprietary AirScape material in the topmost layer further contributes to the bed’s improved ventilation.
  • The Snow further shows good performance in pressure relief. Its plush surface provides substantial cushioning and support to sensitive areas such as your shoulders, hips, and spine. Additionally, the substantial foam layers absorb motion transfer, making it an ideal choice for couples who are easily roused by their sleeping partner’s movements during the night. It is considered as the best mattress for staying cool all through the night. The Snow’s comfort is most notable for side and back sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds.


  • Effective Pressure Relief: The mattress features thick foam layers that are highly proficient at providing impressive pressure relief, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience.
  • Comprehensive Cooling Features: With several cooling elements integrated, the mattress efficiently manages temperature on the surface, promoting a cooler and more comfortable sleep environment.
  • Minimized Motion Transfer: The dual foam comfort system of the mattress significantly reduces motion transfer, making it an excellent choice for couples or anyone sensitive to partner movements.


  • Insufficient Support for Heavier Back and Stomach Sleepers: Back and stomach sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds might find the mattress lacks the necessary support, potentially leading to discomfort and inadequate spinal alignment.
  • Limited Edge Support: The mattress’s edge support might be lacking, which could make it less suitable for those who need a stable and supportive edge while getting in and out of bed.

4. Avocado Green

Best Organic Mattress for Couples

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Warranty Period:  25 Years
  • Mattress Size: Twin, Twin XL, King, Full, Queen, California King

Smart Mattress Buy’s Review

Crafted from organic cotton, natural latex, and pocketed coils, the Avocado Green Mattress stands as an environmentally conscious bedding choice. Boasting remarkable durability, this mattress offers a lively bounce that particularly suits combination sleepers, accommodating their shifting positions throughout the night with ease.


  • The Avocado Green mattress is designed using organic cotton, natural latex, GOTS-certified wool, and pocketed coils. These materials used in the Avocado mattress topper contribute to its eco-friendly nature, earning it the title of our best organic mattress in this review.
  • The Avocado Green mattress is available in two versions: Avocado Standard and Avocado Pillow Top. The Pillow Top model has an additional two-inch layer of latex, providing extra support to the sleeper and a slightly more bouncy feel to the mattress. This extra layer makes the Pillow Top version 13 inches thick, while the Standard model is 11 inches thick.
  • Both versions have a firmness rating of six. This medium level of firmness is achieved through a combination of foams and latex in the comfort layer of the Avocado Green mattress. Further, this enhances the top comfort while concealing the pocketed coil system beneath.


  • Couples can benefit from the Avocado Green mattress’s smart design featuring pocketed coils and a robust steel perimeter. This combination provides excellent edge support, ensuring that the entire mattress surface remains usable without worries of sagging or sinking.
  • The mattress’s construction also incorporates an organic wool cover that naturally promotes cooling and moisture-wicking, aiding both couples and those prone to sleeping hot in staying comfortably cool for extended periods.


  • Bouncy and Responsive: The Avocado Green, being a hybrid mattress, incorporates a coil system in its base, giving it a bouncy and responsive feel. This suits combination sleepers who need to move around and change positions easily during the night.
  • Suitable for Heavier Build: Heavier individuals (over 250 pounds) can find comfort on this mattress due to the blend of latex and coils. This combination offers extra support and durability, ensuring the Avocado Green maintains its quality over time, even with the added weight.
  • Alleviates Sciatica and Back Pain: The Avocado Green’s zoned support system is particularly beneficial for sleepers dealing with back pain or sciatica. The top layer of latex foam provides solid lumbar support, catering to those seeking relief from such issues.


  • Caution for Strict Side Sleepers: Strict side sleepers should consider other options besides the Avocado Green. They require greater contouring and pressure relief for their hips and shoulders to ensure proper support and comfort.
  • Preference for More Foam: Despite its softer feel, the Avocado Green remains a hybrid mattress. As such, sleepers might find mattresses with more foam to be a better fit for their needs.

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5. DreamCloud Premier

Best in Value for Couples

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Warranty Period: Lifetime
  • Mattress Size: Twin XL, Twin, King, Full, Queen, California King

Smart Mattress Buy’s Review

The DreamCloud Premier is a high-end hybrid mattress featuring a euro top and a cover made with a blend of cashmere. It is considered by us as the best mattress for a low price. It’s designed to provide excellent pressure relief while keeping your spine aligned properly. The six-layer luxury hybrid mattress is made with a combination of memory foam and coils. Though memory foam is typically known for sleeping hot, the innerspring coils in the DreamCloud enhance airflow.

A luxurious tufted cashmere top gives sleepers a cozy feeling, and a gel memory foam layer further facilitates cooling throughout the night. Finally, a naturally hypoallergenic latex layer gives it an extra level of bounce and two supporting layers of foam enhance the bed’s durability.


  • Not only does the DreamCloud Premier mattress offer top-notch pressure relief and support, but it’s also versatile enough to suit all sleeping positions and body types. The luxurious tufted cashmere top adds a touch of luxury “hotel beds” suiting the comfort of sleep resorts. While the six-layer hybrid design combines memory foam its coils ensures both comfort and longevity. Thanks to the naturally hypoallergenic latex layer, the mattress is responsive and has an extra level of bounce.
  • This mattress is particularly ideal for average and lightweight back sleepers, as it maintains proper spinal alignment for a restful night’s sleep. Heavier sleepers might require more support. The mattress’s responsiveness allows you to move around comfortably throughout the night without the sensation of sinking.


We recommend the DreamCloud Premier mattress for the following types of sleepers.

  • Hot Sleepers: If you struggle with overheating during sleep, this mattress is designed to help maintain a cooler sleep environment.
  • Back Sleeping: Lightweight and average weight back sleepers are likely to find this mattress ideal for maintaining proper spinal alignment.

However, there are certain types of sleepers who might not find the DreamCloud Premier as suitable:

  • Light-Sleeping Couples: If you and your partner are sensitive to movements, you might feel each other’s motion on this mattress due to its responsiveness.
  • Hot Sleepers: While the hybrid design helps with cooling, there’s no specific targeted cooling technology, so if you tend to wake up feeling sweaty, this is something to consider.


  • High Responsiveness: The mattress is notably responsive, making movement and changing positions during sleep easy and comfortable.
  • Excellent Edge Support: The DreamCloud Premier provides strong edge support, allowing you to utilize the entire mattress surface without feeling unsupported near the edges.
  • Best Mattress for Lowest Price: This is a budget friendly mattress in terms of value and competitive range of features provided.


  • Inadequate Temperature Regulation: One downside is its limited temperature regulation capabilities, which could lead to discomfort for those prone to sleeping hot.

6. Bear Elite Hybrid

Best Mattress for Active Couples

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Warranty Period: 10 Years
  • Mattress Size: Twin XL, King, Full, Queen, California King

Smart Mattress Buy’s Review

For those seeking a mattress conducive to intimate moments, the Bear Hybrid emerges as an excellent choice. As it garners ease-of-movement, both partners can effortlessly transition positions on the Bear Hybrid. Notably effective at temperature regulation, this mattress ensures you remain comfortably cool all through the night. Additionally, the Bear Hybrid boasts a robust durability score, offering reassurance that staying intense won’t significantly impact the bed’s structural integrity.


  • The Bear Hybrid mattress boasts a hybrid construction, combining different materials to offer a balanced sleep experience. With a medium-firm feel rated at 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, it accommodates a wide range of preferences.
  • The mattress comes with a generous 120-night trial period, allowing you ample time to decide if it’s the right fit for you. Enjoy the convenience of free shipping, making the ordering process hassle-free.
  • Furthermore, the Bear Hybrid is backed by a lifetime warranty, ensuring the mattress’s quality and your peace of mind in the long run.


  • The Bear Elite is equipped with breathable coils and cooling foam, ensuring a consistently cool sleep environment, even during energetic activities in bed. Thus, it is suitable for hot sleepers. Further, due to its remarkable responsiveness, the Bear Elite allows for easy movement on the mattress. Thus, it is often considered as the best mattress for sex. Further it is well suited to combination sleepers who switch positions frequently during sleep.
  • Positioned as an “elite” model, the Bear Elite comes with a higher price tag akin to luxury mattresses, potentially making it less appealing for those prioritizing affordability. Additionally, the mattress’s firmness might not provide sufficient cushioning for pressure points, particularly for side sleepers who require greater contouring and support.


  • Effective Temperature Regulation: The mattress excels at maintaining a comfortable sleep temperature, ensuring you stay cool throughout the night.
  • Responsive and Bouncy: With its responsive nature and bouncy feel, the Bear Elite Hybrid offers ease of movement and comfortable switching of sleep positions.
  • Motion Isolation: The mattress performs well in isolating motion, making it suitable for couples or those sharing the bed.


  • Suboptimal for Side Sleepers: Side sleepers might find the mattress less accommodating due to its specific firmness and support levels.
  • Pricey for Budget Shoppers: The Bear Elite Hybrid’s higher price point might not be ideal for budget-conscious shoppers seeking more affordable options.

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7. WinkBed EcoCloud Hybrid 

Best Innerspring Mattress for Couples (Support)

  • Mattress Type: Latex / Organic / Hybrid / Innerspring
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Warranty Period: Lifetime
  • Mattress Size: Twin XL, King, Twin, Full, Queen, California King

Smart Mattress Buy’s Review

The WinkBed embodies the perfect equilibrium of a hybrid mattress, seamlessly combining plush foam layers with a resilient coil foundation. The mattress provides exceptional support without compromising on the cushioning that couples need for a comfortable sleep.


  • The WinkBed combines a gel-infused polyfoam comfort layer, a cotton lumbar pad, and tons of innersprings: a transitional layer of 2.5 inches of pocketed micro coils atop a foundation layer of 7.5 inches of additional pocketed coils, all handcrafted to order in the United States. This layer provides a responsive, bouncy, but conforming surface to the bed.
  • The WinkBed has a natural eucalyptus-derived Tencel cover and a Euro-pillow top with gel-infused foam for couples who sleep overheated (even more cooling). It’s a soft, robust blend of contouring foam and steel coils that stands 14 inches tall, giving it a long-lasting, durable mattress at a lower price than comparable luxury beds with similar qualities.


  • For couples seeking a versatile hybrid mattress, the WinkBed is a fantastic choice that caters to both body contouring and strong support. With its range of four firmness levels, you can find a preferred option.
  • This allows couples to experience the right balance of cushioning without feeling like they are sinking too much based on their individual weights. What’s even more appealing is the mattress’s generous return and exchange policy, which provides you the confidence to explore whether a softer or firmer mattress suits your preferences better.


  • Strong Supportive Design: The mattress boasts a robust combination of dense foam layers and sturdy coils, creating a hybrid design that offers exceptional support.
  • Variety of Firmness Options: With four firmness choices, the WinkBed caters to various body types and sleep positions, ensuring everyone finds a comfortable fit.
  • Effective Temperature Control: The mattress ensures steady airflow and incorporates a cooling cover, resulting in excellent temperature regulation during sleep.


  • Potential Motion Transfer: The firmer models, especially the three firmer options, might transfer more movement, which could impact couples sharing the bed.
  • Limited Contouring: Individuals with sharp pressure points might find that most models lack close contouring, potentially affecting comfort for those requiring more targeted support.

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8. Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid

Mattresses for Couples
Best Mattress for Couples (Combination Sleepers)

  • Mattress Type: Innerspring / Hybrid
  • Firmness: Soft
  • Warranty Period: 10 Years
  • Mattress Size: Twin XL, King, Twin, Full, Queen, California King

Smart Mattress Buy’s Review

As a couple exploring mattress options, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid can be a smart choice. This mattress comes in three different firmness levels, providing a range of plushness choices. What stands out for us is its exceptional pressure relief combined with sturdy support, regardless of the firmness level we choose. This well-rounded design seems promising for couples with different sleep positions, making it a mattress that could suit any couple.


  • It has 5 inches of foam situated over an 8″ base of over 1,000 individually wrapped coils. This makes the Brooklyn Bedding Hybrid is the company’s most luxury, handcrafted model. It’s a soft, long-lasting mattress that’s ideal for side sleepers and couples searching for little motion transfer and a restful night’s sleep.
  • The Brooklyn mattress blends soft foam comfort with robust pocketed coil support. Regardless of sleep position, the coils adjust to your body, and the top layers are incredibly sensitive. The recuperation layer also alleviates strain on the back, hips, and shoulders.
  • Durability, motion isolation, and buoyancy are all provided by the pocketed spring basis. Couples won’t be bothered by a partner who tosses and turns, nor will they feel trapped in one spot on the bed. Free delivery, a 120-night sleep trial, and a 10-year guarantee are all included with the Brooklyn Hybrid.


For those seeking a mattress that combines notable contouring with minimal sinkage, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid emerges as a suitable choice. The foam comfort system impressively delivers effective pressure relief, regardless of the selected firmness level. The model also excels in motion isolation, making it particularly appealing for couples who experience disturbances due to nighttime movements.


  • Impressive Pressure Relief: The foam comfort layer excels at providing exceptional pressure relief, enhancing overall comfort during sleep.
  • Multiple Firmness Options: With three firmness choices available, this mattress accommodates a variety of preferences and sleep styles.
  • Cooling Cover Option: An optional cooling cover is offered to mitigate heat buildup, ensuring a more comfortable sleep environment.


  • Limited Movement in Softer Models: In the softer models, the foam layers might slightly restrict movement for some sleepers, which could affect ease of changing positions.

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9. Purple Restore

Best for Couples (Back Sleepers)

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Warranty Period: 10 Years
  • Mattress Size: Twin XL, King, Full, Queen, California King

Smart Mattress Buy’s Review

The Purple’s Restore Mattress is a notable addition to their new Premium Collection of luxury mattresses. The Restore model is available in two distinct firmness options, namely Soft and Firm. Sporting a hybrid design, these mattresses encompass a blend of coils and foams, culminating in a 11.5-inch structure.

The core of foams primarily resides in the upper comfort layer, which hosts three inches of Purple’s proprietary GelFlex grid. This innovative feature adapts to provide varying levels of sinkage, offering enhanced pressure relief. The Purple mattress warranty and features provides a harmony of comfort and support in preserving a neutral spinal alignment.


  • Tailored to offer a blend of cooling, comfort, back support, and pressure relief, the Purple Restore mattress boasts a distinctive construction. Choosing the right mattress hinges on understanding your individual sleep needs and preferences to ensure alignment with your desired comfort and support levels.
  • The mattress features exclusive GelFlex Grid technology, cradling pressure points and swiftly reducing aches and pains. Edge-to-edge responsive coils enhance support and promote optimal spinal alignment and sleep temperature regulation.
  • The combination of GelFlex Grid and Comfort Foam layers ensures remarkable comfort by gently contouring the body and providing cushioning. Hyper-Elastic Polymer, with its open grid structure, breathable cover, and air channels, fosters airflow and heat dispersion, regulating body temperature for a cooler sleep experience.
  • With soft and firm options available, the Purple Restore mattress caters to various preferences. Purple bed sheets and mattress designs emphasizes long-lasting durability and support through its resilient Hyper-Elastic Polymer material.


The Restore is particularly beneficial for individuals leading active lifestyles. The mattress plays a crucial role in alleviating back and neck pain during sleep. This is a benefit that resonates well with senior couples and athletes seeking enhanced comfort. Additionally, the Restore has a positive impact on addressing severe headaches, showcasing its potential to provide comprehensive sleep support for a variety of needs.


  • Lightweight Sleepers: Those who are lightweight and primarily sleep on their back or side should find comfort in the Restore Plus variant. However, lightweight stomach sleepers might consider the mattress too soft for their preferences.
  • Cooling Technology: As part of Purple’s Premium Collection, the Restore boasts up to four times better cooling compared to competitors. Its GelFlex grid draws heat away from the body, and the coil layers promote airflow, creating a breathable sleep environment.
  • Combination Sleepers: Combination sleepers will likely find the Restore accommodating for switching positions. Its foams offer comfort in various positions, while the coils deliver a responsive feel that allows easy movement without hindrance.


  • Higher Price Tag: The Restore, being a luxury mattress in the premium line, might not be suitable for budget-conscious shoppers due to its higher price point.

10. Saatva Classic

Best Mattress for Couples (Hot Sleepers)

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid / Innerspring
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Warranty Period: Lifetime
  • Mattress Size: Twin XL, King, Full, Twin, Queen, California King

Smart Mattress Buy’s Review

The Saatva Classic Mattress boasts exceptional cooling properties, making it a perfect solution for individuals dealing with night sweats or discomfort arising from heat retention during sleep. Additionally, Saatva offers the convenience of complimentary white glove delivery, ensuring a seamless setup process, and includes the added benefit of old mattress removal.

Beyond these perks, the Saatva Classic excels in promoting proper spine alignment and delivering effective pain relief, making it an appealing choice for those who prioritize comfort and support throughout their sleep experience.


  • The Saatva Classic, a top-tier hybrid mattress, stands out with its coil-on-coil construction that delivers responsive support. This support extends all the way to the mattress edges making it ideal for couples. With ample surface area and excellent edge support, couples can relax comfortably without any worries of slipping off the mattress.
  • Additionally, the mattress is available in multiple firmness levels, allowing you to personalize the sleeping experience to match both you and your partner’s comfort preferences. Thus it is the best mattress for lower backs pain and is a chiropractor recommended sleep mattress.


Sharing a mattress with your partner can sometimes lead to discomfort due to increased body heat. The Saatva Classic, boasting an impressive cooling feature provides a solution for overheating issues. Thanks to its hybrid design and two coil layers, this mattress offers enhanced airflow, contributing to a cooler sleep environment.


  • Exceptional Lumbar Support: The Saatva Classic is a chiropractor-recommended mattress that provides remarkable lumbar support. This ensures natural spine curvature, especially beneficial for back sleepers.
  • Comfortable Plush Top Layer: Featuring a Euro pillow top, the mattress delivers comfort by alleviating pressure points and cradling shoulders and hips for enhanced overall comfort.


Limited Motion Isolation: The Saatva Classic features average motion isolation, potentially posing a challenge for couples. Its motion isolation ability, although average, might raise concerns for those sensitive to partner movements, affecting overall sleep quality, particularly for restless sleepers.

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How Should a Couple Think – Before Buying a New Mattress?

Navigating the mattress buying journey for couples involves its own set of complexities. With individual sleep needs and preferences, couples seek a mattress that accommodates both partners effectively. Additional aspects like motion isolation, minimizing noise, and facilitating intimacy hold importance.

Here’s a breakdown of 5 essential steps for couples to consider when purchasing a mattress.

1. Step 1: Identify Individual Needs

Each person should outline their “must-haves” and preferences, considering body weight, sleeping position, and desired firmness. Compare lists and discuss priorities to find common ground.

2. Step 2: Key Factors for Couples

Motion isolation, ease of movement/sex, and firmness are vital considerations. Memory foam excels in motion isolation, while latex and hybrid mattresses aid movement. Finding the right firmness may involve compromise.

3. Step 3: Additional Attributes to Consider

Don’t miss out on these crucial aspects before getting yourself a new mattress.

  • Price: Determine a budget and explore discounts and promotions for quality options.
  • Sleeping Position: Match mattress support to individual sleeping positions.
  • Contouring: Optimal contouring balances pressure relief and airflow around the body.
  • Quality Materials: Quality components ensure durability for two sleepers.
  • Edge Support: Hybrid and latex mattresses offer superior edge support.
  • Temperature Neutrality: Materials like latex and innerspring coils help regulate temperature.
  • Noise: Look for quiet mattresses, with latex and all-foam models being less noisy.

4. Step 4: Discuss with Your Partner

Remember, comfort is subjective. Investing in a mattress with a favorable return policy allows a trial period to ensure it suits both partners’ comfort preferences. Further, discuss your needs with your partner. Work together to understand attributes and prioritize on factors to identify an ideal mattress catered to your unique sleep requirements.

5. Step 5: Dig Deeper and Develop Knowledge

Enhance your knowledge on mattresses by reading through Mattress Guides. If your partner and you still remain uncertain about the ideal mattress type for your requirements, you can explore our assortment of mattress guides categorized by sleep preferences.

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Top 7 Factors To Consider When Buying a Mattress For Couples

1. Support and Longevity

  • For couples who are of various weight ranges, support and durability are crucial. Foam and latex mattresses take on more wear than hybrid mattresses. But inner coils provide additional support in hybrid mattresses. The inner steel coils can also give stiffness and hence support to individuals who require it due to their sleeping posture or chronic back and joint discomfort.

2. Sex

  • Bounce, reaction, support, edge support, and comfort all play important roles when partners participate in romantic activities. If the bounce and push-back seem more natural and pleasurable then the faster a mattress can respond. Only innerspring mattresses could give couples a high level of bounce in the past. Many all-foam or hybrid designs may now do this as well.

3. Options 

  • There are a variety of flippable mattresses available on the market. One side will often be softer than the other, which is a fantastic alternative for couples whose firmness preferences fluctuate over time. When this happens, rather of purchasing a new mattress, you may just flip it over. Any couple suffering from back problems should choose the firm side of a flippable mattress.
  • It provides adequate support to keep the spine neutrally oriented while also providing enough pressure relief to reduce lower back stress.

4. Motion Isolation

  • If you toss and turn in bed or get out of bed throughout the night, you’re causing motion that might wake up your companion. Many mattresses, especially memory foam and natural latex mattresses are excellent in motion isolation because they limit motion transmission and absorb movement shock. However, a mattress that is adept at absorbing movement may be less responsive, which will obstruct motion during sex. It’ll be up to you to decide which feature is most crucial.

5. Noise Abatement

  • Noise and motion transmission are inextricably linked. The noise is likely to be absorbed by the mattress if movement happens. Because of its nature, memory foam will naturally generate less noise than a hybrid mattress. Memory foam or latex mattresses are preferable if you are a noisy lover in terms of movement, but their less responsive nature will make essential bounce more difficult.

6. Size & Weight Restrictions

  • You and your companion would most likely concentrate search on queen and king size mattresses. Both provide adequate area for a typical pair, but the King will, of course, provide you more room to sprawl out or toss and turn. However, the increased room that the King gives comes at a greater cost.
  • It’s vital to remember that most mattresses have a weight restriction of 600 pounds, with Queen and King-size models having even higher limits. If you and your spouse have a combined weight limit of more than 600 pounds, check sure your mattress can handle it without causing premature deterioration.

7. Cooling

Mattresses are known for absorbing heat. It might be a hot, restless night for sleepers who have a lot of body heat. Due to its open-cell architecture, an innerspring mattress will transmit heat better than a memory foam mattress. Many modern types of foam, on the other hand, have temperature management technology built in to allow for improved heat transfer.

Do You Need a Mattress – Now?

Like many things when sharing a life with a partner, getting a new mattress usually means finding middle ground.

It’s about knowing each other’s priorities, being open to compromise, and making mattress shopping a smoother experience. This approach boosts the chances of discovering a mattress that suits both of you well.

Take a quick look at these 3 determining factors to decide if you need a new mattress now.

  1. Mattress Age: The age of your mattress matters. Over time, mattresses lose their support and comfort. If your mattress is around 7-10 years old, it might be time to consider a replacement.
  2. Body Pain From Current Mattress: If you’re waking up with consistent aches and pains, your mattress might be to blame. An uncomfortable mattress can lead to poor sleep quality and affect your overall well-being.
  3. Material of Your Mattress: The material your mattress is made of plays a role in its longevity. Some materials deteriorate faster than others. If you notice sagging, unevenness, or visible wear and tear, it might be a sign that your mattress needs an upgrade.

Top 4 Mattress Types – Couple Friendly

Couples often find it useful to understand the mattress types available in the market. Knowing the pros and cons of these types can guide them to the best choice.

Here are five mattress types to consider. Keep in mind that mattresses within each category can vary based on design and components.

1. Foam Mattresses

  • Made entirely of foam layers.
  • Great at isolating motion, which means one person’s movements won’t disturb the other.

2. Innerspring Mattresses

  • Feature coil-based support for the body.
  • Affordable but may lack the motion isolation couples need.

3. Hybrid Mattresses

  • Combine innerspring support core with comfort layers made of materials like memory foam, latex, etc.
  • Offer a balanced compromise between bounce, edge support, motion isolation, and pressure relief.

4. Latex Mattresses

  • Made with latex as the central component.
  • Responsive and suitable for easy movement, providing cushioning without retaining excessive heat.

Understanding these mattress types can help couples make an informed decision that suits both their sleep needs. For learning more about, innerspring vs memory foam mattresses or Nectar vs Purple mattress reviews read on.

Do You Have Different Sleeping Positions? Top 4 Tips

Different sleeping positions have different mattress needs as discussed below.

  1. Side Sleepers: A mattress with medium-soft to medium-firmness works well. It allows the hips and shoulders to sink in a bit for comfort.
  2. Back Sleepers: If you prefer to sleep on your back then go for a medium to medium-firm mattress. This keeps their spine aligned and prevents sinking, allowing them to rest on the surface.
  3. Stomach Sleepers: Opt for a firm mattress to prevent your midsection from sinking.
  4. Combination Sleepers: Look for a highly responsive mattress with a medium-firm feel. It assists in shifting positions easily while providing support for side, back, or stomach sleeping.

Now, if you and your partner have different sleeping positions and sleep needs then your mattress choice should be unique to your requirements.

Here are 4 tips to help you make the ‘right’ choice!

  • Tip 1: Motion Isolation

When choosing a mattress for couples, prioritize motion isolation to ensure both partners can sleep undisturbed, even if there’s movement on the other side of the bed.

Foam mattresses and those with individually wrapped coils are top choices for effective motion isolation.

  • Tip 2: Cooling

Highly effective cooling mattresses typically incorporate features like gel-infused foam, enhancing breathability. Additionally, hybrid designs with coil layers promote improved airflow. If you’re seeking to prevent night sweats, consider using cooling mattress toppers and similar accessories for added comfort.

  • Tip 3: Responsive Mattresses

Off course, you need a responsive mattress if either one of you is a combination sleeper.

Take the Nectar Premier Copper mattress as an example. It utilizes memory foam with adaptive properties, responding to your body’s contours and movements throughout the night. The Bear Hybrid mattress is yet another one in the list. It utilizes a combination of foam and coils, offering a bouncy and responsive feel that’s great for combination sleepers.

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  • Tip 4: Mattresses for Intimacy and Comfort

Yes! We are talking about those intimate experiences.

Here are key factors to consider when looking for the best mattress for a satisfying intimate experience:

  1. Responsive Design: Opt for a mattress that responds quickly to movements, allowing you to change positions effortlessly and maintain the energy and rhythm during intimate activities.
  2. Discreet Experience: Look for a mattress with minimal noise and motion transfer. A mattress with noisy springs or excessive movement can be distracting and compromise your privacy.
  3. Strong Edge Support: Ensure the mattress has robust edge support to prevent edge collapse. This way, you can confidently utilize the entire surface without concerns about potential accidents or discomfort.

The Saatva Classic, Nectar and DreamCloud mattresses are some of the ideal mattresses suiting to your intimacy and comfort.

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Anything Else To Consider?

Here’s a breakdown of other important aspects that couples need to consider when searching for the best mattress.

1. Mattress Size

  • Opt for a full, queen, or king size mattress to comfortably accommodate both partners.
  • Choose based on space availability and budget, considering a larger size for more room.

2. Dual Firmness Mattress

  • Dual firmness mattresses offer distinct feels on each side, ideal for couples with different preferences.
  • Consider options like adjustable airbeds or split king mattresses for personalized firmness.

3. Sleep Trial Period

  • Look for a mattress with a sleep trial period of at least 100 nights, allowing you to test the mattress in your own bedroom.
  • Ensure there are no restocking or return shipping fees.

4. Shipping

  • Online mattresses usually come with free ground shipping, delivered in a compressed box.
  • Consider white glove delivery for installation and old mattress removal, available at varying costs.

5. Warranty

  • Review the warranty terms, including length, coverage, prorated or non-prorated, and shipping costs.
  • Opt for a longer, non-prorated warranty for better customer protection.

6. Bedroom Upgrades

  • Update your bedroom with sheets, pillows, bed frames, and mattress toppers for added comfort and aesthetics.
  • Sheets – Choose sheets that complement your mattress and address temperature regulation. Consider moisture-wicking or thicker sheets for different seasons. Moisture-wicking fabrics are some of the best material for sheets.
  • Pillows – Select pillows based on sleeping position, body size, and mattress firmness. Each partner can choose their preferred pillow for personalized comfort. The Purple harmony pillow is an ideal choice for superior support and alleviating neck pain.
  • Bed Frames – Use a supportive bed frame to ensure mattress stability and longevity. Adjustable bases offer additional functionality and can alleviate pain for certain sleepers.
  • Mattress Topper – Toppers provide an affordable way to upgrade your mattress’s feel. Consider a topper if you’re on a budget or want to test a smaller change before replacing the entire mattress.

Is This Your First Time Choosing a Couple Mattress Together? We hope our detailed mattress review could answer all of your queries. If You Have More Questions, Read On!

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Choosing the perfect mattress for both of you is a significant choice. Your sleep quality has a ripple effect on your entire life, making it essential to engage in conversations with your partner about their sleep preferences.

There is a connection between sleep science & mattress qualities. Together, you two can uncover a mattress that not only caters to both your needs but also fits within your budget. After all, a restful night’s sleep is the cornerstone of a vibrant and energetic life.

Remember that everyone has their preferred sleep style. The key is to have open conversations and find a comfortable middle ground that works for both of you. Achieving quality sleep can be a challenge, especially when sharing a bed.

Smart Mattress Buy critically analyzes your daily needs to bring the best mattress reviews every day. This is to help you in making the necessary adjustments so that both you and your partner can enjoy the peaceful night’s rest you both deserve!

So, why wait? Seize the opportunity to improve your sleep, invest in a mattress that suits you, and rejuvenate both your mind and body!

FAQs About Best Mattresses for Couples 2023

Q1. What mattress type is the best mattress for couples?

  • Opting for a mattress with motion-isolating materials is crucial for better sleep quality as a couple. Foam mattresses excel in reducing partner disruptions, making them a favored choice among couples.

Q2. Does a hybrid mattress work well for couples?

  • For most couples, a hybrid mattress, though slightly more expensive, provides an optimal blend of comfort, support, and adaptability to cater to varying preferences and needs.

Q3. Which mattress suits newly married couples?

  • Some examples of the top mattresses for couples are: DreamCloud mattresses for value, Nectar Premier Mattress for motion isolation, Saatva Classic for comfort and intimacy, Casper Snow for cooling features and Helix Midnight for overall best features.

Q4. Is a double bed the same as a full?

  • A double bed is the same as a full-size bed. Both terms are often used interchangeably to refer to a mattress size that typically measures around 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length, providing enough space for one or two people.

Q5. What bed size is common for most married couples?

  • A Queen bed, (dimensions: 5 inches x 7 inches) offers about 30 inches of space per person. Ideal for couples and individuals, it’s the most popular mattress size, accommodating both personal comfort and shared sleep needs.

Q6. What’s the recommended mattress thickness for couples?

  • For optimal support of two adults, it’s recommended that mattresses for couples have a thickness of at least 10 to 12 inches. If you and your partner are heavier, the best mattress for couples should be 12 to 14 inches in thickness.

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